Nima Denzongpa 28th March 2022 Written Update: Gulshan came to know the shocking truth


Nima Denzongpa 28th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Nima goes to Krish and asks him why he is sad. Nima asks Krish if he wants to colour Gulshan. He says yes. Here Pushpa applies color to Gulshan. Gulshan asks them did they eat food. Rani tells her that they should talk about the fraud that happened to her. Gulshan does not understand her point. Just then Krish comes there and colours Gulshan.

Rani tells Nima that how can she leave her own children and take care of someone else’s child. Nima asks is she really here because she thought she was dreaming. Manya says that they met just a while back. Nima does not remember anything about this. She hugs her then. Virat is about to come there. Mona asks Priyal to take care of Virat. Here a man gives ladoo to Virat to eat.

Priyal asks him if that sweet will affect Virat. He says yes. Here Mona asks Nima what is going on here. Nima introduces her to her family. Pushpa tells Gulshan that Nima first works in their house and has three daughters. Gulshan and everyone else are shocked to hear this. Gulshan asks Nima if Siya and Manya are really her daughters. She says yes.

She adds that she knows that Siya and Manya don’t look like her but Nari looks exactly like her. She says that she is missing Nari a lot. She then tells them that Sunita is like her mother who loves her dearly. She tells them that Varun is not her son but just like her son. Manya asks her why is she doing all this. Nima feels dizzy.

Virat holds her. Gulshan shouts at Virat. Virat asks her to keep calm. He says that Nima’s condition is not well right now, so they should end this thing now. Further he takes Nima to the room. Priyal tells Mona what she is planning to do. Mona says that soon she will separate Nima and Virat from each other. She tells Priyal not to worry about all this.

Here Virat also gets intoxicated with cannabis. He is about to leave the room but does not know how to open the door. Nima laughs at him. Here Rani uses bad words about Nima. Manya objected to this. While Mona insults her. Sunita gets angry and tells Mona to keep quiet. Here Nima is sharing her past with Virat.

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