Pandya Store 10th May 2021 Written Update: Raavi breaks down in front of Dhara


Pandya Store 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara advising Dev. She sees the dries clothes flying due to heavy wind. She holds the clothes together. Dev helps Dhara. Dhara says that even in our life there will be heavy wind which will shake our faith, but we should keep our faith strong. Shiva warns Krish not to tell about their prank plan to Gautam. Krish assures Shiva he won’t. Gautam asks them what’s happening. Shiva says it seems that Krish fall in love. Krish happily hugs Shiva and asks how he got to know. Gautam asks if he really fell in love. Krish nods yes. Gautam reminds Krish he’s in the age of studying.

Krish says this is the right age and he can’t fall in love in Gautam’s age. Gautam Shiva says like Dev, Krish also fell in love. Gautam says even Shiva will fall in love with Raavi. Shiva says it’s not easy to melt him. Gautam says it’s not impossible. Gautam asks who is the girl. Krish says that he doesn’t, he doesn’t meet her. Shiva asks how he fell in love without knowing the girl. Krish says that he won’t understand and asks to go check on Raavi.

Dhara says to Dev that Rishita fighted with everyone for him and foremost important she’s the girl whom he loves. Dev asks will love change after marriage. Dhara says after marriage responsibilities are added with love. Husband has more responsibilities. He should make his wife feel comfortable. Dhara asks Dev to take his responsibility. Unlike Shiva and Raavi, Dev and Rishita got married by their wish.

Raavi is crying remembering Rishita’s words. Shiva passes by that side and spots Raavi. He goes to her and says that he only has the right to trouble her and asks who is responsible for her tears, who is her enemy. Raavi asks what he will do knowing. Shiva says he will that person as he only has the right to be her enemy. Raavi says Shiva is her only enemy, she’s getting punished for marrying him and walks away.

Rishita is upset that Dev didn’t even call her to convince her. She thinks of calling him, but drops the idea. She hears Dev calling out Rishita. She opens the window to check and finds no one. She gets scared and closed the window. Dev assures Dhara to make his relation better with Rishita, but he won’t tolerate Dhara’s insult. Rishita should learn to respect elders. Dhara says that she shouldn’t have scolded Rishita, she should have make her understand with patience. Rishita is already angry with her and she would get more angry now. Dhara says if Dev also doesn’t support her, she will be left alone. Dev asks how she can still care for Rishita. Dhara says that she understands Rishita’s feelings and asks Dev to do the same.

Dhara comes to Raavi and finds her crying. Dhara apologizes to Raavi on behalf of Rishita. Raavi says that she admitted that her love for Dev is one sided and married Shiva, then why Rishita keeps insulting her. Dhara asks Raavi not to take Rishita’s words in heart. Raavi says that she failed in both side, Shiva also hate her so that he left her with the goons. What’s her mistake, why everyone keeps insulting her. She breaks down. She blames Dhara for her state because she forced her to marry Shiva. Dhara stops Raavi from leaving the place. Dhara assures Raavi that they all love her lot and no one wanted whatever happened. Raavi says that but it happened one got love while she got hatred.

Rishita gets frightened when the window suddenly opens and a glass object falls. She hears anklets sounds and wonders if it’s not Kesar’s anklets sounds. She closes the window getting scared. Shiva is scaring her. He says that this is just the start.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita sees Dev and Shiva hugging and grows suspicious. Shiva gives tips to Krish to scare Rishita.

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