Pandya Store 10th August 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 10th August 2022 Written Update on

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The episode starts with Raavi recalling Shiva’s words and regretting of lying to Shiva. She decides to apologize to Shiva then she will put a video on Dhara. Other hand Suman calls Dhara and finds her phone switched off. She prays to God to make Dhara find the baby’s mother soon. Here Raavi comes to Shiva. The latter argues with Raavi for ordering food to celebrate when Dhara is missing.

Raavi says that she’s also worried about Dhara and came to talk to him about this, but he started argue regarding the food. She says that her success doesn’t matter to him. Shiva admits that he doesn’t care about her and her success. He regrets supporting Raavi in front of family and lied to his family for her sake. Raavi says that he saw her shooting with that guy and he can’t accept it. She says that Shiva is jealous, over possessive, he can’t differentiate work and personal life. She says that he should trust her since he knows her from childhood. He leaves. Shiva says that he wanted to apologize to Raavi, but she yelled at him. He says that Raavi doesn’t understand, he loves her and has this much rights.

Gautam is in the market finding Dhara by showing her photos to all. He recrices Hardik call. They got into an argument over Dhara’s missing. Hardik says that Shiva and Dev have changed after their marriage, they got busy in their life so that they don’t care about Dhara and didn’t try to find her. He says that if Gautam and Dhara had their own child, he wouldn’t have left him alone in the tough situation. Gautam gets angry and warns him to not speak a word against his brothers. He hangs the call. He laments about his brothers being busy in their life and not caring about Dhara. Gautam imagines Suman. She says that Hardik is right, his brothers aren’t Dhara’s children, but hers. They are giving more importance to their wifes instead of Dhara as Dhara matters more to Gautam than his mother.

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