Pandya Store 13th July 2022 Written Update: Suman gets furious with Pandyas new lifestyle


Pandya Store 13th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman saying to the family that she didn’t like anyone of their suggestions. She says that Dhara will spend the money easily so she will keep the money. Dhara tries to make Suman understand the advantage of investing money instead of keeping it. Suman says that Dhara only attracts problem. She says that she’s a businessman’s wife, so Dhara doesn’t need to teach her. Pandyas argue. Suman stops them from arguing.

Suman gives them each fifty thousand and some money for house’s renovation and asks them to forget that she has anymore money. Suman says that she also wants to be independent financially. She asks Dhara to ask her money to run the house and asks to write all the expenses in a diary. Rishita asks if she will read it. Suman asks her to return the money. Rishita says that she will read for her.

Krish gives party for his friend and says that he is going to buy bike. Raavi says to Dhara that she bought phone for twenty thousand and stand for five thousand which shocks Dhara. She gives Dhara remaining twenty thousand for house’s renovation. Gautam, Shiva and Dev give their share to Dhara. The latter says that she will add her share of money too. She asks Dev to deposit all these money on the account opened by Shiva for the baby. Rishita comes. Dev asks Rishita to contribute too. Rishita refuses saying that she has other planning. Fev asks what plan. Rishita says cosmetics. Raavi and Shiva take selfie with her new phone.

Krish and Kriti meet. Kriti sees Krish’s new bike and says that it was his surprise. She reminds that it has been one year they met and today is their anniversary. Krish says that he remembers. Kriti asks how he got money to party daily. Krish says that he earned money in online trading. He asks her to not tell anyone this. Kriti agrees. They say I love you to each other and hug.

Pandyas get their house renovated. After four days, Raavi, Rishita and Dhara leave their hand prints in the wall of their renovated house and take a selfie together. Pandyas does puja together and smile looking at their renovated house. Yaadon ki baaraat plays in the BG. After one month, Raavi brings tea for Suman and greets her. Suman scolds Raavi for not turning off the light. Suman shouts for all becoming irresponsible. Shiva comes and calms down Suman. He turns off the AC. Krish returns after jogging. He turns on the AC. He gets a call and leaves from there without turning off the AC. On seeing this Suman gets worried.

Kanta praises the renovated house to Suman. The latter gets shocked seeing the electricity bill is fifty thousand. Krish gives Rishita pasta he made and thinks of talking about his and Krish’s love affair. Just then Suman calls out Krish. Krish comes to Suman followed by Rishita. Suman asks Krish to read the electricity bill amount. Krish is shocked and reads fifty thousand. He turned of the unwanted switches. Suman calls out everyone. All gathers and ask what happened. Krish signs them 15. Suman asks Kanta to leave as she needs to brther family back to track. She asks to close the door while leaving so that no one enters her thinking cinema is going.

Kanta agrees and leaves. Suman tells the family that because of having AC in everyone’s room, the electricity charge has come fifty thousand.She asks what was the electricity charge before house’s renovation. Dhara says that thousand five hundred. Suman taunts all and refuses to pay the electricity bill. Raavi says that then the electricity will be cut. Suman says them to pay the bill if they want electricity.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish says to Rishita that he loves Kriti. Rishita gets angry and scolds Krish. She brings Krish to Suman and tells that Krish told her that he loves Kriti and asks him to tell it Suman. Krish says that no matter what, he will marry only Kriti. Dhara asks Krish that she already asked him if anything is going between him and Kriti Rishita shouts at Dhara for not stopping Krish despite knowing the truth.

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