Nima Denzongpa 8th March 2022 Written Update: Virat is worried about Krish


Nima Denzongpa 8th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Priyal tells Mona that she has ruined everything. Mona says that if Virat comes to know about all this then he will refuse to marry her. Priyal thinks that she should tell all the truth to Virat so that he can forgive her. But Mona stops her and asks her to keep quiet. She adds that she will not let Virat know that Krish is missing from the house. Here Chinki asks Virat to dance with her.

Virat refuses. Priyal gets sad. Mona tells her that Virat is probably tired so he is not dancing. Virat thinks that he should meet Krish but Mona tries to stop him. He says that he has to meet Krish as he hasn’t told him anything yet. So Krish will probably be upset. He leaves from there. Dadi stops Virat from going to Krish.

Here Nima thanks Suresh for helping her. Suresh says that he will always support her. Tulika says that from now on she is also with her. Nima gets happy. Tulika wants her to forget everything and give a new chance to their relationship. Nima gets ready for this. She then bids goodbye to both of them. Here Virat gets henna applied on his hand and is about to go to Krish’s room.

Nima comes to Virat’s house. She is about to take Krish inside but the guard stops her. He tells Nima that he will take Krish inside. Krish refuses to go with him. Here Mona tells Virat not to meet Krish or else he will get upset. But Virat does not listen to her and goes to the room. There he sees Krish playing in his room. He goes out.

While Mona comes into the room and gives chocolates to the child who was sitting in Krish’s place. She asks him to stay here for some more time. Here Tulika tries to help Nima and tries to distract the guard. Nima is about to enter the house but the guard sees her and thinks that she should call Mona. Nima gets scared. Here Virat comes to the mandap in the groom’s dress. Everyone praises him.

Virat thinks that he should meet Krish before the wedding rituals begin. Alok says that he will go to see Krish. He goes to Krish’s room. He saw that Krish is sleeping. On the other hand, Suresh grabs Guard and asks Nima to leave. Meanwhile, the wedding ritual has started.

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