Pandya Store 14th March 2023 Written Update: Gautam makes a request to Dev

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 14th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chiku tells Shesh and Mithu that Dhara will never treat him ill. He then cries hard. Both Shesh and Mithu consoles him. Shesh then says the problem is Dhara wants to throw Chiku out. Chiku leaves the place. Shesh and Mithu follows him behind. Gautam applies colour on Dev. He then expresses his happiness to Dev of reuniting after seven years. He then requests Dev to celebrate festivals with the family even if he leaves them. Dev says he won’t leave then stops mid sentence. Gautam smiles at him sadly then goes to have baang. Dev requests him not to drink atleast during festival day. Gautam leaves. Shiva goes to the shop and wonders what he is doing in the shop when everyone is playing Holi. Krish follows him but gets stopped by neighbour’s. The couples praises Shweta’s dance and address him as his wife. Krish asks them to stop addressing Shweta as his wife. The couple asks him to make Shweta leave then. Meanwhile Shweta acts crazy in an intoxicated state. She searches for Krish. Chutki goes to her and says she wants to ask her something. Shweta asks her to catch her first then runs here and there. Chutki follows her. She then gets shocked when Shweta addresses Krish as her uncle. Here Dev advices Gautam to not to have alcohol. Gautam gets emotional and throws the baang glasses after Dev promises him to stay with them only.

Shweta realises that she blurt out the truth to Chutki. She asks Chutki to not to hear anything that she is saying and asks her to shut out her voice. Chutki asks Shweta whether the Pandya’s are her family and she isn’t her mother? Chutki gets hurt. She cries hard. Shweta hugs her close. Chutki beats her saying she is her mother only. Shweta shouts that she isn’t her mother then says that she has to find Krish then leaves. Kantha and Rishita enters the former’s house. They gets shocked not finding Chutki there. Rishita gets worried. Dhara also learns Chutki isn’t there. Both Dhara and Rishita rushes out to find Chutki. Meanwhile Krish tells the couple’s it’s not easy to throw Shweta out of the house. He then gets shocked seeing the door is locked and Shiva went somewhere. Krish hurries to find Shiva. Gautam and Dev also learns Chutki isn’t in Kantha’s house. They all goes to search for Chukti. Chiku cries recalling whatever happened till date on his way to house. Chiku also cried hard reminiscing her interactions with the Pandya’s.

Shiva gets stopped by a guy who asks him to play dhol saying he is good at it. Shiva obliges and plays the dhol. Everyone around him starts dancing. Shweta also joins the group. Both Shiva and Shweta fails to see one another. Here Prerna wonders where the Pandya’s are. She then leaves the Pandya Nivas to search the family members. Chiku enters the house with Shesh and Mithu. He sits and recalls Dhara and his moments also overhearing Dhara’s demand to Suman to accept Chiku as a family. The FB shows in which Chiku asks Dhara where did he born? Dhara scolds him and asks him to concentrate on his studies. The FB ends. Chiku cries hard. Meanwhile Shweta finds Krish and forces him to dance with her. Krish gets shocked seeing Shiva is playing dhol a few steps ahead so he pretends to be dance with Shweta so that he can stop her from meeting Shiva and vice versa. Shweta tries to drag Krish towards Shiva but when Krish stops her and refuses to let her move ahead Shweta pushes him aside also she falls on the dhol which Shiva is playing. Shiva and Shweta stares at each other. Krish looks on shocked.

Precap: Chiku decides to leave the house saying before Dhara could throw him out it’s better he leaves on his own. Dhara learns Chiku is aware of the truth. She pleads God to stop Chiku from taking any drastic step. Chiku joins hands with both Shesh and Mithu then walks ahead.

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