Nima Denzongpa 24th February 2022 Written Update: Suresh shares his grief with Nima


Nima Denzongpa 24th February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Nima asks Mona if she has pain in her hand. Mona says why does she keep questioning her all the time. She hides the fake teeth and then shows Nima that she has nothing in her hand. Nima says that she was not doubting her. Further, when Nima leaves from there, Mona says that today god has saved her. Then she says that soon Krish will also go out of their way as he will not be able to tell the truth to anyone.

Here Suresh calls Nima and tells her that he will not be able to repay the loan of 20 lakhs. Nima says that she wants to help him but the amount of 20 lakhs is too big. Suresh says that he should not be worried about this now because anyway this land did not belong to him. Nima understands his point and says that whatever decision he makes will be right. She hangs up the phone.

Later she is thinking about Mona and Priyal. Krish comes to her and wants Nima to play with him. Nima says that she will not be able to play with him right now as it is very sunny outside. Krish nevertheless tries to convince her to play with him. Nima says that if he treats Mona and Priyal well then only she will play with him. Irish understands her point. Further Priyal goes to Virat and tells him that she wants to talk with him.

Virat asks her if she wants to get a new designer bag. She refuses and says that she wants him to forgive Krish. Because he should not be angry with Krish. Virat says that he is not angry with Krish but he cannot understand why Krish is doing all this. Priyal says that she wants to talk to him on this topic. She shows him a boarding school in Dehradun. Virat says does she want Krish to get away from here.

Just then Krish comes there and gives Virat a card in which it is written that he loves him very much. Virat gets happy seeing this and says that he too loves Krish very much. He tells Priyal that he will never send Krish to Dehradun as he cannot stay away from him even for five minutes. Krish wants to shake hands with Priyal. Priyal hugs him. Here Siya tells Manya that she has agreed to marry Mayank.

Manya gets very happy hearing this. Siya asks Manya how is she. Manya tells her that she is very happy but she does not understand how Pushpa suddenly sent her on honeymoon. Siya tells her not to worry about these things. Here Nima and Krish are playing cricket.

Priyal instigates Virat that this ball may hit them too, so he should stop Nima from playing in the house. But instead of stopping them, Virat starts playing with them. Mona asks Priyal to play with them too. Priyal refuses but Mona encourages her to show Virat how much she loves Krish. Priyal understands her point and joins them.