Nima Denzongpa Upcoming Story: Nima to find out Bimla


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In the previous episode we saw;
Nima and Virat were talking each other. Priyal questioned Nima why did she came to his room? She demanded Nima to don’t sleep with Krish. Nima agreed to her and left from there. Priyal said to Virat that Nima will leave this house forever after she got married to him. Virat said to her that she can able to marry him forcefully but won’t get his love.

Priyal stopped Nima from touching her things and demanded her to sleep on floor. Nima gave fitting reply to her and slept on floor. Next day she found Krish sleeping cuddling to her. She advised to him to be independent.

Later Priyal demanded Gulshan and Mona to wear good dress matching to her status. She pressured Nima to bring Haldi asap. Ramu mistakenly added Chilly in it thinking it for Pakkoda. Nima done Rasam to Virat.

Priyal mentioned her as servant and demanded her to apply it all over her face. She got burning sensation after it and accused Nima for it. She tried to ruin her face but Virat stopped her. He revealed to her its Ramu’s mistake.

Later Nima played a trick with Priyal to go out. Nima determined to hide the truth from Virat.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Nima will say to Varun they might find out Bimla asap reasoning she don’t have enough time. Varun will inform her that someone saw her near bus stand. Meanwhile Virat and Priyal will take vows. Nima will find out Bimla

What will happen next?

Will Priyal truth come out?

When will Nima expose Priyal?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.