Pandya Store 11th March 2023 Written Update: Prerna gets irked seeing Shweta and Krish together

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Raavi pleads Shiva to play Holi with her then applies colour on him. Shiva smiles. Raavi runs from there and throws flower petals at Shiva. Shiva plays the dhol and sings a song. Raavi gets happy. She then sing along with him. The Pandya’s comes outside and applies colour on eachother face and looks happy. Krish chases Prerna. Dhara sees them and laugh. Prerna tells Dhara how they both of them filled the other with colours. Dhara inquires them about Shweta and asks them to be more careful with Shweta. Shweta searches for Krish. The family members gets tensed. Dhara asks Prerna to leave immediately. Prerna leaves. Krish seeks God’s help to let him play Holi with Prerna. Here Raavi and Shiva together plays Holi. Raavi then gets tensed not finding Shiva.

Chutki complains that playing Holi with flower isn’t as interesting as it should be. Few guests arrives there. Chutki excuses herself to go washroom. She requests her brother’s to play Holi with her. Chiku Shesh and Mithu says they can’t then leaves the place. Rishita expresses her worry about the test results. Both Gautam and Dhara assures Dev and Rishita the test result will be on their favor. Gautam Dhara Dev and Rishita then dances to a song with the people around them happily. Shweta dances around Krish. Chutki goes near a colour powder. She says she wants to play with the colours too and wonders what to do. She plays with colours on her own. Few people joins and applies colours on her. Chutki gets happy. Here Krish tries to distract Shweta from applying colours on him. Prerna gets irked seeing them together. Shiva arrives there and dances with Gautam and Dev. He then goes to Suman. Suman also does few dance steps with him. Shiva then sees Krish so he approaches him and gets confused seeing Krish is with someone else. Suman alerts the other’s that Shiva is approaching Shweta and Krish. All of them gets tensed. Dhara drags Shiva on time with them. Other’s gets relieved.

Prerna sees Shweta is dancing with Krish and gets annoyed. Krish refuses to let Shweta apply colour on him. Chutki who is playing with other’s feels need to use washroom so she rushes to home. Prerna leaves the place getting upset. Dev Rishita Dhara and Gautam gets happy seeing Suman’s happiness. Dhara says it’s all because the family is reunited again. Shweta sees Chutki is not with Suman so she rushes to her and inquires about Suman. Suman tells her that she went to use washroom and scolds her when the latter raises voice at her. Shiva notices Shweta and tries to follow her but Suman stops him and says Shweta is no one to them. Shiva tells her that he feels that he knows Shweta already. Suman gets shocked. Gautam Dhara Dev Rishita and Krish goes inside the house. Dhara tries to calm down Rishita saying they will donate the kidney to Chukti. They all waits for the rest results. Dhara convinces Rishita to have food. Just then Dev’s results comes and he informs it’s negative which upsets everyone. Rishita gets worried but Dhara reminds her all their test results are yet to come and she is sure one of their’s will match with Chutki and says Chutki is their family so whoevers matches they will donate it to her. Chutki arrives there covered in colours clutching her stomach. She holds the door which creates a sound that leads all of them to look at her way. Rishita says Natasha.

Precap: Rishita asks Dhara whether the girl was Chutki? She then worries about Chutki as she learned the truth about her family on her own. Shweta gets furious and asks Dhara to worry about Chiku’s reaction when he learns the truth. Dhara and Gautam gets shocked.