Nima Denzongpa 28th July 2022 Written Update: Tulika fears the worst


Nima Denzongpa 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suresha digging the sand. Alok stops him and question Suresh what’s he doing? He demands him to leave from there. Suresh says to Tulika that he saw Nima for real. Alok asks him to stop planning against him or else he will see his another face. He takes Tulika from there forcefully. Suresh is determined to find out the truth. Alok complaints to Tulika that Mohan didn’t come yet. She says to him may he went to washroom. He adds that it’s danger to stay here more time.

Meanwhile Suresh intentionally repair his car and pretends like innocent in front of Alok. Alok demands him to drive the car asap. He lies to him car not starting. Alok says that it’s new car then how did it’s not starting?Suresh says to him that he wanna check it. He lies to him there is some problem in car. Alok says it’s new car but. Suresh asks Tulika to leave with Alok he will come back later. Tulika asks him how will she leave him alone she will stay with him here. She demands Alok to leave from there.

Alok gets down from car and questions them Is he look like fool to them? How will he leave from here leaving his newly wedded wife with him? Alok says that lets go together from here. Lets call mechanic to repair it. Alok takes lift from there and leaves. Meanwhile Trio returns to home. Tulika gets emotional seeing the place where did Nima got hurt. Alok asks her to stop this emotional drama and forget this. Suresh pretends like supporting Alok there. Tulika apologizes to him and says to him that she was scared that’s why.

Suresh says to Tulika that he believes Nima is alive by God grace. Alok asks them where are they going? Suresh lies to him that they are gonna clean the place. Alok appreciates them and says he gonna watch them cleaning by sitting here. He says to them that he won’t let them go anywhere without his knowledge. They might be in front of his eyes. He enquires her about Bindhu? Tulika lies to him that he got another job so he left from there. He complaints that she didn’t said this to him before. Alok demands her to sit beside him.

Meanwhile Suresh notices Alok slept there. He signals Tulika to follow him. But Alok holding her sari edge. Tulika asks him to leave she will reach there somehow. Later Suresh shows the spot to police but nothing is there. Nima’s dead body is missing there. Police asks them Is he fooling around them? Suresh assures to them that Alok killed Nima in front of his eyes. They says to him that Alok was died already stop fooling around them.

Later Tulika is trying to contact Suresh but he is not attending the call. She hides the land line under bedsheet seeing Alok there. He asks Tulika what’s she doing here? She pretends like cleaning the almira. He says to her it’s Bindhu’s almira let’s check what’s he placed inside? Didn’t he take his things before he left? He notices ladies dress  there. Tulika thinks that she will get caught! He misunderstand he kept it inside. Tulika says to him she asked Bindhu to keep it here. He hears phone ringing sound there. He  doubts her intentions and searches for Suresh.

He strangles Tulika’s neck when he don’t find him there. Suresh comes there for his rescue. Alok asks them where did he went? Suresh lies to him that he went to throw out the blood stain things. He appreciates him. He warns them they there are involved in it so if he get caught they will also get caught. After he leaves Tulika suggests Suresh to escape from here reasoning Alok can’t able to find them out. Meanwhile Nima tries to get lift. Another side Sunita prays god to send her kids back. Suresh and Tulika comes there and narrates everything to them. They consoles Sunita there. They gets shocked to see a weird person sitting inside their house.

Episode end

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