Nishabd Ajeeb Dastan 13th June 2022 Written Update: Jayaraj helps Karan overcome his past fears.


Nishabd 13th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with few children playing football and a boy gets hurt falling down. His coach asks him to go back to game but the boy says it’s hurting. Coach behaves rude and asks him to go back to game but the boy refuses. He applies Turmeric powder on his wound and he cries in more pain. He asks him to not cry like girl and behave like a man. He makes him forcefully okay football. The coach named Karanvir is present in a restaurant for meeting his blind date Apeksha. Apeksha comes there and greets him. He’s about to order but Apeksha says she already ordered beer for both. He asks how could she order drinks for her as she’s a girl. Apeksha is outraged with his backward thought about girls and gets offended. They have an argument and Apeksha leaves angrily lashing out at him.

The football training head is trying to explain the parents but everyone are upset with the coach Karanvir. Apeksha comes there who happens to be the aunt of the boy who coach behaved rudely with. The boy Nitin’s wound got ruptured and he’s advised to undergo a surgery. She calls out the coach’s violent behaviour and institute head calls Karanvir. Karanvir teases Apeksha and again passes misogyny remarks about female. Aleksga outraged with his audacity and demands action against him. The head spoke with Karanbir’s Daduji about it and Daduji asks him to let him to let him escape with small punishment. Apeksha takes her leave and head confronts Karanvir. Karanvir agrees to apologise but head says he needs to do more. He says he’s sending him to counselling and Karan agrees grudging.

Karan visits his counsellor Dr. Jayaraj who initiates a normal conversation with Karan by asking whether he teaches girls for football. Karan says football is not girl’s game as its a man’s game. Doctor asks what was his dream in childhood and asks if it’s his dream to become coach. Karan says that his dream is to become man. Coach asks what does he mean by it and Karan says that he wants to become a man by playing foot ball and cricket and not cook in kitchen. Doctor asks why does he think so as he knows to cook and doesn’t know to play cricket and football. Karan doesn’t answer and Doctor says that he must be there because he was forced to attend the counselling and just wants his certificate. Karan gets angry and Doctor tries touching him but he backs away even more angrily and leaves the place. Karan refuses to comeback for counseling.

Jayaraj shares with his sister about Karan and is sure that something has affected him big that changed him the way he is. He asks her to give appointment as he will definitely ask for one. Apeksha and the head Mr. Varma are discussing about Karan when Karan comes tu here. Karan says that he can’t continue the counselling but Mr. Varma says that he gave the opportunity for his Dadu and says he needs to complete it. Karan shares with his friend about his issue but his friend asks why he’s acting pricey when all he is is because of his grandfather. Karan gets even more angry hearing it. Jayaraj’s sister Anchal says him about Karan asking for an appointment and Jayaraj asks him to fix it late so that it would help him open up to him a bit.

Karan meets with Jayaraj and asks why did he delay the appointment. Jayaraj reasons that he’s just there ro kill his counselling time to get his certificate and he can only waste his leisure time on it. He asks why did he think that it’s necessary to be a man and Karan recalls all the abuses faced by him by his grandfather in his teenage. He recalls about his affair with Babloo but didn’t say it to Jayaraj. Jayaraj ends the session and asks him to come another time and sends him away. Karan’s friend apologizes him and is about to hug him for patching up but Karan pushes him away. In the next session Karan opens up about Babloo who was affected because he had feelings for him. Doctor asks whether he tried contacting Babloo but he says no. Doctor finds his number but Babloo blocks Karan.

As days passes by, Jayaraj surprised Karan by meeting him up with Babloo. Babloo shares about his grandfather ruining his shop and breaking his leg. Karan apologizes Babloo and learns that he’s happily married. He thanks Jayaraj for giving a proper closure for his childhood love. He meets with his grandfather and confronts him for what he did with him turning him into someone else. His grandfather reveals that he’s ashamed of his existence in his family but Karan managed to not bother it. He meets with Mr. Varma and gives his resignation followed by his counselling certificate. He thanks him for all his hell. He then apologizes Apeksha and invites her for dinner. He meets with Jayaraj and reveals his romantic feelings for himy. Jayaraj turns down it but Karan doesn’t feel bad as he’s happy that he’s man enough to reveal his feelings and parts ways with him too.

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