Nishabd- love next door 7th June 2022 Written Update: Isha and Tara’s forbidden love.


Nishabd 7th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with milkman ringing the doorbell of the house. The wife is about to go but her husband stops her and says that he would go. He gets the milk when the milkman notices the wife coming and wishes her for the day and greets her. Her husband gets angry and drops the milk. He chases after the milkman and continued beating him. Few guys question him the reason for beating the milkman but he doesn’t answer. They all leave and the husband looks at the wife who came on street running after him. He slaps her head. He then sexually abuses her saying that he can’t able to tolerate anyone looking at her as he loves her a lot. He behaves like a psychopath.

A lady visits a government officer demanding the pension of her late husband but the the officer Roshan sends sexual signals to her indirectly asking her have physical contact for getting the pension sanctioned. She gets angry and in return he throws her out of the office. She comes out upset. The society people asks the husband to vacate the house as they can’t tolerate such people in their locality. He says that he would vacate the house in two days. His wife asks if they are again relocating and the husband says yes but there won’t be any man in that locality. He calls the agent for the same.

The husband and wife reaches their new house where the lady leaves. The agent introduces the husband as Dev Sharma and the lady’s name is Tara. Dev checks the house and realizes that she lives alone. He agrees to shift to the house and finalizes the deal. Tara brings tea and snacks for Dev and his wife Isha as their kitchen was not set up. Dev thanks her and Isha is about to serve it. She skids and is about to fall down but Tara holds her. They feel a spark. At night Dev again sexually abuses Isha and Tara hears Isha’s cries.

Next morning, Tara sees Isha sending off her husband to office. They both passes awkward glances. Tara looks at Isha’s room condition and questions about it. Isha tries lying that her hand hit it by mistake but Tara asks her about the mark on her neck. She says that she can understand and asks Isha to share it with her. Isha cries and shares her sob story with Tara. Tara offers to apply medicine but Isha tries refusing. Tara doesn’t agree and applies the medicine.

They both feels attraction towards each other. Tara says that Dev might love her but she doesn’t have to tolerate all this in the name of love. She tries giving her courage but then realizes that she herself is not courageous enough to fight the advances of the society. She shares her side of story and Isha feels bad for her. They both are happy to find a friend in other person.

Isha requests Dev to solve Tara’s pension problem and says about Roshan’s behaviour towards Tara. Dev agrees to help Tara and Isha kisses his hand. Higher official asks Roshan about it and Roshan makes excuses. Dev comes home excited and calls Isha to bedroom. He shows her the nighty he bought for her but Isha refuses to wear it. He forces her to wear it and Isha leaves to change. Dev gets done emergency call and leaves to office. Tara sees Isha crying wearing the nighty and praises her.

She applies oil on her body and they both gets close sexual ku. Suddenly Dev comes there and Tara hides under the bed. Isha diverts him from seeing her by seducing him but he wants to leave taking his laptop. She herself gives it to him and he leaves.

Tara and Isha’s affair continues as Dev leaves to office. Once Tara is about to kiss Isha when Dev comes there. Tara leaves immediately and Dev asks Isha if Tara started loving her. Isha gets scared but he says sister love. He gifts her saree and asks her to wear it as he wants to take her out. Isha agrees. Roshan gets lashed out by his higher official for delaying Tara’s husband’s pension and asks him to give it personally to Tara.

Isha leaves with Dev and Tara watches it. Dev brings Isha to an empty restaurant and he says that he booked the whole restaurant for her. She asks what’s the need for it and he says she’s locked inside for whole day cooking and doing work. He says he wanted to take care of her and so brought her there. Dev proposes Isha for dance but Isha refuses. Dev forces her and she dances imagining Tara in Dev’s place.

Roshan visits Tara and Tara asks why he’s here. He tries taking advantage of her situation by giving pension and tries molesting her. She tears the pension cheque and throws it on his face but he chases after her locking the door. Tara calls Isha for help. Isha panics and runs to call Dev.

Tara falls down while running and Roshan advances towards her. He abuses her and is about to molest her when Tara beats his head from behind. He falls unconscious. Isha consoles Tara but Roshan wakes up. He holds both of them and tries molesting both. While fighting, Isha pulls away his wig and he starts beating and molesting her. Tara tries to strangle him with a rope but he escapes. He tries strangling Tara with the same rope when Isha kills him by stabbing him with a rod.

Dev comes there and finds about her affair with Tara. He confronts Isha and tries strangulating her but Tara kills him too by stabbing him with a rod too. Isha asks what did she do and Tara says she did what she did for her. Police came and reports that Roshan tried molesting both the ladies. During the fight between Dev and Roshan they both stabbed each other to death.

The end.

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