Nishabd Pyar Manga Hai Tumhi Se 20th June 2022 Written Update: Naina learns a shocking fact.


Nishabd 20th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with some goons chasing after a guy. His friend comes to rescue him despite her sister asking him to not get involved. The sister scolds the guy for not helping her brother who’s fighting goons for him. The goons hit her brother and leaves. His sister scolds him for getting beaten up for Zamindar’s son Prabath. The brother Sahik asks why is she being in the village and not coming to theirs. His sister Naina says that she’s there in the place where their parents breathed last and won’t come back before killing the Zamindars responsible for her death.

At Zamindar’s House, the guy Prabath is getting lashed out by his father for bit bring man enough to fight for himself. Everyone calls him not capable as a man including his sister as he neither have friends nor family. He goes to his room and starts painting recalibrate Sahil helping him. He follows Sahil and gets to know that his daily activities. Sahil and Naina are in garden when Sahil sends Naina to get him some coffee. Prabath comes there and gives him ear phones which got damaged during the fight. He then gives coffee powder which he really loves.

Sahil asks Why’s he gifting it all to him and Prabath says he’s gifting it as he saved him from goons. Sahil laughs it off saying that he fought because the globe troubled his sister but Prabath didn’t mind it. Prabath asks him why didn’t his sister doesn’t like him and Naina herself comes there. She says about her parents taking loan from Zamindar’s and her father died due to heart attack while her mother followed him unable to bear the insults. Prabath understands her anger and takes the leave.

Prabath gets scolded at his house for going out and again went through abuses. Prabath visited Sahil in coffee shop and hesitant reveals his sexual preference. Sahil gives in to his demands and encourages him to come out in open. The same goons who threatened Prabath came again but this time Prabath fought with them for Sahil. Prabath’s family was happy with his sudden courage to and showered him with praises and gifts. Sahil is about to enter the house but the head of the house stopped him and forbidden his entry infuriating Sahil. He warns Prabath to stay away from him too.

Sahil and Prabath’s love affair continued but Naina caught them. She confronted Sahil about it but both didn’t back off. Prabath reveals hie truth to his family who were ashamed of him and badmouths him. Prabath argued with them trying to make them understand but in vain. Sahil is upset that he couldn’t get in touch with Prabhat. Naina consoles him.

After some time,

Sahil visits Prabath’s house to know the shocking news that someone killed his whole family except Prabath. Police interrogates Prabhat about the death but Prabath says that it was him who killed them. Naina learnt the truth ags angrily confronted Sahil who agrees that it was him who pretended to love Prabath knowing that he’s gay for money and killed his family. He also persuaded Prabath to take the blame on himself. He tied up Naina too and hit her and left with the money.

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