Nima Denzongpa 26th May 2022 Written Update: Krish learns the truth


Nima Denzongpa 26th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Mona tells Priyal that Nima has met an accident. Priyal says that she wanted Nima to go away from their life but she doesn’t want her to go away from this world. Mona says that she should get happy as her wish has been completed. Here Virat comes to Nima.

He says to her that she should fight for her life. She should do it for him and her daughter. He says that he can not stay away from her as he loves her a lot. He says that she is the one who taught him about love so now she can’t leave him like this. He adds that he wants to know how she feels about him.

He then leaves from there. The nurse comes to Nima. Nima calls Virat. On the other hand, Mona tells Gulshan about Nima. Gulshan asks Mona if Virat is fine. She says yes. Mona adds that Krish is very ominous as first he had eaten his parents and knows Nima is in danger. Gulshan agrees with her. Meanwhile, Krish asks God to help Nima.

Dr is operating Nima. He comes to Virat and tells him that the operation has been successful but they have to wait for a while. Just then lights went off. Nima’s condition gets worsened. Dr is trying to save her however Nima stops breathing. Virat gets upset. He starts crying. Later Nima comes to her senses. Virat smiles. He says that he knew that nothing will happen to her.

Nima calls Krish. Dr asks Virat if Krish is their child. He says yes. Virat calls Sunita and tells her that Nima is fine now. Sunita asks him if she can come there. He refuses as only one person can stay with her. Sunita understands his point. Here Alok tells everyone that now Nima is fine. Priyal becomes upset. She says that she thought that Nima would go away from them but she is fine now.

Krish hears them and gets shocked. Later he calls Virat. Virat sees that he is crying. He asks him not to cry as Nima will come to him after three days. Later Virat takes care of Nima. Nima gets fine and Virat brings to a home. Nima says thanks to Virat as because of him she is fine now. Virat says that she doesn’t need to say all this as it is his duty to take care of her.

Later Virat expresses his true feelings. However, Nima doesn’t pay heed to his words because she is sleeping. Here Mona says to Gulshan that Krish only likes the company of Nima’s family so he should stay with them only. While Priyal says that she won’t leave Nima and Krish.

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