Nima Denzongpa 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Alok looks for answers


Nima Denzongpa 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunita laughs out hearing the tricks of Nima to scare Alok. Tulika narrates to Sunita how did they scared him in different way. Nima cries thinking about Virat and says to them she doesn’t know where is him? Sunita asks her to leave this fear and brings out the truth asap. Meanwhile Doctor checking Alok and suggests medicine to him to make him cool.

Nima comes there Alok starts mentioning as ghost and pleads doctor to save him. Doctor assures him that no ghost is here. Doctor asks Suresh to hold Alok. He puts injection to him. He faints after that. Nima pretends like cares for him. Suresh asks him Is Nima looks like ghost to him? Doctor suggests them to take scan in his head. He will suggests another medicine to him. After doctor leaves Nima laughs at him.

Tulika gives coffee to Alok. He is searching about Ghost in Google. Tulika and Suresh watches them careful What’s he up to. When he Googled it he finds out ghost is real it will return to take revenge. Tulika smiles hearing it. It’s further saying may someone fooling around him by setting a trap.

Just then someone knocks the door. Tulika opens it and one lady there. She recognises her as Sunita. She lies to Alok that she is Banjara she needs food. Alok stops her from entering inside his house and tells her already many tension running on his mind so he can’t able to allow this beggar inside his house.

She mentions Alok as sadist. He is a murderer then he is mentioning her as beggar. Sunita warns him that she is not gonna leave him pointing Nima there. Alok asks her Is she can see her? She nods with her. Alok says that Tulika and Suresh can’t able to see her but she can. Sunita warns him she will finish him. He gonna end up in trouble.

Alok searches for Nima’s body where did he buried Nima. He thinks that he can find out whom fooling around him today. He gets scared seeing fossils there. He thinks that real ghost is there in his house. Nima, Suresh, and Nima are watching him in silent.

Suresh appreciates Nima for planned to keep dhuppatta and fossils in sand. How did she expected him to do like this? Nima says that she learnt this all being with them. As a criminal he will think like this only. Later Alok returns to home devasted. Tulika asks him where did he went? Alok pleads with them to save him from that ghost. Suresh says to him that he can’t able to see him.

Suresh says that Banjara saw ghost but he kicked her out mentioning her as beggar. He feels sorry for mentioning her as beggar. He is ready to apologize to her. Suresh assures to bring her back. Next day Sunita pretends like Banjara in front of Alok. He pleads with her to save him from ghost. He is ready to offer anything to him.

He apologized to her for his mistake. Sunita demands him to follow her order. Sunita scares him more mentioning about Ghost. Tulika asks Sunita Is ghost take revenge in real? She nods with her. She asks him to do a hawan where did she born or married. He thinks that Nima born in Sikkim but he married with Virat in his house. Alok assures to do it.

Sunita demands Alok to give the things for the Hawan. Tulika asks her how will ghost come there? She assures him that she will come to them in her pooja. Later Alok gives money to Security and asks him to allow them to take shooting for one day. He asks him to let his people inside. He leaves from there. Nima comes there pretended like a cleaner.

Episode end

The episode starts with Suresh says to Alok that nothing written in mirror it’s clean. Alok gets surprised seeing it and says to them someone wrote on mirror in blood. It’s in threatening tone to kill him. Suresh asks him what happened to him? Why did he seeing things and lying he can hear some sounds specially? Tulika says to him that he was keep doing this to her that he can see something and hear sounds. Alok asks them what’s going on here?

He saw something written on mirror and heard such loud noise. Suresh and Tulika says to him nothing happened. He asks him Is he alright? Alok shares to them what happened to him and asks them Is it happening this to him for drinking a lot. Suresh scares him may it’s ghost whom playing with him. Alok tells him it’s foolishness to believe Ghost story. He asks him to stop fooling around him and leaves.

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