Nima Denzongpa 27th July 2022 Written Update: Alok harms Nima


Nima Denzongpa 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima gets excited seeing the evidence. She thank Tulika for helping her this much and gives all credits to her. Nima hugs her in happiness. Tulika asks Nima to show this proof to police and bring back her Virat. She
is thanking God but Alok comes there.

She fears to get caught. He enquires her whose that? She pastes her fake moustache and beard on her face. She pretends like Bindhu and tells him that Tulika may be in washroom. Later Alok goes to check Tulika in kitchen she was cooking there. Alok praises her there and asks her what happened yesterday?

Tulika pretends like blushing there. She asks her Is he forgot everything? He was blabbering Virat and Alok name in sleep. He tells her he saw a dream nothing to worry. Tulika gets a phone call he takes it to check it. Both are pulling it each other and phone slips into hot oil. Tulika gets shock to hear it. She lashes out at him.

Nima, Suresh are planning to bring the evidence to police station and caught him red handed. They heard Tulika’s sound and rushes to there. Alok apologizes to Tulika for burnt her phone and assures her that he will buy new one for her. Nima gets shocked to find the mobile burnt.

Tulika is not ready to forgive Alok for ruined everything there. Alok says that she is reacting weird it’s just a mobile. Later Suresh lashes out at Tulika for ruined everything. He complaints that now they have nothing in their hand to prove the truth. She is good for nothing that’s why she is careless and lost her mobile which has evidence.

Nima asks him ti stop scolding her she didn’t done it intentionally. She is struggling a lot then them. Tulika says that Suresh is right she shouldn’t be careless like this. Nima gets a phone call from Sunita. She gets shock to learn that her leg got hurt. She informs to them that Sunita slipped down. It’s better they take her to hospital and she will reach there after them.

Nima notices Suresh forget his wallet in home and informs him about it. Suresh returns to home. Nima opens the door and gets shocked to see Alok there. He asks her what’s she doing here? Doesn’t he went far away from them then why did she followed him here? Nima asks him doesn’t he has shame to create a fake death and put all blame on his brother? Doesn’t he think about his mom, wife and kid? He says that he doesn’t care about them at all. Nima prays that Suresh might return on time.

Meanwhile Alok says that Nima is person whom always need everything should be perfect. Suresh reaches to spot and notices Alok’s car there. Alok points gun at Nima there. She pushed it away and tries to run away. She slips down both pushes each other. Nima’s head hits on wall and starts to bleed. Suresh and Tulika reaches there on time and holds Nima. Suresh fights with Alok but he threatens him to listen him pointing gun at him.

Later Suresh and Tulika helps Alok to bury Nima. Suresh gets emotional seeing it. Alok demands them to leave before someone caught them. Suresh gets shock to see Nima is alive there. Tulika asks him what’s he blabbering? Tulika demands him to leave but Suresh digging there to save Nima.

Episode end

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