Nima Denzongpa 5th July 2022 Written Update: Roy in Disguise


Nima Denzongpa 5th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat, he stares the mirror and removed his lens from eyes. He mentions himself as Roy and thinks he has petty eyes but he wanna pretend like Virat in this house by wearing this all or else all plans will be flop.

Nima notices Virat’s phone ringing and display showing it as Malkin. She doubts who is it? She calls him to come out. Roy gets nervous and ruin his lens. He says to her he will talk with that person later. Nima notices weird items in his cupboard. Manya calls her and enquires her what’s he doing there? Nima narrates to her that Virat trying to keep an eye on her that’s why he kept her in home. She disconnects the call there.

Nima asks him Is he has some problem? Roy gets irritate by her presence and comes out hiding his one eye. Nima says to him she will help him put eye drops to him but he denies it. He assures her that he wanna meet Doctor. Nima asks him whose this lighter and smoking things? Roy accepts it as his. He lies to her that he was devasted after he thought she was died so he used to take this all in broken state. He hugs her in consoling way.

Nima asks him who is Malkin? He says to her its not Malkin but Malik. She asks him why is he getting angry? He manages the situation there. In late night Roy gets up from sleep and confirms whether Nima sleeping or not. He takes lens from almira.

Nima wakes up hearing the sound and ask him Is he has pain in his eyes still. Before he gets caught Mona comes there and strangle her neck. She takes her from there forcefully. Mona asks Nima Is it her plan to bring Varun as Chinky’s boyfriend? Nima asks hey doesn’t she has shame at all?

Mona reveals how did she saw Varun talking with her daughter in kitchen. Roy motives Priyal there and smiles at her. She feels happy. Chinky asks her mom why did she hurting Nima for her mistakes? Nima assures her that Varun won’t call her again.

Gulshan says that these days kids are like that only she don’t need to apologise. Mona asks her why are you supporting her? Alok says that how much her sister done to Nima though she didn’t talk anything against her? She forgave her and allowed her to stay in home. He takes her from there. Roy looks for Priyal there.

Nima doubts that why did Virat didn’t said anything to Mona after she done this much to her. Nima asks him Is his eyes feels alright? He nods to her. Next day Nima spills down the juice. Gulshan asks her to take rest till then Mona take care of all. Roy brings Priyal there making everyone surprised.

Nima asks him what’s he doing with her? He lies to her that he wanna find out the truth that’s why he is treating her in this way. Later Paras is adamant to take Manya with him. But she denies it. Meanwhile Nima overhears Mona and Priyal’s conversations. She asks them Is they pretends like likes her? Manya comes there and asks Nima why did she come out of room? Nima thinks that Parts mentioning Manya worries about her. Nima lies to her that she being her out.

Episode end.

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