Pandya Store 15th March 2023 Written Update: Shiva is hospitalized!

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 15th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva playing dhol and Krish trying to stop Shweta from going near Shiva but fails when Shweta falls on Shiva’s dhol. Shiva stares at Shweta. Krish looks worried. Shweta laughs at Shiva. Shiva gets glimpses of the past in a blur. Then the image gets cleared that Shiva fighting with Shweta to save Chutki. He then angrily hits the dhol which makes Shweta to remove herself from the dhol. Shweta the addresses him as a Shiva bhaiya also her Muh Dikhayi ritual is completed then wishes him Happy Holi. Shiva angrily plays the dhol and recalls the past. Shweta dances around him. Krish tries to take him from there but Shiva pushes his aside and plays the dhol. Krish gets worried. Shiva breaks the dhol. Shweta asks him the reason behind stop playing the dhol. Shiva shouts Shweta and the latter closes her ears.

In Pandya Nivas, Chiku looks at the family photo and cries hard then goes inside. Shesh and Mithu looks clueless. Shiva approaches Shweta and the latter gets scared. Other’s also arrives there and tries to stop Shiva from approaching Shweta. Shiva demands Shweta to tell where Chutki is. Shweta jokes. Rishita scolds Shweta for ruining the peace of their life. Shiva demands Shweta to tell where Chutki is also threatens to kill her. Shweta threatens to lodge a complaint on him if he tries to harm her. Shiva gets furious. The Pandya’s struggles to stop Shiva. Shiva then loses his consciousness shocking everyone. They all rushes to Shiva. Here Chiku packs his things. Shesh and Mithu questions him.

Chiku says he is leaving the house and says before Dhara throw him out it’s better he himself leaves on his own. Shesh says even he is facing lots of problems so he will go with him and rushes to pack his things. Mithu says he don’t have a bag. Chiku gives one of his bag. All three of them packs their clothes. Chutki watches them from outside the room. Krish says they have to take Shiva to the hospital after their failed attempt to wake him up. Dhara slaps Shweta hard and scolds her. Shweta gets confused. Dhara calls Prerna and asks her to find the kids as they are going to admit Shiva in the hospital then takes Shiva to hospital. Shweta wonders who she was searching. The kids decides to leave but Chutki stops them and asks them to take her with them. Chiku Shesh and Mithu refuses saying because of her only they are suffering then leaves the house. Chutki follows them.

In the hospital the doctor treats Shiva. Shiva gets disturbed recalling seeing Shweta. His health condition deteriorates. The doctor urges the staff’s to take Shiva to ICU then informs the Pandya’s whatever happened with Shiva isn’t a good sign. They all gets shocked and worried. Chiku sees Chukti is following them. He confronts her the reason behind it. Chutki tells just like him the one who she is with is not her real mother and she don’t know who is her real mother too. Chiku agrees to take Chutki with them and joins his hand. Mithu also joins but Shesh refuses first then gives into Chiku’s request. On their way Shesh warns Chiku that they may land in trouble because of Chutki. Chiku refuses to listen to Shesh. Prerna searches for the kids. Chiku sess it so he and other three of them goes and hides themselves. Prerna looks on worried.

Precap: A lady sees Chiku Shesh Mithu and Chukti on the road alone. She approaches them. Meanwhile Rishita informs Dhara all the four kids aren’t in house. Dhara gets shocked. Chiku and Shesh fights hard with the lady to free themselves from her.

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