Nima Denzongpa 28th February 2022 Written Update: Krish gets furious


Nima Denzongpa 28th February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Krish is playing with the rest of the kids. Nima also gets delighted seeing Krish happy. Nima asks Krish if he will dance too. Krish says yes. Mona tells Nima that Krish looks very happy. If Virat sees him like this, he too becomes happy. Priyal brings cupcakes for the kids. Mona asks Nima to bring juice and chips. Nima says fine and leaves from there.

Priyal spills water on Krish’s clothes and says that Krish and blames him for peeing in his clothes. All the kids start laughing at Krish. Krish feels bad and starts crying. Mona asks him to calm down. While Priyal calls Virat and tells him that there is a big mess in the house which she is unable to handle so he should come home as soon as possible. Virat says okay. Here Mona gives water to Krish, which contains drugs.

Due to this Krish gets angry. Nima tries to handle the matter. Just then Priyal comes there and tells Krish that if he has done the bathroom in clothes itself then it is not a big deal. Krish gets furious and slaps Priyal. Virat also comes there and is shocked to see all this. Here Tulika is talking to the lawyer and says that tomorrow the court mess will end.

Suresh comes there and asks Tulika where did she go in the morning. Tulika lies that she went to the temple. Suresh asks her to give prasad to him. Tulika says that she has eaten the prasad so she cannot give it to him. Suresh reminds her that they have to go to court tomorrow. Here Virat apologizes to Priyal. Priyal leaves from there. Further, Virat asks them who called these children here.

Mona lies that Nima has called them here. Virat scolds Nima. Nima says that now she needs to pacify Krish. She takes him to the room. Just then Virat sees that Priyal is leaving the house. Virat stops her and tells her that she should not leave from here. Priyal refuses and says that Krish doesn’t like her at all. She has been waiting for 6 years thinking that Krish will accept her.

Mona says that she is right, she also feels that Krish will never accept her. Virat says that he will marry Priyal soon. He asks Mona to tell everyone so that they can come to Mumbai. Virat leaves from there. Mona says that Priyal has acted very well and now soon Virat will be her. Here Nima gets upset remembering Mona’s words.

Episode Ends.

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