Nima Denzongpa 9th September 2021 Written Update: Nima gets a home!


Nima Denzongpa 9th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nima coming to meet Maaji(Dinesh’s mother) for the job as the maid. Maaji interrogates Nima about herself and assumes that her husband works far off that’s why stays away. When she comes to know Nima has three daughters, she rejects Nima. Maaji says Nima won’t be available according to their timings. Nima tries to say it won’t be an issue but Maaji is adamant. Nima leaves. Maaji’s servant tells her that this girl looks decent unlike other girls of mumbai who are over smart. Maaji agrees and asks Nima to join but first week will be her test. Nima thanks her and goes.

Later that day, Nima comes to Sarla and tells Sarla that she is worried about a home now as it’s difficult to pay the deposit money that the owners ask before giving her a house to live in. Sarla tells her to ask Suresh for some money as she is still his wife and the kids are his too. Nima says she won’t be taking any money from Suresh so it’s either her earned money or some sacrifices. Nima says Sunita and Tulika won’t let him give any money to me. Sarla feels proud of Nima, seeing her strong. Sarla says she knows someone who would let her live till she gets her first salary. Nima gets hopeful. Sarla says but there is one issue.

The next day, Tulika is cleaning the floor when Sunita tries to point out her mistakes. Tulika taunts Sunita while Sunita makes Tulika’s work double by making the floor more messy. Tulika gets irritated. Suddenly Tulika and Sunita see and learn about new neighbors who have shifted recently. They decide to take some sweets and show how they are good people in neighborhood. Here, Nima cleans the house and feeds her kids food. Sia asks Nima about Suresh but Nima says Suresh doesn’t want to meet them. Later, Sunita and Tulika come andn get shocked to see Nima in that house. Tulika asks Nima that why did she come back home crawling. Nima tells her that why would anyone come crawling to their own house. Nima tells them that it has nothing to do with them and they can leave. Tulika and Sunita get shocked.

Next day, Nima does admission of Sia and Mania. The principal becomes happy seeing how Sia has learnt everything from Nima in home schooling. Nima asks for a day for school fees the principal agrees. Sarla offers to look after the kids for 2 months as her boss is not at home currently. Nima agrees and thanks her. Nima then sees the time and rushes for work.

Nima reaches and Dinesh’s wife signals Nima why she is late? Maaji taunts Nima. Nima tells how she went for children’s school admission but Maaji doesn’t believe it and thinks it to be a lie. Nima requests her for one more chance. Maaji says no. The kids come and complains of stomach ache. Maaji scolds Dinesh’s wife for not taking care. Nima sees this and says my daughters also sometimes have this and she knows how to cure it. Maaji says no need, I have just fired you so you might try to take revenge. The servant again tells Maaji that north eastern people are good with ayurvedic. Maaji asks Nima to make the remedy. The kid becomes fine after taking the remedy. Maaji praises Nima and takes her back for the job.

Here, Tulika ans Sunita talk how to keep Suresh and Nima away. Sunita tells Tulika to destroy Nima’s house. When they break the lock and enter the house they find not much stuff so they break whatever is there. They wait in their house’s window for seeing Nima’s reaction. Nima comes happily with her kids and is shocked to see the situation of the house when entered.

Episode ends.

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