Pandya Store 10th March 2022 Written Update: Suman gets suspicious and questions Dhara


Pandya Store 10th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva knocking at Dhara’s room door. Dhara asks everyone to hide and opens the door. Shiva says to Dhara that he wants to talk to her and tries to go inside the room asking if Gautam is there. Dhara stops him and says that she can’t talk to him now. Shiva asks why she’s reacting rudely and asks if Raavi said anything to her. Just then Shiva receives a call and he has to leave. Before that Shiva says to Dhara that they have to talk about something important later. Dhara says fine and closes the door. Shiva says that something is going in this house. He leaves.

Shiva thinks on seeing Raavi whether to ask her about the wedding clothes she bought or not. Raavi thinks that it’s hard to avoid her love. Raavi signs Dhara with her eyes while leaving. Shiva comes to Dhara and says that something is going in Raavi’s mind, her intentions aren’t right. Dhara aska from when he started to care for Raavi. She leaves. Dhara calls everyone to have dinner. All gathers. Shiva asks to pass okra to Raavi. Raavi gives it to Gautam. Shiva thinks why she can’t give it to him by herself. Suman asks about Rishita’s health. Rishita says that she’s fine. Krish says that he is feeling sleepy. Dhara whispers to him to not overact. Gautam, Dev, Rishita and Krish make excuse of stomach upset and leave without having proper dinner. Shiva gets suspicious. After they left, Suman signs Shiva to kidnap Raavi, but Shiva nods no and leaves from there.

Raavi is in the kitchen. Shiva comes there to place his plate. Raavi walks away on seeing him. Shiva thinks that something is fishy so that Raavi is being so silent and wonders how to find it out. Suman questions Dhara what she added in the food today that all her children are acting weird. Dhara says that she had the spices that she usually uses. She says that maybe that they don’t feel to eat. Suman asks for all of them at a time. Gautam sees this. Suman then asks why Raavi bought wedding dress, if anyone is getting married, she doesn’t get any invitation. She asks if Dhara gave her money morning to buy wedding dress. Gautam says that it was for him. Dhara says that Raavi bought the dress for her friend’s wedding. Their shop is on her way, so she gave. Yet Suman feels suspicious. Raavi says that she will handle

Dhara goes to Raavi and says that Suman saw her wedding dress and says that they have to do something to clear her doubts. Suman is in her room and says that she can’t trust Gautam and Dhara’s words and thinks of finding the truth. Suman sees Raavi going. Suman goes after her. Raavi phones Prafulla and complains that she rented her wedding dress for her wedding and says that she got new wedding dress for her friend. Prafulla says that she will get her costly dress if she agrees to marry the boy she will choose. Raavi disconnects the call. Prafulla calls Suman to tell the same. Suman says that she knows that Raavi got wedding dress for her friend.

Dhara and others are gathered in her room. Dhara says that Suman questioned her about Raavi buying wedding dress, but everything is fine now. Krish gets scared that Suman will question him about the same. Dhara asks him to sleep in their room tonight. Dhara says that she doesn’t feel good to lie to Suman. They discuss kidnapping Shiva. Shiva comes back home and sees that no one is in the house. He calls out everyone and says that something is going in this house. He sees all coming out of Gautam-Dhara’s room. He asks what’s going on that they don’t tell him. Krish says that they were planning shocking others. Shiva drags Krish to him and asks what they were planning. Gautam says to not take Krish’s words seriously. Shiva threatens Krish. Dev says that they were planning about celebrating the good news, but he missed the discussion. Shiva glares at Raavi. Raavi says to not stare at her, she’s ignoring him. Dhara scolds him to tell everyone this. They all go to sleep. Krish says that he has to wake up early morning. Shiva questions why. Dev says that maybe he will study morning. He diverts Shiva saying that he has a surprise party for him and Shiva. He asks Shiva to come with him. Just then someone knocks at the door. Dhara opens the door. A neighborhor asks if the big car that’s parked outside it’s theirs. He heard that they booked it for a wedding. Dhara looks shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara, Dev and Krish kidnap Shiva. Suman comes out of her room and looks on.

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