Nima Denzongpa 29th July 2022 Written Update: Tulika lies to Alok


Nima Denzongpa 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suresh brings his mom inside home. They gets scared to see someone already there. Suresh recognise her as Nima. They gets happy to see her back alive. Suresh apologizes to Nima for left from there without helping her. He actually don’t wanna do like that but he has no option then that because Alok threatened them by pointing gun at them.

But he came back to check her but she was not there he suspected something happened. How did she ended up here? Nima says that God saved her today. Nima says that Alok done many mistakes he might be punished for his deeds and bring back Virat. She adss that she suspecting Virat is not opening his mouth because of Alok. Nima feels pain in her head. Tulika brings water to her to drink.

Tulika asks Nima how did she came out of that place? Nima says to her that she couldn’t breathe there, so she tried her best to come out of it thinking about Virat. By God grace Suresh and Tulika didn’t buried her properly. She reached to hospital with the help of stranger. Doctor strictly asks her to take rest. She asked her to take scan after 6 months to confirm her health state. She asks her to stay in hospital to keep observe her. She escaped by God grace.

 Meanwhile Suresh says that he done a mistake he should have helped her. Tulika says that Alok is not a human being but an monster. Lets go to police station and give complaints to him. Nima says that he will come out of jail using his power. They might caught him red handed. Suresh asks her Is she gonna enter there again pretending like Bindhu? She denies it reasoning she will enter there as Nima this time.

Alok wakes up and searches for Tulika and Suresh there. He thinks that both escaped from there after made him unconscious.  She pretends like coming out of washroom and lies to him she was taking shower so she didn’t hear his voice. He enquires her about Mohan? He comes there and informs him he was sleeping in kitchen so he couldn’t find him in his room. Tulika says to him that he is over thinking.

Mohan says that we three are involved in this matter so we can manage it together. Tulika asks him how could he suspect her mixed something in his drinks? She demands him to promise her that he won’t suspect her. He assures her. Suresh asks him to drink but he denies it. Tulika asks him to sleep. Alok notices some shadow there and gets scared. He asks Suresh to go and check. Suresh lies to him that no one is there.

At night Tulika places microphone under Alok’s pillow and connects it through Nima’s phone. Nima calls Alok pretending  like ghost. He is not waking up at all. Tulika kicks him out of bed. He falls down and gets scared to hear Nima’s voice. He asks her to come in front of him. Tulika asks him why did he talking alone in this night? He tells her that he can hear someone voice.

Tulika tells him she don’t hear anything and  diverts him when did he about to caught the microphone. Later Nima cries her heart out thinking about Virat. She says that she missing him a lot. Her conscience comes there and motivates her to caught that Alok red handed. Only she can able to bring the truth out.

Meanwhile Alok asks Tulika to turns off the music he can’t able to sleep yesterday. Tulika says to him that she is doing makeup so he can turns off it. He turns it off there. Nima turns it on again. Alok scolds Tulika there for turns it on? She complaints that she can’t able to hear anything. She makes fun with him. He gets angry seeing something written on mirror. She pretends like nothing is there. He calls Mohan to check it. He lies to him that he don’t hear any sound likewise nothing is written on mirror too.

Episode end

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