Nima Denzongpa 6th July 2022 Written Update: Nima tests Virat to find the truth.


Nima Denzongpa 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat saying that he’s going to sell the chemical factory. The board members were against it saying that it’s a very profitable business and he can’t do so. His brother was also against it but Virat shuts them all and says it’s his company and he can do whatever he want to do with it. He warns them not to teach him. He goes in his car and wishes that Virat doesn’t come back. He meets Priyal on road and Priyal gets excited seeing him.

She’s unable to believe that Virat wanted to be with her and asks him about it. Virat says that he got fed up Nima within a month and wants to leave her. Priyal gets happy hearing it and hugs him. Nima sees them together. She gets a call and answers she would be there. She immediately wanted to confront them but refrains herself and decides to confront Virat in private.

Nima is thinking about whatever happened and is upset about it. Her brother visits her and asks about Virat. She pretends to be well and he leaves giving her a file for Virat to sign. Nima goes to keep it in cupboard only to find Virat’s lenses and other items fall down. She gets confused seeing lenses and gets even more smocked seeing the identity card of Rohan Kumar. She recalls Virat’s recent behaviour and wonders whether the person she’s with is duplicate Virat.

Virat comes there and Nima immediately pretends normal. He leaves saying that he had his food. Priyal is happily hugging the teddy bear given by Virat when Mona comes there and asks her to come down to earth as she’s dreaming about Virat. Priyal says about what Virat said but Mona didn’t believe her a bit. Priyal however is sure that Virat would definitely come to meet her at night 12.

Virat wakes up at night as he promised to Priyal and sneaks to meet her. Nima who was pretending to sleep also sees it but doesn’t want to react without knowing the truth. He enters Priyal’s room and comes back to find Nima sitting with tea. She asks where he went and he says he went for a walk and Priyal says she too didn’t get sleep and so wished have tea. She invited him to have one too and Virat joins her. She offers him tea and he examines it a while.

She recalls adding kesar in it as Virat is extremely allergic to it and Virat sips the tea. He soon breathes heavily and Nima gets worried thinking he got allergy but he just burped. Virat enjoys the tea and Nima understands that its not Virat. She goes to washroom and cries under shower tree recalling her moments spent with Virat before the accident. Her sindoor gets washed away in water.

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