Nima Denzongpa 7th March 2022 Written Update: Priyal scares Krish


Nima Denzongpa 7th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Mona asks Nima to leave the house. Chinki comes there and asks what is going on here. Nima says that she is not a thief so she will not leave from here. She says that Virat knows that she cannot do anything like this. Chinki says that she also saw Nima. Dadi says that they should call the police. Virat’s brother stops them and says that they have to go to the police station for a police report and there is already a lot of work in the house today.

Then he asks Nima to leave. Nima is about to leave but Mona stops her and gives her her saree. She remembers how she stole Dadi’s jewellery wearing Nima’s saree. Then she calls the guard and tells him not to let Nima wander around their house from today onwards. Guard says ok. Further, when Virat learns that Mona has thrown Nima out of the house on the charge of theft, he is shocked.

He wants to call Nima and bring her back. But Mona stops him and says that Dadi herself has seen Nima stealing the jewellery. Virat believes her words. Then the turmeric ceremony begins. Krish comes there and is shocked to see all this. Krish calls Nima. Virat sees that Krish is getting upset so he is about to call Nima. Priyal asks Virat to give him a chance to handle Krish this time.

Virat agrees. Priyal goes to Krish and says that she knows where Nima is and soon she will take him to Nima. Krish gets happy hearing this. Here Suman tells Pushpa that they should wait for Paras. But Pushpa says that she cannot delay Babita’s marriage anymore. Suman tries to explain her point to them but no one listens to her.

Here Nima thinks that she should call Virat and tell everything. On the other hand, Priyal tells Krish that Nima has left and soon she will throw him out of this house too. Irish gets nervous and leaves from there. Priyal tries to stop him but she falls and Krish leaves from there. Priyal tells Mona that Krish has run away. Mona is shocked to hear this.

Priyal says that she tried to stop Krish but she fell and could not stop him. Nima thinks that she should call Virat from PCO. On the other hand, Suresh and Tulika come to meet Nima but see that Krish has an accident. He takes him to the hospital. Suresh informs Nima that Krish has had an accident. Nima is shocked to hear this and comes to the hospital.

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