Pandya Store 15th November 2022 Written Update: Shiva bursts out in rage


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The episode starts with Dhara seeing Shiva on her way in the autoricshaw. She calls out to him. Shiva stops. Dhara asks where he is going. Shiva says for some important work. Dhara says that Raavi is admitted to the city hospital. Dhara tries to say the reason, but she gets interrupted by the auto driver. Shiva says that he knows. He drives off. At Pandya’s house, Arnab phones Raavi. Rishita attends it. Rishita says that Raavi had gone to the City hospital as she was having a stomachache. Arnab says that City hospital is near the office, so he will visit her in the hospital. 

Dhara returns home and is confused to see the Pandyas dancing. Shweta smirks and thinks that the real drama will start now. Dhara asks Suman why they’re dancing. Suman asks where Raavi is, what the doctor said. She asks how many months Raavi is pregnant. Dhara is shocked to hear this. Shweta goes apart to call Nithin. She asks him if he swapped Raavi’s report with the fake abortion report. He says yes. 

Arnab reaches the hospital. He enquires about  Raavi at the reception and goes to meet her. Shiva also reaches the hospital. While going inside, Shiva collides with Nithin. Shiva asks at the reception in which room Raavi is. The nurse tells the room number. She says that many people are visiting her. She gives him Raavi’s reports and asks him to get the medicine that isn’t marked. Shiva wonders if Raavi is pregnant for more than a month, why she didn’t tell him. 

Raavi refuses the nurse to take the injection. Arnab comes to meet Raavi. The latter is surprised to see him and asks how he knows she is here. Arnab says that Rishita told him while calling her. The nurse asks Arnab to help  Raavi to get the injection as she is refusing. She asks Arnab to hold Raavi’s hand. He obliges. That time, Shiva enters the room. He is shocked to see Arnab with Raavi.

Raavi says to Arnab that she’s scared. Arnab reassures her. Shiva notices Arnab holding Raavi’s hand. He gets furious. Raavi says that she would be scared if Dhara was there. But she had gone home and she must have told the family the truth. Shiva angrily leaves the place. Raavi notices Shiva. Raavi calls out to Shiva and gets up with difficulty. She goes to find Shiva despite Arnab and the nurse asking her not to go as she had just been through an operation.

Meanwhile, Shiva asks the nurse at the reception to say how many months Raavi is pregnant by checking her report. The nurse checks it and says that she doesn’t know, but she had an abortion. Shiva is stunned to hear this. The nurse says that he should have got to know while singing the form. She apologizes and says that Raavi’s sister-in-law signed the form. Shiva checks the form. He sees Dhara’s sign on the form. He angrily leaves that place. 

At Pandya’s house, Dhara says to the family that Raavi isn’t pregnant and asks who told them this. Suman asks why she got the pregnancy kit then. She then says that Shweta told her that she asked her not to tell anyone about it. Dhara admits it and says that she wanted to confirm the pregnancy before celebrating it. Dhara says that Raavi just went through an operation to remove the fibroid. Suman asks what it is. Dhara explains to her. 

In the hospital, Raavi comes out of the hospital. She sees Shiva. She calls out to him. Shiva doesn’t see Raavi and drives off. Raavi is unable to walk and sits holding her stomach. Arnab comes to her and asks where she wants to go. He offers to take her home. Raavi refuses, saying that it’s their family matter and Arnab shouldn’t interfere. Raavi sits in an auto and leaves. 

Here, Suman asks Dhara why she didn’t tell anyone in the family about Raavi’s operation. Dhara says that she had to rush Raavi to the hospital as she was in severe pain and she couldn’t think properly. Suman asks which hospital. Dhara says city hospital. Suman says that they were there. Dhara says that she heard Suman’s voice in the hospital and tried to search for her, but she couldn’t find her. Gautam asks why she didn’t call him. Dhara says that she forgot her phone at home. Pandyas get ready to go to the hospital to see Raavi.

Just then, a furious Shiva returns home. He starts to break everything with the stick. The family is shocked to see Shiva’s anger. Gautam asks Shiva why he is furious. Dhara asks Shiva if he fought with Raavi in this condition. She tries to take the stick from Dhara’s hand. Shiva shouts at Dhara and asks her to stay away, which shocks everyone. Suman scolds Shiva for shouting at Dhara. Gautam slaps Shiva. 

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva asks Raavi why she aborted the child. He asks if it was his child or not. Raavi slaps Shiva and leaves the house. Dhara also leaves the house to find out how Raavi’s report was swapped. Rishita asks Nithin if Raavi had been through fibroid removal operation or an abortion.

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