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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28th February 2024 Written Update: Mohan opposes Kadambari’s decision

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohan takes Radha to market. He buys ice cream for him and Radha. Radha tastes Mohan’s ice cream but she refuses to give her ice cream to Mohan. She runs from there and Mohan chases her. She drops her ice cream while running and gets sad. He tries to cheer her up and he gives his ice cream to her. She buys flute and makes him play it ( Sukoon mila song plays in the background ). She tells him that she can die but she can’t leave him. He asks her to not talk about death. He says that their lifeline and they won’t get separated.

In the Trivedi house, everyone waits for Radha and Mohan. Radha and Mohan enters the house. Kadambari tells Mohan that she talked to Radha’s Doctor. She says that she know this decision is difficult for Mohan but they have to send Radha to mental asylum. Tulsi says that she is feeling really bad for Radha. Vishwanath says that Radha is completely fine. Mohan says that Radha won’t go anywhere.

Kadambari tells Mohan that she know he loves Radha so much but she won’t let Mohan take wrong decision. She says that Radha has to go to mental asylum no matter what. Mohan tells her that Radha is his wife. Kadambari tells him that she is head of the family and it’s her responsibility to take care of the family. She says that Radha already tried to kill Tulsi twice. And says that Gungun and Ketki lives in the house so she can’t take any risk. She adds that Radha need Doctor.

Mohan tells her that Radha need him and he will take care of Radha. He promises to her that he won’t let anyone get hurt because of Radha. She asks him to understand the situation. He asks her to understand Radha’s pain and fear. He says that Tulsi’s return gave shock to Radha and it’s not Radha’s mistake. He tells her that Radha did so much for this family but they did not support her when she needed them the most. He adds that their behavior towards Radha changed Radha. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Mohan says that Radha will stay with him in his house and no one can separate Radha from him. Radha gets happy hearing this.

After some time, Tulsi says that Mohan is showing extra sympathy for Radha. Kaveri says that they will end up in jail if Mohan don’t send Radha to mental asylum then. Vishwanath comes there and tells Kaveri that she is right. He says that Mohan loves Radha so much and Mohan will support Radha always. He adds that Mohan will send them to jail after learning their truth and leaves from there. Kaveri tells Kadambari that they have to do something. Kadambari says that Radha will leave the house permanently.

Later, Tulsi tells Mohan that school arranged picnic for Gungun. She says that parent should accompany Gungun. Mohan tells her that Radha is not well. Tulsi tells him that she will go with Gungun. Radha says that no need for that.

Episode ends.

Aangan – Aapno Kaa Upcoming Story: Aparna to learn of Akash’s plan with Pallavi!

Aangan – Aapno Kaa Spoilers, Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on SerialGossip.in

Sony SAB’s show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is witnesseing an interesting track with Akash, learning about Pallavi’s effort to save his job.

In the previous episode, we saw that Jaydev advised Pallavi to be an understanding partner for Akash, who was loved by his mother to an extent that he expected her to be like his mother. Pallavi got upset, but she promised him not to never put him in a similar situation like this.

Aparna does her emotional drama in front of Akash, so Akash felt guilty of hurting Aparna. He also holds Pallavi responsible for everything. Aparna got happy.

Manohar decided to hire a caretaker for Deepika, but she opposed so, so Manohar got upset and angry. Varun tried to convince Deepika, but Deepika shared her fear with him. Also, she requested him to take care of her.

Rakesh apologised to Tanvi for not being able to help her. Tanvi got relieved that Rakesh was being truthful with her while Janhvi replaced her photo with Tanvi’s.

Pallavi got confused by Ravi’s strange behaviour on her way to meet Akash to explain the reason behind her action. Akash ignored her completely, so Pallavi persuaded him to speak with her and also hear her out. Akash angrily questioned Pallavi for hurting him and his family’s feelings.

Pallavi realised that Akash was too angry so he won’t understand anything so she decided not to tell him anything. Aparna told Pallavi that she would expose the latter, but Pallavi got determined to win Aparna’s heart.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Jaydev will give a money bag to Manohar. Manohar will drop the money bag. Deepika will get confused seeing the money that has fallen to the floor.

Akash will ask Aparna’s permission to take Pallavi outside, but Aparna will ask him to take part in her friends family wedding without Pallavi, which will confuse both Akash and Pallavi

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Dhruv Tara 27th February 2024 Written Update: Dhruv and Bijli runs away

Dhruv Tara 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Bijli sees the dead body but actual it’s a doll. Surya ask that who has kept the doll opening in the Mahal. Bijli tells Surya that how dare can anyone dare to breach the security in his presence. Bheera tells Surya that someone tries to alert them with the help of doll but they don’t that the message is for whom.

Bhavosa is surprise to hear that someone has breach the security of Rajmahal. Sona Chandi tells Bhavosa that Dhruv and Bijli comes together and stays together in the room. Sona Chandi tells Bhavosa that sometimes she thinks that Bijli return from Dhruv not for Shaurya. Bhavosa remembers that how Dhruv justify and insists them to keep Bijli in the Rajmahal. Bhavosa doubts that something is happening in her presence between Dhruv and Bijli.

Bijli thinks about message she received from Kapali and all of a sudden she finds some blood arrows signs. Bijli starts following the signs and she hears Kapali’s message in that spot. Kapali gives last warning to Bijli that if she try to show oversmartneess then he will kill Mahaveer. Bijli request Kapali that she will not tell anyone about this and do his work. Suddenly Dhruv comes and ask Bijli about her problem but Bijli tells Dhruv that do not disturb her. Dhruv tells Bijli that it’s his responsibility to take care of her and what he will say to Mahaveer if anything happens to her. Dhruv tells Bijli that he saw the blood arrows sign and came here following the sign. Dhruv tells Bijli that if she don’t want to say him then it’s fine he will not ask further. Bheera thinks to erase the sign before anyone sees. Bheera starts erasing the sign but Surya saw him.

Bijli is worried about Mahaveer and if she fails to do the task then Kapali will punish Mahaveer.

Dhruv thinks thar Bijli is trying to hide something from and he decides to make an another attempt to help Tara to get her memory. Dhruv gets an idea and start playing dart and start acting that he show his anger on dart. Bijli learns from Dhruv that he is showing his anger to dart because of her. Bijli ask Dhruv that how can be possible to show the anger in the dart. Dhruv tells Bijli to think about the person from which she get angry and throw the the knife in the dart. Bijli tells Dhruv that she don’t know how to throw the knife in the dart. Dhruv tells Bijli to pick up the knife and take the name. Dhruv thinks that it’s Tara because she will aim the knife in the dart.

Surya tells Bheera that he can the servant to clean the walls. Bheera tells Surya that we should not let everybody know about the blood stains especially Shaurya. Surya tells Bheera that he thinks that Kapali has send the message. Bheera tells Surya that if Kapali has did this then he will attack him. Surya tells Bheera that he is right because Kapali is coward and  he can’t attack him directly. Bheera gets angry and thinks to kill Surya but stops himself and decides to kill Surya in Shivaratri. Bheera tells Surya that he is getting angry on Kapali. Surya tells Bheera to control his anger and stay alert because we don’t know that someone is helping Kapali from the Mahal.

Bijli thinks about Kapali and pick the knife. Dhruv holds Bijli’s hand and aim the dart. Dhruv tells Bijli to hit the aim. Bijli hits the bull eyes and starts bringing out her frustration in Kapali. Dhruv tells Bijli to continue the shots in the dart. Dhruv thinks that Tara is perfect to aim and soon he meet her Tara. Dhruv stops Bijli and she hugs Dhruv. Bhavosa watches them together hugging each other.

Precap-Bheera tells Surya that Dhruv and Bijli ran away because Shaurya is absolutely fine now and there is no need of them now. Surya tells Meenakshi that how can Dhruv leave his son. Bhavosa hears the conversation of Surya and Meenakshi.

Doree 27th February 2024 Written Update: Ganga Prasad refuses to go with Doree

Doree 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Bhairavi asking Mansi who made her take this wrong decision. She tried to commit suicide. Yash asks Mansi to reveal the truth to her. Vansh says to Mansi that she shouldn’t separate his father from him. He can’t stay without his parents. They heard Doree’s sound. They recognised her voice. Doree is arguing with Maya. Doree says that her father will definitely recognise her. Maya is shocked to see Bhairavi there. Bhairavi says to Doree that everyone in Basti worried about her. Doree says that she is alright. Her father returned to her. But this aunty saying he is her brother. Nani and her admitted him here. Nani nodded to Bhairavi. Bhairavi opens the door. Everyone is shocked to see Ganga Prasad there. Anand thinks that Neelu lied to him again. Meanwhile, Rukmani is taking arathi to the God. Komal and Raj asks her if she praying for her elder son. She says that she don’t have an elder son. She asks them to leave from there she can’t stop this puja in a middle. Anand calls Raj at that time. He is about to inform him about the property matter. Anand refuses to listen him. He says that he wants to talk with mom immediately.

Rukmani attends the call. Anand informs her that they are in danger. Ganga Prasad is alive. He is in front of his eyes. She is shocked to hear it. Rukmani recalls the way lawyer transferred all the assert to Ganga Prasad’s name. Arathi blows off in a breeze. Rukmani glares at the God. Raj asks her if she alright? Rukmani leaves from there. Later, Ganga regained his consciousness. Doree asks him if he is alright? Maya asks the doctor what happened to her brother? The doctor says that he lost his memory. Mansi says that he forgot his past. He will gain his memory again. Doree asks her if he don’t recognise her for this reason. Maya says that he isn’t his relatives to recognise her. Nani says that she is lying. They can recognise her Ganga. She upbring him.

Mansi says to Ganga Prasad that he asked her to take care of Doree. Doesn’t he remember it. He recognised her. He recalls the way he saved her from the goons. He informs it to her. Doree asks Ganga Prasad doesn’t he used to say she is his breathe. He can’t forget her. Then how did he forget her? He fed food to her. They ate chatt together. He brought clothes for her. Ganga Prasad gets nervous. He starts snapping his hand. He is confused. She asks the doctor to stop them. He asked her not to force him to remember anything. The doctor asks Bhairavi to take them from there. Doree refuses to leave. Bhairavi asks her doesn’t she want to see her father getting well. She asks her to allow him to take a rest.

Rukmani is shocked to see Kailashi Devi there. She asks her if she scared. She denies it. She says that her son is back. Ganga Prasad is back to take a revenge on her. Rukmani says that she isn’t scared. He won’t come back. She won’t give up anything. Kailashi Devi says that she will come often to scare her. She is her sister. Raj comes there. Rukmani hugs him and cries. Meanwhile, Maya thinks that she has to do something. She says to Ganga Prasad that she can’t see him struggling. She asks him to go with them. Ganga Prasad says that he wants to go with her. He likes to do wrestling. He is her brother Agni. Anand thinks if he really Ganga Prasad or his twin? Doree asks him if he don’t remember her. He nodded to her. Doree tried to convince him but he refuses to go with her. He asks Doree to stay away from him. Anand thinks that his both hands are working so he is not Ganga Prasad.

Episode end

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 27th February 2024 Written Update: Nandini and Naren flirts with each other

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with the Vinnet family meeting Vishaka and her family members. Vineet’s father praises Vineet. He also asks Naren if the latter is the one who stopped Vineet from committing a mistake. Nandini says it’s Naren in a proud manner. Mani gets surprised. Both Vishaka and Vineet’s family discuss conducting their wedding. Hitesh shares his wish to conduct Vishaka’s wedding the next day itself. Vineet’s family agrees. Ishwar tells that his family will also help with the wedding arrangements. Mani notices Naren and Nandini’s closeness. She teases their closeness by sharing with Ishwar. Ishwar notices too, but he scolds her. Nandini and Naren stare at each other in a loving way.

Later, Nandini looks happy during Vishaka’s mehendi ceremony. Naren looks at her hand. He sees in her hand that his name is not in it, so he questions her. Nandini signs at him. Then she joins the girls who are dancing there. Naren imagines himself dancing with Nandini. Nandini goes to him. She shows him her hand in which ‘N’ alphabet is written in it with mehendi. She teases Naren, saying ‘N’ for Nandini. Both Nandini and Naren smile at each other.

In Rajkot, Hemraj informs Chanchal about Sujan’s proposal for Naren. He tells her that Sujan is a wealthy person, so Naren’s alliance with the family can settle his life. Chanchal tells her that she will speak with Naren. Here, Nandini and Naren are busy with Vishaka’s wedding arrangements. Naren pretends to get hurt, which worries Nandini. Nandini gets annoyed when the priest tells her about Naren’s pretentious act. So she leaves from there. Naren gets upset with the priest.

Sheetal asks Nandini to help her bring Vishaka’s outfit from the market. Nandini agrees. Meanwhile, the priest gives Nandini’s earring, which has fallen to the ground to Naren, asking him to convince Nandini with it. Naren thanks the priest, then he goes to Nandini. He helps her wear the earring. He then requests her to help him get an outfit for Vishaka and Vineet’s wedding. Nandini agrees. She takes Naren with her to the market.

Here, Mehul reaches Vishaka’s house. He shares his happiness with Hitesh. Also, he is surprised learning about the turn of events. Meanwhile, Nandini sees Naren haven’t selected his outfit yet. Naren seeks help from Nandini. Nandini helps him buy an outfit. They both then go to Vishaka’s house. Mehul and Mitesh apologise to Naren for misunderstanding his intentions. Naren encourages them to take part in Vishaka’s marriage as he has no hard feelings for them. Mehul and Mitesh get happy.

Vineet requests Naren to be his best man at the last minute. Naren hesitates, but he agrees. He informs Mehul about Vineet’s request, and then he leaves. Both Mehul and Mani praise Naren. Later, Nandini gets confused, not seeing Naren, which leads Vishaka to tease her. Nandini gets shocked seeing Naren with the groom’s family, so she makes faces. Naren and Nandini happily take part in Vishaka and Vineet’s wedding. A lady looks upset. She shouts stop which shocks and confuses everyone.

Precap: A lady demands Vishaka to cover her face as per the tradition. Otherwise, she won’t let the marriage take place. Nandini questions the lady’s demand, which upsets the lady, so she shouts at Nandini.

Dabangii 27th February 2024 Written Update: Satya’s smart move counters Arya’s ploy

Dabangii 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kasturi assuring Satya that they will overcome this problem and says they just need to say that those papers are false. Kasturi says to Satya that if there is anyone who can beat Ankita and be CM it is only him.

Arya says to Jaanrao that Satya is not the kind of person who will give up that easily.

Satya says to Kasturi that they will come to power but other person will participate in the CM election instead of him. Kasturi asks Satya who is it.

Jaanrao asks Arya to go to sleep. Arya says to Jaanrao that he can’t sleep. Jaanrao asks Arya to eat her Vadapav with Samosa so she could sleep well. Arya agrees.

Arya puts Samosa in between a bun and eats it. Yug is also eating the bun the same way.

The next morning, Naina says to Bela that Satya is really calm after what happened and says Kasturi is also not shouting. Naina says she doesn’t know who is going to go against Satya and beat him. Arya’s bangles fall out of Bela’s hands.

Sai asks Kasturi to tell her what Satya is going to announce in the press conference. Kasturi says she will handle it. Sai agrees.

Arya sees in the news that Satya is going to make an announcement in the press conference. Arya decides to check it out. Arya says to Jaanrao that she would like to go to the press conference to make sure Satya is completely out of the race. Jaanrao agrees.

Yug talks with Arya looking at her photo about the black biker and he worries that the black biker will find out about his identity and he works for a government agency.

Arya comes in disguise to the press conference. Yug suspects Arya and he feels that he has seen Arya somewhere. Yug asks Arya to take off his mask. Sai takes Yug away from there saying Satya needs support. Yug loses Arya.

Satya in the press conference announces that he is not going to participate in the press conference as the people don’t trust hima and says Kasturi will fight the elections on his behalf. Arya and Yug think Satya figured out a good way to mislead the people and get to power. Satya says Kasturi will do great Seva.

Everyone shouts for Kasturi and Satya. Kasturi takes Satya’s blessings and talks with the audience. Kasturi says to the audience that she will participate in the CM elections on behalf of Satya and win this election. Kasturi vows to be a shield of Satya and stand infront of him.

Satya’s people shout for Kasturi and Satya. Arya thinks if Kasturi becomes CM it will be impossible to send Satya behind bars.

Arya recalls Kasturi’s speech. Yug talks with Ankita and says it is a smart move by Satya.

Yug notices Arya and asks Arya to take off his mask. Yug fights with Arya and takes off her mask. Yug asks Arya to now show his face as he sees Arya’s back.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kasturi says to Yug that they should arrange the engagement today. Arya sees about Yug and Sai’s engagement and says to Jaanrao once she enters the house. Kasturi’s game is over.

Vanshaj 27th February 2024 Written Update: Neel accepts Srishti’s offer.

Vanshaj 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with, Yuvika meeting Diamond. In a drunk state he wonders if he is so drunk that he is hallucinating. He thinks she is not Yuvika. Yuvika asks why he has been thrown out of the job. He says Bhanu was a very good man. As he starts the story, a raid happens at the bar and they all run away.

Dj tells Srishti that Yukti is trying to find something in the house and use it against him. She tells Dj that it must be her who is trying to instigate the investors against them. She says she would arrange something for sure and asks him not to worry. Arjun waits for Djs sister outside a residency. As he sees her, she asks what he is doing here and if he is investigating after her again. She taunts him and threatens him. She asks him to come with her. Although he doubts her, he remains silent. Yukti comes back home disturbed.

As she rests on a chair, suddenly Bhoomi comes close to her and asks if she isn’t Yuvika, why was she shocked to see the sunflowers at his Father’s barsi. She says she saw fear clearly in her eyes. She says she saw that she was about to sneeze and her daughter had this allergy which is very rare so she knows that she is Yuvika only. She holds her hand, cries and says that she is here to seek her revenge and is acting. She asks her to be careful of the Mahajans and blesses her. Bhoomi’s sister comes to take her inside. The sister takes away Bhoomi by force. Yuvika feels so sad after having her mother’s touch. She wishes she could hug her like before and cries.

Neel comes to Srishti to give her some files. She gives Neel an opportunity to prove his credibility. She asks him to investigate everything about Yukti and bring out her secret and keep it in front of her. He thanks Srishti for thinking about him but says he hasn’t done anything like this before and wont do this now. Srishti still tries to convince her and says that this would improve his relations with Dj. Neel thinks if he does this, he would get an opportunity to find out if Dj is responsible for Yuvika’s murder. He accepts her offer. Neel knocks at Yuvika’s door. Dj arrives behind him and both of them enter her room. Dj informs Yukti that Neel would look after all the technicalities of the merger. Dj asks for a little more time from Yukti.

Yukti asks Neel to show the first draft copy. He touches her hand by mistake and both of them stare at each other uncomfortably. He asks to check the file properly. She asks him to tell something about him. She asks if he and Isha are special friends. When Neel asks what she gets by interfering in others’ lives, she says entertainment. He takes her leave while deciding to find out her truth now. Yuvika feels demotivated. Yukti sees Shobhna hiding a golden diya and talking to someone about some debt. She wonders what the matter must be. She gets a card of the club where she will be visiting the next day. Episode ends.

Precap : Yukti would get to know Djs plan about framing Ruhi as an incompetent mother.

Kavya 27th February 2024 Written Update: Kavya gets threatening calls

Kavya 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with the inspector asking Kavya if she came here to take Giriraj Pradhan home. Adi says to the inspector that Kavya came here to give her statement as she is the eye witness in this case. The inspector asks Kavya if she is sure that she saw Giriraj Pradhan. Kavya says she talked to Giriraj and says she is sure that Giriraj was there at that time. Kavya says to inspector that Giriraj intentionally threw Vinod onto the moving bus.

Malini asks Kavya what did she do as Malini asked her to not give her statement against Giriraj. Malini says to Kavya that she destroyed their family reputation. Adi asks Malini what about Kavya’s reputation. Giriraj asks Kavya to do what her heart tells her to do and says he is innocent he will get out today or tomorrow. Malini leaves from there.

Giriraj says to Kavya that she woke up a sleeping lion and it’s going to destroy her.

Giriraj’s mother calls Malini and learns from Malini that Giriraj is in jail. Giriraj’s mother says she will do something and cuts the call. Giriraj’s mother burns Kavya’s photo.

Kavya and Adi return home. Malini sees Kavya and leaves from there. Anjali says to Kavya that she doesn’t need to be here anymore and leaves from there. Rajiv asks Adi to take care of Kavya. Adi says he will not allow anything to happen to Kavya. Rajiv and Anjali leave from there.

Kavya says to Adi that she is able to take this step only due to him. Kavya says to Adi that she is nothing without him and she is proud to be his wife.

Giriraj talks with Anurag in jail. Giriraj says to Anurag that they have to do something about Kavya. Omi brings food to Giriraj. Giriraj asks Omi if he has brought sweet. Omi asks Giriraj if he is not afraid. Anurag says to Omi that he should be afraid as just because of an unknown person Kavya is doing this much and if Kavya knows that he is responsible for the death of his sister then he needs to fear what she will do with him. Giriraj asks Omi to go to home and take rest.

Kavya offers turmeric milk to Malini. Malini comments on Kavya as she is giving pain and
medicine also. Malini asks Kavya what will she do if Rajiv was in Giriraj’s position. Kavya says Rajiv would never do something like that. Malini comments on Kavya as Kavya is not able to see Giriraj and Rajiv equally. Malini says she made a mistake making Kavya this house daughter in law. Malini says to Kavya that she will not talk with her until she takes back her statement against Giriraj. Malini gives back the turmeric milk to Kavya.

Kavya tries to feed Adi. Adi says he is not hungry and doesn’t eat food and lashes out at her when she tries to feed him. Adi apologises to Kavya for his behaviour.

Kavya gets a call in the middle of the night and the other person asks Kavya over the phone where is Mayank and asks Kavya if she doesn’t care about Mayank as Kavya doesn’t know where is Mayank.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kavya gets worried about the threatening calls and goes to check on Mayank. The Caller says if she gives her testimony in the court against Giriraj then her family members might die.

Parineetii 27th February 2024 Written Update: Parminder attempts to find the truth

Parineetii 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Sanju that she can do anything for him. If he really want to see her getting married to Sherly.
Sanju says that he can do anything and go to any extent, but for Parineet. Neeti is shocked to hear it. Later, Parminder and Parineet meets Sherly’s parents. She gives the prasad to them. Parminder says that Parineet is a gift for them from Mata Rani. Sherly’s mom ask her if Neeti is also like her? Sanju says to Neeti that he loves Parineet a lot. He wish to see Neeti marrying to Sherly and leave from this house. Neeti is shocked to hear it. He says that he is teasing her. He can prank her. Parineet says that Neeti is a good girl. She will do anything for her loved once. Neeti pretends like falls down. Sanju helps her to take her to her room. Sanju says that he will send someone to help her. She stops him. Meanwhile, Sherly’s mom says to Parineet that she feels like Parineet and Neeti are best friends. If they wanted to say anything about her. She can share anything with her. Sherly says that there is nothing to say about her. She is perfect for him. But one thing is weird. Whenever Neeti stares Sanju he feels she has a special bond with him. Parminder gets disappointed to hear it. Meanwhile, Sanju asks her to leave his hand. Neeti says that he isn’t a girl. Sanju excuses her. Sherly calls her. He says to Parineet that it seems her mood isn’t well yet. He asks Neeti if she has any feelings for Sanju? She is glaring him at the engagement . Something is going between them. Neeti disconnects the call. Sherly’s mom says to Parineet that she always wish to find a girl like her for Sherly. Neeti checks her engagement album.

Neeti admires her picture with Sanju and think that they are the best couples. She notices Sanju and Parineet’s photo. She tears it in anger. She throws it down. Meanwhile, Parineet says to her that Neeti is a good person. She is a better partner for Sherly. She will bring happiness in their house. Later, Bebe and Gurinder reached to home. They notices that no one is in home. The servant informs them that Chandrika is arranging everything for the function. Parminder and Parineet went to meet Sherly. Later, Parminder notices the doctor who gave treatment to Neeti. She gets down from the car. Parineet gets suspicious. Parminder greets the doctor. She tells her that she gave the treatment to Neeti. She says that she helped Neeti by giving a fake report to Neeti. She is also her side. The doctor recalls the way Neeti requested the doctor to give a memory loss report to Neeti. She gives a fake story about Parineet in front of the doctor. She says that she is going to give a birth to her baby. She already snatch her husband from her. She can’t allow her child to grow their alone. Neeti convinced her give a fake report to her.

Meanwhile, Sherly meets Sanju. He says to him that he needs his idea to make Neeti happy. Sanju gives an idea to him. Sherly thanked him. Sanju says that he became mad in love. Meanwhile , Neeti checks her dress. She recalls the way Sanju romanced with her in that dress. He praised her beauty. He said to her that she is looking beautiful in that dress. Neeti thinks that he will again fall in love with her when he swe her in this dress. The doctor says that she has to take care of Neeti. Parminder says that Neeti said everything to her. She thanked her for helping her. Parineet comes there. The doctor says that she doesn’t know when will Neeti gain her memory back. The doctor recalls the way Neeti alerted her that Parminder tries to find the truth. Parineet says to Parminder that she cares for Neeti a lot. That is why she is talking about her with the doctor.

Gurinder asks Parminder when will Tao ji come. She tells her that Tao ji and Amith will reach to Sherly’s house straight from the office. Sanju says that he will get ready in 5 minutes. He is talking with someone in phone busy. Neeti comes there to impress him. But he stared at Parinee. Parineet blushes and about to go. He stops her by holding her hands. Gurinder asks him to get ready asap. Sanju takes Parineet to their bedroom. Neeti feels jealous.

Episode end

Neeti fumes with a rage

Aangan Apno Kaa 27th February 2024 Written Update: Akash feels guilty about his action towards Pallavi

Aangan Apno Kaa 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pallavi getting shocked, realising that Akash isn’t in the room, so she searches for him. Just then, Akash leaves the house in a car. Pallavi sees it. She wonders where he must be going. Later, Akash reaches the hotel. He scolds the employees who aren’t doing work. The worker’s apologises to him. They resume their work. Here, Pallavi learns through the receptionist that Akash is in the hotel. She calls him a duffer for being an impulsive person for deciding not to listen to her. Meanwhile, in the hotel, Akash tells the chef’s that he isn’t interested to have any food because he isn’t hungry while Pallavi tells herself that Akash is going to avoid having dinner because the dishes made in the hotel aren’t his favourite. She then starts her cooking. Akash goes to his cabin. He recalls everything that happened, and he looks sad and upset. Here, Pallavi packs dinner for Akash with a cute note in it.

In Aangan house, Jaydev recalls Varun’s worry about Deepika’s state. He then sends a message to Varun that he will let him know from when and where to collect the money. He then recalls his wife naming the house as “Aangan.” He gets emotional. He tells Aastha’s photo about his decision to break the promise he made to her for their daughter’s happiness. He also recalls doctor’s advice. He then makes a promise to Aastha that once he gets his chit fund back, he will get back their house. He also says to himself that Deepika doesn’t have to worry about anything. He further says if Pallavi is with him, then she would never let him mortgage the house.

In the hotel, the peon gives a parcel to Akash, saying his name is in it. Akash gets Pallavi’s note, so he says to himself that Pallavi hurt him so much so he won’t forgive her easily. Meanwhile, Pallavi imagines Akash lovingly feeding her food. She then hopes that Akash will understand her soon.

The next day, Ruchi meets Akash in the hotel. Akash learns through her about everything that happened during his absence in the hotel. He gets shocked. He also gets upset with himself for the way he treated Pallavi. He then rushes to his house. Here, Tanvi surprises Jaydev by visiting him. Jaydev gets happy. Tanvi then gets shocked to see the loan papers and the mortgage papers of the house from the file.

In Awasti’s house, Akash enters the house with gifts and balloons. Sandhya asks him if he brought this all for Aparna? Akash tells her it’s for Pallavi, and then he goes inside. Sandhya mocks Akash’s sudden change in behaviour. She looks on thoughtfully. Akash enters the room while Pallavi is getting ready. He apologises to Pallavi for his behaviour towards her without learning the truth. He also shares his guilt with her. Pallavi reminds him about the promises they made. She also tells him that she will do everything to protect him. Akash gets happy. There, Tanvi asks Jaydev about his decision to mortgage the house. Jaydev becomes speechless. Here, Sandhya hears Akash-Pallavi’s conversation, but she misleads Aparna by misinformation. Kusum advises Aparna to be aware of Pallavi. Aparna looks on.

Precap: Jaydev gives 50 lakh to Manohar. Deepika gets confused seeing the money that has fallen from the bag. Here, Aparna asks Akash to take part in her friend’s family wedding without Pallavi, which confuses both Akash and Pallavi.