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Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Angad bids for Sahiba’s paintings


Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Professor Ahuja praising Sahiba in front of her family. Sahiba thanks Professor Ahuja. Romi says to Sahiba in his heart that she has a spark in her smile and it pulls him towards her.

Professor Ahuja brings Romi out of his daydream and asks Romi to click Sahiba and her paintings photos and says they will come in their college magazine.

Romi comes and takes pictures of Sahiba and her family. Veer praises Sahiba’s paintings. Sahiba sees Neha feeling dizzy and goes to her. Sahiba takes Neha outside to get her some fresh air.

Mrs. Ganguly asks Angad if he doesn’t like any painting. Angad says he didn’t feel any connection with the painting. Mrs. Ganguly asks Angad to look at the student’s paintings.

Mr. Kaalra looks at Sahiba’s paintings and praises it. Romi comes to Mr. Kaalra and pitches him about Sahiba’s painting. Romi convinces Mr. Kaalra to buy the painting. Mr Kaalra agrees.

Angad and Seerat come to look at Sahiba’s paintings. Angad is impressed with Sahiba’s paintings and decides to bid for it. Mrs Ganguly starts the bidding between Angad and Mr Kaalra. Mr Kaalra bids more than Angad. Angad seeing this gives a blank cheque to Mrs Ganguly and says he will take this painting no matter what. Mr Kaalra seeing this gives up the bidding. Mrs Ganguly says to Angad that he won the bid. Angad says to Mrs. Ganguly that he would like to meet the painter. Mrs Ganguly looks for the painter.

Professor Ahuja says to Sahiba that she missed a lot. Professor Ahuja shows to Sahiba that her painting has been sold. Mrs Ganguly says to Sahiba that her painting bidding war ended with a blank cheque. Sahiba asks Mrs. Ganguly who liked her painting so much. Mrs Ganguly says it’s Angad.

Sahiba comes to Angad and says to Angad that she will not sell her painting to him. Angad says to Sahiba that he didn’t know it was her painting and says he bought the painting because he likes it. Sahiba says to Angad in her every painting a part of her soul is present and says she doesn’t want her painting to be in a person’s hands who doesn’t respect her. Sahiba makes a comment on Angad and leaves from there.

Angad goes after Sahiba. Angad stops Sahiba from leaving and says to Sahiba that he will not buy that painting as he doesn’t want a part of her soul to be with him. Angad says to Sahiba he made a mistake liking that painting and asks Sahiba to take that blank cheque as repayment for his mistake. Sahiba thinks Angad hasn’t changed one-bit comments on Angad.

Romi eavesdrops on their conversation. Romi decides to teach a lesson to Angad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba gets a gift from Mirza. Sahiba gets Angad’s watch and blood-stained Angad’s t-shirt. Sahiba reads the note in it is written that Mirza says that he removed Angad. Sahiba seeing this decides to go to Angad.

Sahiba runs into Romi. Sahiba says to Romi that Angad is in trouble and she needs to go to Angad. Romi asks Sahiba to get in the jeep and he will drop her.

Keh Doon Tumhein 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Kirti invites Vikrant for a coffee date


Keh Doon Tumhein 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kirti wakes up and notices the door is opened so she closes it then goes inside. Vikram who is hiding there returns home and keeps the necklace in it’s box safely. He looks happy.

The next day, Kirti reminds Aau’s conversation with her about her wish to start a business. Aau tells that she wished but because of her father’s decision to marry off of her she couldn’t able to. She also talks about her life changed entirely after she got married so she didn’t get a chance to start a business. Kirti praises Aau handling the shop well at this age. She then talks about the importance of not marry off Neha at this early age but Aau remains stubborn in her decision and firmly states that that they should marry off Neha right away. Neha refuses and talks about her ambitions and says she will marry after she become an influencer. Aau scolds Neha. Kirti takes Aau’s side and asks Neha to learn cooking from Aau. She then says to Aau that Neha don’t know how to cook so they have to wait until Neha learns everything or else their reputation will be at stake. She then advises Neha to learn how to cook also focus on her career too. Aau praises Kirti’s smart way to convince her to change Neha’s marriage decision to Madhuri. Kirti and Neha smiles at each other.

In the forest, cops arrives in search of a clue related to Ganesh’s murder case. Gurur notices a piece of Ganesh’s torn shirt piece. He tells Inspector Jadhav that they have to further search for another clues. Inspector Jadhav praises himself for Gurur’s being knowledgeable. Meanwhile, Vikrant decides to sign Puru’s admission form as he finds Kirti and Puru waiting outside the office room. One of the staff questions Vikrant about the school rules related to students admission being changed. Vikrant signs then tells her about the new rule and then leaves. The staff wonders what’s the need to change the school rules.

Vikrant meets the senior librarian in the library. He warns the latter to stay away from what belongs to him also gives him a work to find a book then leaves. The senior librarian gets upset. There, Gurur notices a building in the middle of the jungle. He tells Inspector Jadhav that he is sure that they can able to find more clues so Inspector Jadhav agrees to accompany him inside the building. Here, Kirti says to Vikrant her wish to make snack for him in the evening. Vikrant suggests that they should have dinner together but Kirti hesitates so he pretends to leave. Kirti stops him and suggests that they can go for a coffee date which Vikrant agrees then leaves.

Shreyas notices the senior librarian is about to fall from the ladder which he tells the latter too but the senior librarian scolds him then he falls to the ground so Shreyas rushes to him to help but his file falls down. Kirti arrives there with Puru. The senior librarian scolds Kirti. Kirti indirectly mocks him. After the librarian left, Puru demands Kirti to take him to have Pizza. Shreyas decides to fulfill Puru’s wish and takes him with him leaving his things in the library.

Vikrant arranges everything in his house to have a coffee with Kirti. Meanwhile, Gurur tells Inspector Jadhav about Ganesh’s postmortem report after finding a rope in the abandoned building. Inspector Jadhav decides to go for a lunch break. Here, Kirti organises the books. She then finds Shreyas file and gets shocked seeing pieces of news paper of women also Anjali’s photo. Kirti gets shocked.

Precap: Kirti informs Vikrant about the file she found in the library. Vikrant gets furious. Inspector Jadhav comes to arrest Shreyas which shocks Shreyas and his family members.

Imlie 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Imlie feels guilty for hiding the truth from Agastya


Imlie 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Amrit trying to misbehave with Imlie and says she also knows him thus he is trying to be friends with her. He already imagined how they are romancing. Imlie signals her manager not to call the guards right now. She starts singing and there Agastya tracks Amrit’s location to meet him. He thinks of showing Noyonika Johri’s photo to Amrit but the photo flies away. Agastya goes to take the photo. Imlie teaches lesson to Amrit with her friends by making fun of him on the stage and everyone laughs at him. He gets angry and Imlie says women are not men’s puppet and if he wants a puppet then he should buy one from market.

Guards throw Amrit out of the bar and Agastya ends up in the same bar. He observes Imlie on the stage and gets confused thinking how can Noyonika come here. He again goes to check finds some other girl in Imlie’s attire. He says maybe he is seeing Noyonika everywhere. Bar dancers tell him to leave as no Seth’s are allowed to come to their personal space. Agastya leaves saying he was looking for someone. Imlie is seen hiding from him. She recalls how she noticed him in the bar and thought of telling Agastya the truth of hers.

Agastya bumps into Amrit and gets shocked. Amrit says he came to the bar as he got the information that someone is working here by force. So he went to cross verify. Agastya says sometimes these women choose such profession on their own. He shows Noyonika’s photo to Amrit and gets busy in a call. Amrit says she is absolutely perfect for Agastya and the latter says but he feels there should be compatibility and love between husband and wife. He met Noyonika but he is not sure there are common factors between them or not.

Amrit by mistake says love is not important in a marriage to which Agastya questions him if he doesn’t love Sonali. Amrit covers it up by saying he loves her so much that he doesn’t need to hide anything from her. Bulbul convinces Pallo to get money from Seth by flirting with him. Bulbul drops text to Amrit and the latter tells Agastya to stop the car for sometime. Amrit goes out and calls Bulbul. He scolds her for mistreating him in the bar. Bulbul feels he met Imlie already. She makes excuse that he should not come to meet her there else she can lose her job. She again gives him a kiss when he demands and then he transfers money to her. Pallo and Bulbul get happy.

Agastya asks Amrit if sent money to someone. Amrit makes an excuse for that. Agastya drops him in the middle and leaves for office. Imlie feels guilty for lying to Agastya and she decides to not hide the truth anymore. Mama calls her and informs that Aasu’s health is deteriorating so he took him to hospital. Imlie gets shocked.

Precap- Agastya reaches the same hospital and hears Imlie’s voice who pleads the doctor to save Aasu. Agastya saves the medicine bottle of Aasu and Imlie meets him.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Ishaan rejects Savi’s hostel application


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kiran coming to college. He meets Yashwant, Ishaan, and Nishi. He introduces himself to them. Ishaan asks about the purpose of his visit. Kiran says he came to make them know the reality of Savi. Ishaan asks what he means. Kiran lies about Savi’s character. Nishi asks why he is telling them about Savi. Kiran says I learned that Savi applied for a hostel room so I came here to make you guys know her character before you sanction her to stay at the hostel. Ishaan says don’t know what enmity you have with Savi, it’s your problem so solve it with her. Yashwant stops Ishaan and asks Kiran to tell him what he wants to say.

Kiran accuses Savi of trying to sexually abuse him and asks Yashwant not to let her stay in his hostel. Ishaan says it’s tough to believe his words. Kiran says Savi has two faces. He requests them to not give the hostel room to Savi as it’s risky for their college. Ishaan and Yashwant decide to not give the hostel room to Savi. Yashwat asks Kiran if he can confess the truth in front of committee members too. Kiran agrees and leaves. Yashwant asks Nishi to arrange the committee members’ meeting the next day.

Later Savi enters Yashwant’s room taking permission. She meets Ishaan and tells him that she came to meet Yashwant regarding her hostel room. Ishaan asks her to come the next day. He tells her that they will not give a hostel room to wrong people. Savi says it’s a mistake of him to comment on her without knowing about her. Savi comments that she will get what she has the right on.

Shika and Asmita enjoy tea at Isha’s house. Ashmitha feels sorry for Shantanu as he couldn’t live in that house with his wife in the Bhosle mansion. Isha says to Ashmitha and Harini they did what they can. Shantanu hears the doorbell ringing and he goes to check it out. Shantanu sees that it is Yashwant and says to everyone about it.

Ashmitha and Harini hide from Yashwant inside the house. Shantanu invites Yashwant into the house. Shantanu asks Yashwant why did he come here? Yashwant makes a comment on Shantanu leaving the house. Yashwanth says to Shantanu that Ishaan went into depression after he left the house. Shantanu asks Yashwant what happened to Ishaan. Yashwant says Ishaan is in his own world he is neither talking to anyone nor spending time with others. Yashwanth says to Shantanu that he is worried that Ishaan might do something to himself. Yashwant says to Shantanu that it’s time to do something for his a son.

Savi comes to Ishaan and argues with Ishaan saying she wants accomadation in the hostel. Savi also shows the rule book of college to Ishaan that has a rule in her favour. Ishaan argues with Savi and shows that in the rule book that there is a rule with which he can stop her from having an accommodation. Savi says to Ishaan that she doesn’t any place to go. Ishaan says to Savi that he will also see how she will get accommodation in the hostel. Savi asks Ishaan if she is challenging her. Ishaan says yes. Savi accepts Ishaan’s challenge.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi gives her hostel application form to Yashwant and says he needs to give hostel accommodation to her. Kiran asks Yashwant and Ishaan if they will give accommodation to a person who fames someone. An IPS officer comes to Yashwant and says they need to talk to him if they will give Savi’s hostel accommodation or not.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Nitya tries to slap Kaashvi


Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mahima and her cousins make fun of Mohit’s dance steps. Arjun tells them that Mohit is trying his best to learn dance steps. Police comes there. Police commissioner tells Nitya that he received complain against her. Police inspector informs Nitya about Golu’s mother complain. Nitya tells them that she was just following the protocol. Police commissioner says that Kaashvi is witness according to Golu’s mother.

Jagdeesh asks him that what’s the solution for this problem. Police commissioner says that case will be dismissed if Kaashvi don’t give statement against Nitya then. And says committee will decide Nitya’s punishment and leaves from there. Nitya warns Kaashvi to not give statement against her. She says that she won’t let stupid woman ruin her career. Arjun asks her to not get angry at Kaashvi. Jagdeesh asks Nitya to calm down. Nitya goes inside.

Jagdeesh takes Kaashvi inside. He asks her that what exactly happened. Kaashvi tells him everything. He tells her to not forget the responsibility of daughter in law of this house. He requests her to not give statement against Nitya. He says that he know Kaashvi won’t do anything wrong with this family and Nitya. He leaves from there.

Later, Kaashvi cries hugging Dadi. She tells Dadi that she is not understanding what she should do. She asks her that how can she leave Golu’s mother. Dadi tells her to do what is right. She says that Nayantara stood for the truth always. She adds that path of truth is difficult to walk.

Next day, Nitya tells Kaashvi that she sacrificed a lot for the career. She says that it’s Kaashvi’s responsibility to support her. Romila tells her that Kaashvi won’t go against the latter.

In front of committee members Nitya says that she was doing her duty and she is feeling bad for Golu’s death. Committee member asks that if Golu died because of Nitya. Nitya thinks that Kaashvi won’t give statement against her. Kaashvi tells committee member that Nitya stopped the auto and doctor said they could have stopped Golu’s bleeding if they admitted Golu before 15 minutes then. She says that Golu died because of Nitya’s order. Nitya tells committee members that Kaashvi is just a trainee and she is an experienced officer who know about duty. Committee member says that Golu died because of Nitya’s wrong decision. He suspend her temporarily. Nitya tells him that this is not fair. He tells her that special team will investigate this case.

Nitya scolds Kaashvi for giving statement against her. She says that Kaashvi is nothing. She adds that she did mistake by treating Kaashvi as daughter. Kaashvi tells her that wrong happened with Golu’s family. She says that she supported the truth. Nitya tries to slap Kaashvi but Arjun holds the former’s hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nitya tells Arjun that she is suspended because of Kaashvi’s statement. She asks Arjun to throw Kaashvi out of the house. Mohit’s mother tells Dadi that she wants to take virginity test of Mahima.

Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Amba plays a game with Natasha!


Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with, the beginning of Dai Handi Pratiyogita. Natasha and Dhawal both take part in the competition.  Amba stops people whoever cheers Natasha. Kaki insult Natasha for participating as a woman despite being a Makwana now. Suman says thaf it doesn’t matter if Natasha is a Makwana now. If she wins, both the families would win. Amresh keep staring at Natasha and Dhawal with a ridiculed face. Kaki says that Mithu and Sesh are so hopeless that they can’t even take part in any competition. 

Amba tries to instigate Urmi against Natasha. She says that they are all very done with Natasha . She never listens to anyone and always does whatever she wants. She asks her if she is ready to help Amba, this problem of both the families would be solved. Kaki tells Suman that both Chiku and Chutki’s parvarish had been done together but Chiku is nowhere to be seen. She asks why this partiality then ? Is it just because Chiku is not her own blood. Suman gets angry and says that yes she dod partiality with Chiku since he is not her own blood and he will never call him back. 

Chiku hears all of this and decides to act like an outsider and not a Pandya. He takes out petrol from his bike and then goes in front of the pandya store to burn it. He is just about to burn it when Amresh comes and asks him not to do it now since he would be asked by Amresh to do it when time comes and also be made the supervisor of his mall project. Natasha breaks the Dahi handi before Dhawal and wins. Then she gets down and starts dancing with her team. Dhawal asks Natasha of she is okay and whether she got hurt while being up there. Natasha says that she is perfectly alright and asks him to come down. 

Urmi vomes from behind and hugs Natasha. Then she cuts off Natasha’s tshirt from behind as asked by Amba without her noticing anything. Amba then screams that Natasha’s t shirt is torn. Natasha stares at her tshirt while Dhawal gets down and covers Natasha’s back with his own hand. Amba tells Amresh that they have given Natasha enough relaxation now she will teach her all the rules of being a bahu of the Makwanas. 

Recap : Amba tells Natasha that she has played with the image of the Makwana family while Natasha answers her . 

Anupama 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Anuj remembers the past.


Anupamaa 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Anuj says Malti’s topic is over. Anupama tries to interrupt, but Anuj stops. Malti pleads. Anupama requests that Anuj listen to Malti once. She asks Anuj to give Malti one chance to explain before giving a punishment. Anupama takes a stand for Malti as a mother. She asks Anuj to give Malti one chance, as communication is important in every relationship. Anuj is forced to listen to Malti. He confesses that, for the sake of Anupama, he will listen to Malti. Anuj asks Pakhi to take Anu inside. He asks Malti to give an explanation. Anuj asks Malti to speak up.

Malti folds her hand and explains that she wasn’t under compulsion. Leela says Malti left her son simply. She regrets the ladies like Malti. Vanraj asks Malti to explain the whole truth. Malti says she was forced to marry against her dreams. She was angry at her husband for not supporting her dreams. Malti says that in the past, she had two opportunities: to choose between motherhood and a dream. She ended up choosing to be a mother. Later, she got one more opportunity, so she left Anuj at an orphanage and went to the USA. Malti ended by saying she chose her dream. Anuj asks Malti if she wants to speak more.

Anuj stands by Malti’s dream. He says Malti lived her dream, and he paid for it. Anuj asks Malti where it is written that a woman can’t live her dream after becoming a mother. He regrets women who don’t leave their children in orphanages. Anuj questions Malti about why she didn’t come to see him once. He gives Maya’s example and says she came to see Anu after 6 years. Anupama sides with Anuj. Anuj says in 40 years, Malti didn’t get a chance to see her son.

Malti says she wanted to see her son, but she didn’t have the courage to face him. Anuj refuses to accept Malti as his mother. Malti addresses Anuj as his son. Anuj asks Malti: Don’t call him son. Anuj says Anupama can keep Malti in the house, but he will not share the same roof with her. Anupama, Malti, and others stand stunned.

Malti sits restlessly. Anuj gets angry and wonders why Malti returned. Barkha accuses Malti of giving birth and leaving her child later. Vanraj and Leela side Barkha. Kavya says Anupama will be helpless between Anuj and Malti.

Anu supports Anuj. She asks Anuj to cry and remembers Maya. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Dimple feels uneasy. Hasmuk serves tea to Malti. Leela gets angry. Anuj asks Anupama to send Malti away on Lord Ganesha’s farewell. Anupama gets stunned.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Akshara saves Abhir


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Prashant shoots the bullet. Manish, Akshara, and Abhir get scared. Prashant asks Abhimanyu to come out, or else he will kill Abhir. Akshara tries to save Abhir. She asks the Prashant to leave Abhir, as he isn’t at fault. Manish, Mahima, Anand, and Rohan ask Prashant to leave Abhir. Mahima says Abhir is not at fault. Prashant says if Abhir is not at fault, then what mistake did his son make? He says his son went into a coma, and now he will not leave Abhir. Prashant asks to call Abhimanyu; otherwise, he will kill Abhir. Mahima pleads to leave Abhir.

Akshara manages to rescue Abhir. Arohi tries to call Abhimanyu. Manish takes Akshara. Arohi and Abhir run together. Akshara worries for Abhir. She decides to check on Abhir. Prashant takes the hospital hostage. Abhir is left in the corridor. He calls out Akshara. Prashant looks for Abhir.

Abhimanyu meets a saint. Sanit asks Abhimanyu to go back, as his family is in danger. Abhimanyu is confused. Prashant finds Abhir. Abhir gets scared. Akshara saves Abhir from Prashant. She asks Abhir to run. Manish, Anand, Mahima, Arohi, and Rohan team up to find Abhir. Manish asks Rohan to check CCTV and find Abhir. Anand decides to recuse patients from the back door. He decides to call the police. Akshara looks for Abhir.

Rohan directs Mahima and Anand. Prashant looks for Abhir. Manjiri, Swarna, Suhasini, Shefali, and Muskaan reach the hospital. Manjiri requested that the police let her go inside. The police stop Manjiri. Kairav decides to go inside. Surekha asks Kairav to calm down. She asks to let the police do their work. Suhasini prays to God. She asks to end the day well. The inspector calls Rohan and asks if they managed to unlock the back door. Rohan says they are trying, but Prashant is interrupting every time.

Akshara finds Abhir. Abhir hides, seeing Prashant. Prashant finds Abhir. Mahima helps Abhir. Abhir gets rescued. Akshara runs behind Prashant. Mahima rescues Abhir. Prashant puts Mahima on the gun. Akshara helps Mahima. She asks Mahima to call the police from the back door. Akshara looks for Abhir. Rohan asks Abhimanyu to receive the call.

Akshara pleads with Prashant to leave Abhir. Prashant hostage Abhir Abhimanyu learns about the hostage situation at the hospital. Akshara decides to help Abhir. She fights with Prashant. Prashant asks Akshara how she got so much strength. Akshara calls herself a mother and decides to fight for Abhir. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Abhimanyu tries to help Akshara. Prashant shoots the bullet.

Suhaagan Upcoming Story: Krishna to leave the house!


Suhaagan Spoilers, Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on SerialGossip.in

Colors TV’s newly launched mega show, “Suhaagan,” which starts Akriti Sharma and Kurangi Nagraj. Kurangi Nagraj as Payal is The Sister of Bindiya in the Serial. This show is conceptualized by Vivek Bahl.

Bindiya and Payal are two sisters. Bindiya has married the love of Payal, Krishna. But she doesn’t know the truth behind their relationship. Bindiya starts to take the responsibility of the Shukla house. Now, Payal wants to get back her love spoiling the happiness of Bindiya.

In the current track, Payal and Krishna both blame Bindiya for her insensitive behaviour as she didn’t feel other’s behaviour. Though Baldev gives a justification of his conspiracy, but Krishna got weak because of his lies.

He bursts out in anger and insults Baldev for his dominating behaviour. As soon as, Bindiya proceeds to protest she is lashed out by Krishna and asks her to stay in her limits. Krishna leaves the house immediately as he got extremely hurt.

Indu wants to keep Bindiya in the house but not as his wife, but as a servent. Later, Krishna returns thr house with a huge gift box. He also calls Bindiya and asks her to come asap as he wants to give an end of the worries of Bindiya.

In the next track, Bindiya will pray to the God to give her the power so that she could fight for herself. Krishna will give Bindiya the divorce paper which will puzzle Krishna. But Bindiya will burn out the divorce paper infront of everyone and say she wouldn’t sign in the divorce paper.

Krishna to give the divorce to Bindiya! How would Payal win the game!

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti Upcoming Story: Will Shiv reveal the truth to his family?


Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti Spoilers, Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on SerialGossip.in

Zee TV’s new show Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline. Currently, Ranjan lies to Manorama.
As reported earlier Manorama misunderstands Shiv and Shakti.

Manorama scolds Shakti as she misunderstood her. Shiv defends Shakti and scolds Manorama. Shakti seeing this stops Shiv and says he can’t speak to her mother like that. Shiv hearing this decides not to interfere in between Shakti and Manorama.

Shiv calls the cops to hand over Ranjan to the cops but Pappu blackmails Manorama saying if the police come here they will break off this marriage. Manorama seeing this pleads Shakti to stop Shiv and makes Shakti swear on her.

Shakti stops Shiv saying this is their family matter and they will sort it out. Shiv gets angry with Shakti’s behaviour as she is leaving Ranjan without punishing him. Shiv says to Shakti that he will not befriend a person who can’t stand for himself and leaves from there.
Shiv forgets his phone and goes to get it.

Shiv overhears Shakti saying to Manorama that Ranjan really tried to molest but Manorama worrying about her daughter’s future says to Shakti to allow this marriage to happen without any trouble.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Manorama pushes Shiv and asks Shiv to leave her house. Shiv falls on Raghunath.

Mandira thinks they made an entry at the right time. Bhagwati asks Manorama why did she push her grandson? Shiv asks Manorama if he should tell the truth? Shiv takes Bhagwati’s name.

What will happen next?

Will fate bring Shiv and Shakti together?
Will Mandira’s ploy succeed?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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