Nima Denzongpa 4th March 2022 Written Update: Mona plans against Nima


Nima Denzongpa 4th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Sunita asks Suresh if he is going to Nashik. He says yes and tells her not to be sad as soon he will come to Mumbai. He says that he has done a lot for others but now he wants to do something for himself. He tells her that a contractor is going to come tomorrow. Tulika feels sad as everything gets fine today but Suresh is leaving from here.

Sunita says that Tulika should go along with him. Then someone knocks on the door. Tulika goes to check who is there. Then she gets a letter in which it is written that he knows her truth, Tulika gets nervous. Suresh comes there. He asks her who was it. She says maybe there was a child. Here Virat is going out for work. Mona says that there is so much work in the house today so he should stay here.

He says that he has important work in the office today so he has to go. He then asks about Dadi. Bhaisaab tells him that she is still sleeping. Virat gets shocked. He thinks something is wrong. He is about to go to her room. But Mona stops him and says that she will take care of Dadi. Tulika, on the other hand, tells her neighbours that she is going to Nashik and her husband is going to become a builder.

Everyone is shocked to hear this. Then Tulika and Suresh meet everyone and ask them to take care of them. Suresh says that he will not go without meeting Nima. Tulika says fine. Further, they were leaving from there. Suresh remembers the old moments and gets emotional. Tulika’s eyes also become moist. Here Mona and her husband try to wake Dadi. Dadi then wakes up and says that a thief had come to her room.

She says that last night Nima came to her room and stole away something from her room. Priyal comes there and asks what happened. Dadi asks Priyal to check the wardrobe whether there is a necklace or not. Priyal checks and does not see the necklace. Grandma is shocked. Here Nima is checking Mona’s room. Priyal and everyone else comes there and accuse Nima of stealing the necklace.

Nima gets shocked hearing this. She says that she has not done any such thing. Dadi says that she has seen her in her room. Mona says that they should search Nima. Here Virat sees Kirti’s photo and says that today he is going to take a big step. He says that he is doing all this only for Krish. He adds that nothing was important to him more than Krish. Here Mayank gifts a sari to Siya. Siya sees that this saree is torn. Further, Mona takes out the necklace from her pocket and says that she has found this necklace in Nima’s clothes.

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