Nima Denzongpa 30th June 2022 Written Update: Virat acts Strange


Nima Denzongpa 30th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat throws the garland from Nima’s photo. He asks Nima to promise him that she won’t leave him again. Nima promises to him. She complaints to him that he didn’t search for her at all. Alok tells her he tried a lot to find her out through police help. Nima asks Virat where is Krish? Alok informs to her that he went to boarding school. He can’t able to accept their death news.

Nima adds that he returned back right so bring him back to home. He needs to live with them. Virat says to Nima that he needs rest and takes her from there. Later Nima gets emotional and shares her happiness to him. She asks him when did he start watching action movie. She wishes to discuss with him about someone planned to kill them. She turns off the TV. He asks her why did she off it? He wanna watch the climax.

Nima asks him why did he behaving strange? He gives a reason to her that after accident he is behaving like this only. Nima about to share the truth with him he gets a phone call. He asks that person to contact with Alok and discuss with him all office matters. Nima asks him doesn’t he used to handle all business things what happened to him? Virat says to her that he escaped from deary narrowly so he wanna use his life hereafter. Nima thinks what’s he trying to say.

Nima can’t able to sleep in night. She doubts why did he behaving strange? Nima goes to Krish room and checks his things emotionally
She hears Gulshan voice. She rushes near her to check her. Nima asks her when did her health turns to worst? Why didn’t Virat takes her to hospital? He is acting different now. She leaves to bring ice pack for her.

Nima hears voice from store room and tries to go inside. Mona stops her and lies to her so many insects inside it. Nima tells her that she heard someone laughing sound. Mona manages the situation there and send Nima from there. Later Nima narrates the incident to Gulshan. She complaints to Nima that Mona didn’t share anything with her about it. Later Nima goes to check the room and finds the room is locked.

Nima shares to Virat that she is trying to talk with him about this matter till she return home. Someone tried to kill them from our home. She notices that Virat fell sleep. Next day Nima getting ready Virat throws the cap of perfume bottle reasoning its waste one.

Nima reminded how did Virat protected that for her memories. She doubts what happened to him? Later Nima enquires Nima whom locked the door? Mona tells her that she was the one locked it there. She enquires Nima where is Virat? Nima notices him there and ask him why didn’t he get ready yet to go to office? Virat makes fun there giving doubt to Nima more.

Virat shares to them that he wanna arrange one welcome party for their returns. He leaves from there. Gulshan says to Nima that he is behaving weird but we needs time to adjust with the situation. Nima adds that we shouldn’t leave him like this. Alok too nods with her. She asks her to invite her family members for the function. Later Nima asks police to find out the driver asap. He asks her to give his photo for the reference. She reminds that Virat takes selfie with Nima before accident. She checks his phone.

Later Varun reveals the truth to chunky that he is not a rich person she can’t able to to stay with them. She slaps him that she likes him not his bank balance. She invites him to attend the party. Meanwhile Nima demands Ramu to unlock the door but he can’t. She demands him to break it. Mona stops her and lashes out at her. Nima shares to Gulshan that all the things inside the store room related to party. Mona tries to stop her. She is determined to open the door. Nima opens the door and finds someone sleeping inside.

Episode end.

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