Nishabd 4th July 2022 Written Update: Amrita’s insecurity creates Crack in her relationship with Mahek.


Nishabd 4th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahek who’s in relationship with Amrita calling her for food. They both spends some quality time. Amrita reminds her that it’s going to be their anniversary soon and they plan about what to do for their anniversary. Mahek comes up with simple plans but Amirtha wants to make it special and they both promise to get some special gifts for each for their third anniversary.

Mahek asks her to not get suggestions from Rahul. They recall their first date where Mahek visited Amrita with her unit test papers for the next day and they both did their works without disturbing the other person on their date. However they still liked each and they both decided to go for more dates. The clock strikes 12 and they decide March 3 as their starting day of their relationship.

Amrita calls her best friend Rahul and says about their anniversary soon but finds him sad. She asks what happened for which Rahul replies that Sheena broke up with him. Amrita is shocked to hear it as everyone where aware of their five years love and can’t believe Sheena broke up with Rahul. She asks why didn’t he say to her about it before but Rahul says he thought it was just another silly fight and they would get back soon but never thought things would end this way. He states that Sheena reasons that she doesn’t feel love for her from him as he never confessed his love.

He says that he was actually planning to propose her for marriage. Amrita asks whether he told about his marriage plans with her and Rahul says he did when they were fighting but she didn’t pay much importance to it. Amrita consoles him and asks him to meet up with her.

Amrita recalls the time when she found Mahek in social media after getting impressed by her catchy lines. She calls Mahek and they both agree to meet. Coming back to present, Rahul is with Amrita who is still upset over his break up with Sheena. Amrita now starts fearing what if Sheena breaks up with her as she never confessed her love to Sheena. She’s scared of Sheena going away from her. She recalls their first meet in a restaurant where they both were equally nervous. They soon take a liking towards each other and Mahek proposes to call her Ammo. Amrita also likes her pet name and soon their relationship goes through various happy moments.

Amrita is frustrated as she faced some issues with her work. Mahek comes there at the time and hugs Amrita. She talks about her work but Amrita rudely replies that she has more important things than her work due to work tension. Mahek gets hurt and switches on TV when Amrita changes it to news channel. Mahek gets frustrated and fights with her when Amrita says that it’s her TV and her rules. She says she pays the bills. Mahek gets upset with it and goes to her room. She is frustrated with Amrita’s self proclaimed behaviour.

Later, Amrita asks Mahek whether she has any regrets about their relationship. Mahek tries to ignore the question but Amrita forces her. Amrita shares to her about her petty behavior issues which she disliked and got irritated with. Amrita accused her for not saying it and keeping it to heart and gets angry. Mahek is surprised with her behaviour and gets tries calming her but Amrita restricts her from entering her room. She gets insecure that Mahek would leave her.

Amrita recalls their old picnic time when she gifted Taj Mahal to Mahek. At present, Amrita asks Mahek if she has cooked something and Mahek says idli. Mahek asks if she had food but Amrita says no. Mahek advises her to not skip meals which again irritates Amrita. Amrita wants to go to store and Mahek asks why would she need to go to stores now.

Amrita shouts hysterical that she wants instant noodles which is not in her home right now. Mahek reminds her that it’s their home and Amrita asks from when. Mahek gets hurt with her behaviour and asks if she wants her to leave the house. Amrita with a heavy heart says she never asked her to but it’s her choice. Mahek decides to leave while Amrita angrily leaves home asking her to pack her things before she’s back.

Mahek packs her things ready when Amrita comes home. Mahek says to her that she packed her things and the remaining she would clear in the next two days. Amrita asks Where’s she going and Mahek replies that she’s going to her mom’s place. Amrita pleads her to not leave taking excuse of their third anniversary. Mahek is surprised that how they managed to cross three years in their relationship and is about to leave.

Amrita stops her and asks her to atleast get the anniversaries gift. She gives a small notebook with Amrita expressing her love in blood. She confesses to Mahek that she never told to her but she do really love her. Mahek gets emotional and hugs Amrita. They both patch uoy. The clock strikes 12 and Amrita asks for her gift. Mahek gifts her a coffee machine as they both drank coffee on their first date. Amrita likes it and they both leave to celebrate their anniversary.

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