Nima Denzongpa 27th September 2021 Written Update: Tulika doubts Suresh!


Nima Denzongpa 27th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nima and Suresh talking. Suresh tells Nima how the girls hired some actor to act as a police. Nima apologies and says I understand why they did that, though it is wrong. Nima says I hope you don’t mind but even Varun had to learn as he never thought twice before stealing the scooty. Suresh says I never thought this thing would continue with our kids. Suresh says how Nima you always understand everything even after so many years and specially what has happened between us. Nima says it just happens. Nima says I always made sure my daughters grow better than me. Suresh praises her. Nima is about to go when Suresh stops her. They look at each other but then leave.

Here, Manya has put a face pack and Nari tells her what is she doing while Manya mocks her to study so much that she hasn’t done in whole life. Nari asks why she has the facepack, Manya says it’s for my dreams. Just then Nima comes and scolds the girls for hiring some actor as police. Nima says I had to say sorry to Suresh because of your mistakes. Nima says what’s the use of Varun’s sorry when you are at fault equally. The girls say sorry to Nima. Manya asks her for shampoo. Nima gives her the bag she bought from market. Manya finds spices. Manya wonders what is this.

Here, Tulika find the bag of grocery filled with beauty products. Tulika thinks why did Suresh brought this when I asked to bring spices. Tulika goes to Sunita thinking Suresh has affair. Sunita says Suresh is already upset with handling two ladies so he won’t go after another. Sunita tries to tell Tulika that Suresh is signing her to be groomed. Tulika thinks she is right and calms herself.

Later, Shiv hears from his HR that they will consider Gaurav if Siya doesn’t submit her aadhaar. Shiv thinks to call Siya. Shiv calls her and pretends to be the HR and pranks her. Then Siya gets anxious so Shiv says he is doing a prank. They both laugh on it. Manya teases Siya about have a romance with new guy. Nima hears the word romance and comes angrily to them. Nima says what is this? Siya says Manya was kidding. Nima scolds and taunts Manya and says how Siya should only focus on career no romance. Nima goes.

Suresh thinks about Nima and spending time with her when he wakes up he finds Tulika beside her. Tulika says why did you stop romancing. Suresh says he was in sleep. Tulika asks reason for giving her beauty products to that Suresh says his bag must have got exchanged. Tulika thinks something is wrong. Next day, the girls talk how Nima is right and thinks very protectively because of what she has gone through. Naari says how she hates Suresh. Manya agrees while Siya talks in support of Suresh. Just then Suresh comes infront of them with the correct grocery bag. Siya is happy and shares about getting a job. Suresh becomes very happy. Naari taunts Suresh and then when calmed down by Siya. Naari goes saying she is getting for classes while Manya also leaves. Siya thinks to apologies but then goes. Suresh feels bad and emotional. Varun watches this and thinks of a plan.

Episode ends.

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