Nima Denzongpa 4th August 2022 Written Update: Nima exposed Alok


Nima Denzongpa 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima thinks that she shouldn’t give up like this? She tries to escape from Almira. Meanwhile Alok shares to Suresh that he locked her inside Almira and burnt it. Everyone gets shock to hear it. But Nima’s laughing sound scares him.

Nima comes there holding fire lamp in her hand. Alok asks her how did she escaped from it? Nima says to him that she will come back till he alive. Alok asks Sunita to help him while hiding behind her. Sunita asks Nima to stop there. Nima pretends like she couldn’t move by her mantras. Later They ties Nima on pillar. Sunita asks her what’s she need why did she following him? Nima tells her he is a monster he done a sin to her. He might be punished for his deeds.

She asks Nima what’s she need? She demands her to give her Virat back. Alok asks her to leave him instead he is ready to give anything in return. Nima says to him that she won’t leave him. Just then mobile starts ring there. Everyone checks their mobile and finds that Nima’s mobile ringing here. Nima thinks why didn’t she switched off her mobile and ruined all plan.

Suresh thinks that all plans are over. Alok starts laugh there and says it’s modern ghost. He splashes water on her face and says no one cheated him in this way yet. Alok says that he ended up marrying this girl for her drama? He don’t understand why did she married him for her? Tulika asks him to take his hand away she married to Suresh. He is her husband. On that day Suresh is under veil but he didn’t find out it.

Alok reminds it and laughs at her. He says Nima is brillant she might be on his side instead of going against him. He asks her how did she escaped from it? Nima asks him who is he to decide whom should die and birth? It’s all in god’s hand. He done all mistakes and accused Virat for it. Why did he betrayed his wife and mom? He didn’t even think about his daughter at all.

He tried to kill them in Sikkim but it didn’t happened. He again tried to kill her but god saved her again. Alok asks her doesn’t he tried to start his new life but she is always hindrance to him. He tried to kill her twice though she escaped from it all. Who is she? Alok says to Nima that she shouldn’t forget that he is half owner of this industries.

There is no mom, wife and daughter in his life. He places knife on Nima’s neck. Trio comes there to save her but Alok threatens them to stay away or else he will kill her. Doesn’t they know how much he can able to stoop low? Alok drops down the knife seeing Gulshan, Mona and daughter there. Gulshan slaps him in anger. Mona says to him that he stoops so low. There she turned to widow but he married to someone else.

Gulshan says that he planned to kill Nima and Virat. He planned his fake death and put all blame on Virat. He married to another one girl without any shame. Mona says to Nima that she used to misunderstood her always but she realises it’s her mistake to misunderstand her. Mona tells her she give a thought to listen to Sunita once.

Mona apologizes to her for her mistake. Alok pretends like innocent and put all blame on Nima reasoning she demands him to act like this. No one give heed to his acting at all. He pushes them and runs away. Police caught him. He warns Nima that he don’t leave her. Nima faints after that.

Nima gets concious Sunita enquires her Is she alright? She nods with him. Nima apologize to everyone if she hurts anyone. Mona tells her she didn’t done any mistake he dared to marry another girl. Tulika says to her that she didn’t marry her. Suresh is her husband they played this drama to caught her. Mona couldn’t accept the truth that her husband betrayed them. Gulshan says that Nima shouldn’t have send him to jail thinking about Chunky’s life. Suresh says to her he tried to kill Nima twice.

Gulshan tells her that she lost her two son. Nima says to her it’s necessary to send Alok to jail to bring Virat back. Gulshan demands her to bring back Virat till then don’t come in front of her. Mona asks her to don’t take anything to her heart because she is broken. Nima stops them and gives key to them. She assures them that she will return to home with Virat. Mona asks her where is she leaving? Sunita tells her she is taking Nima to her home.

Episode end

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