Nima Denzongpa 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Priyal in a pickle


Nima Denzongpa 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priyal, she announces to her family members that Virat and Nima are not husband and wife anymore. Manya asks her how much she will stoop so low? Manya asks Virat to stop doing like this. Priyal asks Manya to stay away from her and adds that what will happen if this marriage didn’t take place? Her baby will die she mention it in threatening tone to all. Priyal scares them using baby name. Virat asks Priyal what’s the need to talk like this doesn’t he agree to marry her? Virat pleads Manya to understand the situation.

Priyal holds Virat hands closely to irritate family members. She starts dancing there alone. Nima thinks how could she dance like this while she is pregnant. Nima asks Priyal to think about baby? Priyal asks whose baby? She learns that she spit out the beans and manages the situation there.

Nima thinks that something is fishy here. Priyal demands Nima to apply Mehandi to her. Virat adds that she is crossing her limit. Priyal asks Nima to write Virat name in her hand. Priyal gets shock to see Bimla there and excuses them lying she is getting vomiting sensation.

Priyal asks Bimla what’s she doing here? Bimla complaints that neither she is not giving money to her nor giving money to her. Priyal assures her that she will pay for her at night reasoning everything going here according to her plan so stop ruining it. Priyal notices Varun there and questions him Is he eavesdrop her conversation?

Varun denies it Nima comes there. Priyal asks Bimla to leave before she get caught. Priyal stop Nima from following her so she signals Varun to follow her. Priyal asks her Is she don’t apply Mehandi to her will her Mother in law apply it? She teases her for having two mother in law. Nima tells her that she won’t be quite always and find out everything.

Priyal gets angry seeing her mehandi ruined. She blames Nima done it intentionally. Virat belongs to her always. Nima shares to her that she can’t able to get love by forcing him. Priyal demands Nima to apply mehandi in her leg. Virat says that he will leave from here if she behave like this? Priyal says that she asked Mehandi designer to come here. She asks to play drums there but he denies it reasoning he need extra money for it.

Priyal demands Paras to do it instead. Virat scolds her she shows knife to them in threatening way. Nima assures to Manya that they will win in this game. Virat tries to stop Priyal from dancing but she applies mehandi on his hand. While moving his hand mistakenly touch Nima and mehandi applies on her hand. Both shares an emotional eyelock there.

Nima cries alone. Sunita comes there and notices her. She asks her to cry her heart out no need to hide her emotions. Nima hugs her and cries her heart out. Sunita tells her that she can able to understand her situation. Nima shares to her why did destiny always play like this to her. Manya says that its all happening because of her. Nima asks her to stop taking blame on her and hugs her.

Nima says that she found her new love but her daughters and family always first to her. She consoled them. Sia asks Nima to go back with them. Priyal says that she can’t able to leave reasoning she is her bridemate. Sunita curses Priyal there. Priyal demands them to leave from there. Later Nima contacts Varun and learns from him that she was right something is wrong. He alerted her that goons was surrounded by her he sent Bimla photo to her. She doubts something is wrong.

Priyal asks her what’s she doing here alone? She lies to her that she lost her earring. Nima thinks that she might bring her truth out. Later Virat imagines Nima near him. He hugs her when she comes there. Both shares each other feelings. Nima thinks that definitely she will win in their love. Priyal comes there and shock to see them together.

Episode end

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