Nima Denzongpa 8th June 2022 Written Update: Priyal plots against Nima


Nima Denzongpa 8th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manya, She asks Nima doesn’t she feel anything strange? Why did she demanding her to apologize to her? Nima tells her she is carrying her baby so she shouldn’t treat her like this. Nima adds that Bimla might ask permission before doing anything more then that it’s Virat’s room. Virat says how come this shirt came here? Bimla lies it was already there. Manya asks her to stop lying.

Bimla plays the heart beats of baby and reminds her shr is carrying her baby. Manya leaves from there angrily. Bimla holds Virat hand asks him to forgive her she won’t repeat this mistake. Virat thinks that this bottle cap is enough to him which gifted by Nima. Priyal leaves from there angrily. Virat thinks that she is strange. Later Nima convinces Manya to bear everything for baby’s sake.

Later Virat notices Nima enters into his room he thought she is gonna wish him for his birthday. Nima comes there to clean his room disappointed him. He feels its better to sleep. At mid night Nima gives surprise birthday wish to him along with Krish. Virat feels happy to see them there.

Nima reminds their first meeting and gifts one bracelet to him as birthday gift. He asks her to make him wear it. He likes the gift a lot. Virat cuts the cake and feeds them. Nima says him Is he liked the cake or not so she brought one gift for him. She gifts white shirt to him. Meanwhile Sia and Sunita are standing in line to take water. Neighbor enquires Sia doesn’t she got married then what’s she doing here? Sunita gives fitting reply to her. Sunita consoles Sia there.

Later Gulshaan arranging pooja thaal and thinks she forget to cook kheer. She shares this to Mona and Nima. Nima assures her that she can able to cook kheer for her. Mona says that she needs more time to cook it. Nima says that she can able to do it in 20 minutes. She starts cooking there. She finishes it asap and give it Gulshaan. Later Gulshaan takes pooja things he asks her don’t ruin his shirt. Gulshaan praises his shirt he reveals to her that Nima gifted this to her.

Gulshan starts the pooja with Virat shr couldn’t sing but Nima helps her to continue the pooja which makes Priyal feel jealous. Gulshan feeds kheer to Virat he appreciates the taste of it. He feeds her back. Family members wishes to him. Bimla too wishes her. She pretends like faint and ruins his shirt with kheer. She lies to him that she was faint. Virat forgives her and leaves.

Priyal shares her happiness with Manya which irritates her. Later Manya confronts Priyal will she get Virat by doing this all? Priyal demands her to arrange a time Virat. She wanna spend time with him. Manya asks her how is this possible? She threatens her using baby.

Later Gulshan and Mona gets surprised to see the decorations and the arrangement for Virat’s birthday celebration. Bimla asks Manya to start her drama. Manya shares to Nima that Bimla is sick she wanna take her to hospital. She asks Nima to stay in home. Everyone waits for Virat in home Nima consoles them.

Sunita and Sia comes there to make her surprise. She enquires her about Varun but Chinky hears it. Nima shares to them about Bimla. Meanwhile Virat gets surprise to see Bimla and Manya comes there. Manya lies to him that Bimla is not well. She asks permission from him to stay in his office for few minutes. He gives permission to them. Manya gets a call from Nima. She lies to her Virat caught her red handed.

Episode end

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