Pandya Store 15th July 2022 Written Update: Rishita disapproves Krish and Kirti’s love affair


Pandya Store 15th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam asking Dhara why she wants to compete with Suman which upsets Dhara. Gautam realizes his mistake and apologizes to her. But she refuses. Gautam asks her to make tea for him. Dhara asks to make it by himself. Gautam asks where each ingredient is placed. Dhara tells him the location. She scolds him when and gives instructions to make tea. Raavi shows this on live to her followers her and introduced Dhara and Gautam to the followers.

Krish comes to Rishta and says that he wants to talk to her about his personal matter. Rishita asks him to say. Krish makes Rishita sit on a chair. He says that he loves a girl. Rishita laughs refusing believe that Krish can love a girl. She says that she remembered the girl with ribbon in the mansion. Krish says that wasn’t serious, but this is serious. Rishita stops laughing and asks who the girl is. Krish wonders if he should tell Kirti’s name or not.

Raavi is folding clothes while talking to her followers on live. Shiva sits near Raavi and gets closer to her. Raavi gets worried that her live will get spoiled because of Shiva’s romance. Raavi signs Shiva to look at her phone. Shiva doesn’t understand this and gifts a mobile cover for Raavi. He asks how it’s. She says that it’s fine. Shiva says that he will get another one.

Shiva sees her phone. He asks what he is doing with her phone in the early morning. He says that the weather is nice and suggests going for a walk. He further says that she’s always sticking to her phone, he will throw it in the well, if he gets angry. Raavi asks him to calm down. She says that she will come in five minutes after waving bye to them. Shiva asks to whom. Raavi makes Shiva leave the room. Raavi waves bye to her followers..

Shiva comes to Dev and asks to make a social account for him as Raavi is always on the phone. He says that he also wants to know what the social media is. Dev says him to not worry about Raavi, it’s her new hobby, she will soon get bored of it and will come after him like before. Other hand Rishita asks Krish to tell the name of the girl whom he loves. Krish says Kirti. Rishita is shocked and asks if it’s their Kriti. Krish nods yes. Rishita gets angry and starts rebuking Krish. She shouts shut up when Krish tries to explain her. Rishita angrily leaves. Dev is taking Shiva’s photo for his social media account profile. They hear Rishita shouting maa and go to check.

Rishita calls out maa. All gathers. Rishita says to Krish to tell Suman that he loves Kriti shocking all. Dhara comes to Krish and asks why he didn’t tell the truth when she asked him about his bond with Kriti. Rishita claps her hands. She says that Dhara knows the truth yet she supported Krish instead of stopping him. Dhara clarifies that Krish swore on her and lied to her when she questioned him about Krish. Rishita refuses to believe Dhara and says that she doesn’t want the both families reconcile and wants more fights between the families.

Raavi reminds Rishita that she also loved Dev and many problems came. Rishita says that she knows and that’s why she doesn’t want the same for her sister. Gautam tries to calm her down. Rishita says that Krish and Kirti’s marriage will never happen. She says that she’s not against love marriage and would have supported Krish if he had loved anyone else. She shouts why Kirti. Dev calms Rishita down as her anger isn’t good for their baby. Rishita asks Dev to make Krish understand. Krish loudly declares his love for Kirti. Shiva scolds Krish and tries to drag him away. Krish shouts at Shiva and warns that he will forget he is his brother. Shiva asks what he will do.

Krish says that he will raise his hand shocking all. Shiva raise his hand to slap Krish. But Raavi and Dhara stop him. Krish says that they all have suddenly problem with love when he loves Kirti. Rishita warns to not take her name. She says that he has to love Kirti despite knowing the problems between both the families. Krish asks why Kirti can’t become this house’s daughter in law when Rishita can. He shouts what the problem is.

Rishita says that Dev was studying MBA while doing in the store and doing a part time job. She found his future safe with him so she married him. She says that Dev wasn’t like Krish who is financially depended on his brothers. She further says that there wasn’t any problems between their families as it happened after their marriage. She says that her sister won’t adjust like her and she doesn’t want her to adjust here and goes through what she went.

Suman intervenes and asks if she thinks that her sister will be tortured in this house. She says that Rishita is complaining despite the good treatment she got in the house. She says that the doesn’t want Kirti in her house. Dhara asks Suman to calm down. Rishita says that she will never let Kirti marry Krish even if she wants. Dhara tries to calm down Rishita, but in vain. Rishita warns Krish to not loot at Kirti hereafter. She taunts Krish. The latter firmly says that he will marry only Kirti shocking all.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish comes to the Seths’ house and says to Janardan that he loves Kirti and says that if he doesn’t agree to their alliance, he will elope with Kirti shocking all.

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