Nima Denzongpa 6th May 2022 Written Update: Nima gets worried for Siya


Nima Denzongpa 6th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Krish is about to see his parent’s photo but Virat and Nima come there. Krish gets happy seeing them and leaves his book. He hugs Nima and Virat. Krish asks Nima why Khushi didn’t come here. Nima says that Manya was about to adopt Khushi but Khushi’s real mother came to her and took her from the orphanage. Mona says to Priyal that they have to tell Krish the truth that he is also an orphan.

She calls someone and asks for his help. He gets ready to help her. Priyal that soon their plan will be successful. That is when the light turns off. Nima says to Krish that she is going outside to see what has happened. She will ask Krish if he can stay alone for a second. He says yes. On the other hand, Gulshan calls Virat. He gets afraid to see her. Gulshan asks why he is shouting.

Virat says that she is looking like a ghost. She asks him to check the electricity board. Virat says that he can not do such things. Gulshan forces him for this. Later they go to the electricity board. Nima comes there too. Virat things to impress Nima but he is unable to do so. Later Nima helps him and the lights turn on.

Nima is about to fall but Virat holds her. Duo share eyelock moment. Virat says to Nima that these days she is falling a lot. He then asks him how she learned all this. Nima says that she was living alone with her three daughters so she learned all this. Virat praises her. Later Gulshan comes there and says to Virat that he can do anything.

Virat tells her that Nima has done this. Gulshan says that she is feeling sleepy. Saying this she leaves from there. Later in the morning Nima and others are having breakfast. Someone bells the rings. Nima is about to get up to open the door. Priyal asks her to sit down and she will open the door. She goes from there. Later the asks Nima about how many people live in this house.

Virat tells him everything. He asks him if Krish is his child. Virat says yes. He says but he is not married. Nima comes there and says that she is his wife. She asks him to show her his id card. He gets sacred and leaves from there. Later Siya calls Nima and asks her to come home and bring Virat there too. Nima gets worried. Later they arrive at Sunita’s house. Nima is shocked to Siya in wedding clothes.

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