Pandya Store 13th August 2022 Written Update: Chikku’s biological grandparents arrive at Pandyas house


Pandya Store 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi saying to Dhara that she couldn’t convince Shiva and asks Dhara to bring him back convincing. She refuses to celebrate her success without him. Kanta’s daughter-in-law says that Shiva is jealous of her success so he left the party. Meanwhile Sweta’s parents shows Raavi’s photo to a passerby and asks her address.The man tells her address.

Shiva is walking in front of them. Here Suman tells Kanta’s daughter-in-law that her sons aren’t jeolous of their wife instead they support them. Dhara goes to bring back Shiva. There Sweta comes to her parents. She scolds them for coming here without telling her. She says that this is her life and they don’t have rights to come here to find him. Dhara comes there. She sees Shiva going and calls out Shiva. Sweta hears Dhara’s voice and finds her voice familiar.

Shiva comes to the store. Dhara comes there following him. Dhara confronts Shiva. She says that she didn’t teach him to jealous of his wife or getting his ego hurt to give a glass of water for his wife. Shiva gets hurt that even Dhara misunderstood him. He says that he expects love from the girl he loves. He reminds Dhara that he supported Raavi from the beginning and wants her success. He says that he even went with her to her shooting location. He asks why he became jealous husband if he asks her few questions.

Dhara says that Shiva’s anger is right, but Raavi is also right in her place. She just got success and she will definitely feel bad if anyone questions about her success. She says that if Raavi is angry him it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. She advises him to give her time. Shiva asks how much time he has to wait to spend time with her. He asks Dhara to leave. Dhara says to not ignore love because of his anger. She reninds him that Raavi’s success is also his and he is Raavi’s strength. Dhara urges him to attend the party. She leaves.

At Pandya house Rishita feels pain and asks Dev to help her walk. Dev obliges. He makes Rishita sits back and hopes it should be a false alarm. Suman taunts Kanta and her daughter-in-law. Dhara comes back home and says that Shiva will come. Kanta’s daughter-in-law taunts stating that Chikku isn’t Dhara and Gautam’s biological child, she can’t become Devki, but she has become at leastYashoda.

Dhara stops Suman from saying anything and says that God gives the opportunity to become Devki to all, but he doesn’t give the opportunity to become Yashoda to all. Suman claps for Dhara’s reply. Gautam and Dhara put a garland around Chikku’s baby. Raavi hopes that Shiva will come back. Pandya start dancing. Suman asks Dhara where Shiva is. Dhara says that he got a friend’s call, he will be on the way. Suman asks Dhara to go and dance.

Suman asks Rishita if she’s fine. Rishita says that she’s having pain. Suman calls out Dev and asks to get lemon water for Rishita. He obliges. Rishita thinks that she can feel this pain is different from her previous false alarm, but all care only about the party. Sata and her parents come to Pandya store and finds the store closed. Sweta parents get determined to take back their grandson.

In the party Raavi gets elated when Shiva comes back. She goes to him and holds his hand. She asks him to not act sweet in front of the neighborhood and asks to leave his hand Raavi holds it tightly and thanks him for coming back. She takes him to cut the cake. Dhara hands Chikku to Raavi. Raavi cuts the cake while all applauds. Pandyas feed cake to each other. Raavi wants to feed cake to Shiva. He takes it from her hand and eats it. Shiva says that he is still angry with Raavi and came back for her reputation’s sake.

Sweta’s parents learn Pandyas address from a passerby. Sweta acts of having stomachache to prevent her parents from going to Pandyas’ house, but her mother catches her lie. In the party Suman says that they’re celebrating two happiness. She asks guests to congratulate Raavi for becoming social media sensation and Gautam and Dhara for official becoming father and mother of Chikku. She says that she should be congratulated for becoming Chikku’s grandmother. Sweta and her parents arrive there. Sweta’s mother says that Suman can never became his grandmother as he is their blood, she’s his grandmother shocking the Pandyas.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita screams getting labor pain. Pandyas are busy in looking after Rishita. Sweta’s mother leaves taking Chikku.

The episode starts with Pandyas having breakfast. Shiva coughs. Dhara asks Raavi to get water. Shiva refuses. Suman asks Raavi to get coconut water if she wants. Rishita comes downstairs and teases Suman. Raavi gets water for Shiva and coconut water for Suman. Dhara shows her affection to the baby. Suman is worried that Dhara’s happiness can be short-term. She says that every night she’s scared that Chikku’s mother will show up the morning. Other hand Sweta looks for her parents. The servant tells her that they left for Somnaath. Sweta understands that they have gone to find her baby. She wonders how to tell them that she herself left the baby there. She thinks of stopping them at any cost.

Gautam receives doctor’s call. Doctor says that she got a letter from Chikku’s mom’s life. In the letter she said that she wants to give her baby to those who brought her to the hospital and they can raise him up. She asks to collect the letter if they didn’t change their decision. Gautam tells family that doctor got a letter from Chikku’s mom’s life. In the letter she said that she wants to give them her baby with her full consent.

Family gets elated on hearing this. Dhara gets emotional. Dev says that they should celebrate Raavi’s success and Chikku’s adoption. Suman says that she doesn’t have money and asks Dev to spend money for the party. Dhara and Raavi requests Suman to give money. Suman agrees. Raavi hugs Suman thanking. Gautam goes to the doctor to collect the letter.

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