Nima Denzongpa 26th July 2022 Written Update: Alok confess the truth


Nima Denzongpa 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima wakes up from sleep and alerts Tulika that Suresh is sleeping with Alok. She tries to wake him up but both sleeps together. Before Alok noticing Suresh Tulika comes there to divert him. She tells him that she bring green tea for him. Alok questions her in doubt doesn’t she sleep with him in bed then why did she coming from this side? Tulika tells him she was sleeping beside him but she got ready asap to give green tea to him.

Nima and Suresh are hiding behind bed. She drops the spoon down he about to take it but she stops him reasoning after marriage he shouldn’t do any work. It’s wife duty to do it all. She takes him from there. Later Nima checks the mobile and says to Suresh all photo of Alok is blur in it. Suresh apologize to her for it. Tulika assures her that she will take it for them.

Tulika tries to take Alok’s photo but he lashes out at her for taking his photo without his permission. He checks her mobile but Nima snatches phone from him. He complaints that he is not behaving like a servant what are they doing here after marriage? Tulika complaints that she wanna show her husband to her friend and family members. They are not her servants but her family members. Alok assures her lets take profesional photographs. They leaves from there lying to him.

Nima thank Suresh and Tulika for supporting her this much. Tulika tells her that she is ready to do anything for her. Nima says it’s enough lets go to police station and caught him red handed. Nima gets a phone call from lawyer saying Virat’s business facing lose. His property gonna be sold out. He asks her to prove its not Virat’s sign. Nima says to Suresh it’s important to bring out all his truth this time. Tulika tells them that she has some idea to trap him.

Meanwhile Alok returns to home and finds out it’s dark. Tulika says to him that she gonna surprise him. She gave leave to her assistant. Nima and Suresh are hiding inside and checking them. Alok tries to romance with her. She makes him drink a lot. Tulika shares to him that she is not a good person at all. She fears he will hate her if he hears her truth. He asks her to say it out.

Tulika says to him that she has a sister. Her parents used to likes her and gives everything to her. Once they were playing together. She slips down she can help her but she didn’t it. After her death she got everything. Alok says that he likes her a lot after he finds out truth. Alok starts confessing the truth to Tulika she is recording everything in her. Alok tries to take advantage on Tulika but Nima attacks him from behind.

Episode end

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