Nima Denzongpa 25th November 2021 Written Update: Goenkas plan to trap Paras.


Nima Denzongpa 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima visiting Sia’s bank and Shiv greets her. Nima warns Tulika to stay away from her daughter and Tulika leaves fuming. Nima congratulates him for his marriage. He asks the reason for her being there for which Nima says she came to deposit Sia’s salary which she gave her. Shiv thanks her when his wife calls him. He attends the call and says about Sia’s mother visiting her. Kanchan asks him to give the call to her and Nima speaks with her. She invites Nima for dinner. Nima tries refusing politely but Kanchan doesn’t let her and cuts the call. Sia comes there and Shiv leaves. Nima says the reason for her visiting the bank and Sia regrets for her behaviour. Nima takes her leave.

Tulika complaints to Sunita about Nima’s rude behaviour and says about protests outside. Manya calls Nima worried about protests. Shiv informs Sia about the protests while Sia worries for Nima who just left. Suresh finds Babita’s necklace in the car and calls Babita. She says that it’s a fake one and asks hin not to mind it. She asks him to give it to any servants in the house. Nima gets stuck in the protests while Sia and Shiv save her. Sia apologizes for her rude behavior and Nima asks her to let it go. In the meantime, Suman asks Paras about Mithali where Paras says that he already told her that they are not compatible. Suman gets worried.

Suresh comes inside to find Aasha and makes a plan. He gives the necklace to Aasha lying that it’s very costly necklace and he wants to give it to Babita. He finds her looking at the necklace greedily and smirks. Aasha assures to give the necklace and leaves with it happily. Nima comes home with Sia where she apologizes and they both agree to not hide anything from each other. Sia reminds her about Kanchan forcing her to attend dinner but assures that she would find another way to reject it. Suman is worried about Paras while Maaji and Dinesh were happy with the proposal.

Mithali’s parents visit the Goenkas and was really angry on Paras. They behaved rude and said what Paras said to their daughter. It comes aa a shocker for everyone while Dinesh agrees to sort it out somehow. They threaten to break the alliance with Babita too if something wrong happens. They leave angrily. Dinesh confronts Suman if she’s aware of whatever happened while Suman stands scares. Dinesh is upset with his son. Dinesh calls Paras and asks hinyto come to factory as there’s an urgent job there. He says that he wants to speak an import issue with him but he doesn’t listen and cuts the call. Manya asks Nima to not attend the dinner and cook some excuse. She asks her to lie that gas pipe is repaired. Nima agrees and is about to call Kanchan but Manya stops her and asks her to inform next morning to make it look real.

Aasha and her husband pack their things and leave the necklace to have a better life somewhere. On the other hand, Maaji and Dinesh plan something to trap Param and warns Suman to keep shut regarding the same. Suman feels its unfair but they shut her. Paras informs Manya that he’s going to Suraj for some urgent work and they can talk once he’s back. They both decide to reveal the truth to each other when they meet. Next morning, Nima calls Kanchan and with struggle lies her about gas pipe. Kanchan says it’s fine. She cuts the call while Kanchan teases Nima for being so nervous for a small lie. Suresh comes to kitchen and finds Aasha missing. He finds Pakhiji about Aasha who says about her leaving without saying anything. He misses Nima. Suresh understands that his plan worked and visited Aasha’s house. He learnt that she left with her things abs calls Nima to come back for work.

Nima gets happy. He also says Suman about his plan and Suman is glad that she got exposed. Kanchan says about Nima’s problem and wishes to bring lunch herself so that they can meet. Shiv agrees. Aasha comes back to work learning that it’s fate when she finds Nima and Suresh with Suman. She understands that it’s all Suresh’s plan and fumes while Suman asks Nima to thank Suresh. She asks her to come for work from next day. Nima happily agree.