Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Update: Suman stops Dhara


Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara leaving while Anita saying to Prafula to make preparations for her marriage with Gautam as Dhara’s chapter is over. Rishita begs Suman to stop Dhara stating it was her fault. Shiva, Raavi, Dev and Krish also plead with Suman to stop Dhara. Krish asks Gautam to convince Suman. Gautam tells Suman that he loves Dhara very much and can’t live without her, but still if Suman wants Dhara to leave, he won’t stop her. Dhara shouldn’t have punished them like that, but the impact of that punishment is visible on everyone. Raavi, who used to hate Shiva, took a stand when Shiva got insulted and washes Shiva’s clothes.

Rishita, who always stood separately, saved the whole family. This puja is kept for family’s peace and unity. Before the puja ends, their family united again. Dhara could be a sinner in front of her eyes, but she lives only for them. If she still considers Dhara is wrong, he won’t stop Dhara. He says that he will drop Dhara at the railway station. Suman wants to go with him as she does not trust him.

The family goes to Dhara. Suman calls out Dhara and says that she won’t let her run away like her mom. She scolds Dhara and asks why she didn’t ask for her forgiveness and try to convince her. Dhara says that she respects Suman’s words, so she’s leaving. Suman asks then who will sit in the puja, if she doesn’t know, only couple can sit in the puja.

Dhara runs to Suman and hugs her crying. Dhara apologizes to Suman. Anita asks Prafula to do something to send Dhara. Prafula asks Anita to shut up as she herself doesn’t understand what’s happening. Suman spoiled everyhing.

Suman says that she’s forgiving her this time and jokes that she will break her leg, if she repeats this again. Suman asks Dhara to promise that she will always keep her family united. Dhara promises to Suman. They all share a group hug while Yadon ki barath plays in the BG.

The priest comes to them and says that the the auspicious time has passed. Suman says that actually the real good time has started now. Gautam-Dhara, Dev-Rishita and Shiva-Raavi perform the puja. Shiva and Raavi take Suman’s blessings. She wishes them to be always happy and together. Dev takes Suman’s blessings. Suman’s calls Rishita to take her blessings with Dev.

Suman hits Rishita on the shoulder and makes her bend properly. She says this is how blessings should be taken. She adds that now Rishita is really become her daughter-in-law and reminds Rishita that she’s super mother-in-law and Dhara is her assistant. Rishita apologizes to Suman and Dhara. They all stand together to click a family photo. Suman tells Anita to move away as she doesn’t belong to her family. Anita vows to marry Gautam and be a part of this family photo.

Family sits to have food. Suman asks if they trio made the food together. Rishita assurres Suman yes. Rishita goes to bring kheer. Dev makes an excuse and goes to Rishita. He apologizes to Rishita for scolding her and thanks her for not leaving him. Rishita says that she’s his wife and won’t leave him. She will stay here only. Dev asks with his family. She nods yes. Dev feeds her kheer. They share a smile.

In the dinning table, Shiva teases Raavi. Rishita laughs. The family joins her. Shiva complains that Raavi served him less food. Raavi asks him to serve himself. Suman says that hereafter Shiva should eat what Raavi will serve him. This is how relation works. Raavi will learn with time. Shiva and Raavi share a smile.

Prafula brings Turmeric milk for Anita and laments that the video she made is went in vain. Anita angrily refuses to drink the milk. Prafula says that she can understand that she’s in shock, but she advised her that she can’t separate Gautam and Dhara. Anita says that she has been with Prafula since her childhood and knows to play all time of games. She says that she will win everyone’s heart in this family and she will start it from Dhara. She has already made Suman her mom.

Dhara recalls Suman tanting her that she doesn’t have her own kids and the brothers’ care for her. Gautam comes to Dhara and asks her to come with him. As she doesn’t come, he lifts her in his arms and takes her to the place where he prepared a romantic surprise for Dhara. They share a moment.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gautam tells Suman about selling their land and using that money to open new branches of Pandya store. Prafula overhears this. She thinks Shiva also have his share in that land and thinks of creating a scene with this.

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