Pandya Store 15th October 2021 Written Update: Suman’s shocking decision


Pandya Store 15th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Disha kissing Shiva and Raavi feeling jealous of seeing this. Raavi gets a bucket of water and throws it over Shiva and hides. Shiva looks around and shouts asking who threw water on him. Disha says that she likes bad person who admits he’s his bad. He’s better than who pretends to be good. She says that he can finda good in her and leaves saying that Kanta’s house’s nearby. Shiva also leaves. Raavi laments that Disha met Shiva today only and she already kiss him.

Raavi comes to her room with bucket. Shiva asks what she’s doing with the bucket. Raavi says that she was doing household works. She asks why he’s wet, if he played holi with Disha. Shiva says that someone threw water on him and he won’t spare that person, if he caught him/her. Raavi argues with Shiva. Shiva asks her to go and sleep. Raavi laments about Disha and Shiva’s closeness. Shiva asks Shiva what’s her problem with Disha. Raavi says that she doesn’t have any problem, she just give them blessing to always together. Shiva mocks Raavi.

Anita is happy that Gautam played dandiya with her and expresses her joy to Prafulla. Prafulla scolds Anita and says that her dream won’t come true and asks her to forget it. Anita says that Prafulla can’t find a good match for her, but she’s demotivating her. Suman already start searching bride for Shiva and one girl has come to play dandiya with him and her name is Disha. Prafulla says it’s good that they will get rid off Shiva. Prafulla says that she will Raavi get Raavi married before Shiva. Anita asks Prafulla to focus on finding a groom for Shiva, she will handle herself and leaves.

Krish is going to the college. Keerti calls him from her house balcony and writers her phone number and throws it over Krish. He gets happy. Janardan comes there and asks his goons to catch Krish and beat him making him nude. Krish shouts no. It was his dream. Krish shouts to not remove his pant. Shiva wakes Krish up and asks what happened. Krish says that Janardan was removing his pant in his dream. Shiva assures him that he will beat Janardan coming in his dream and asks Krish to sleep.

Dhara and Gautam visit the gynecologist. The doctor says that everything is fine, but they will take a blood test for a safety, till that Dhara’s sonography will come, they will discuss. Dhara asks her baby is safe. The doctor advises Dhara to not think negative. She asks Dhara to go and give blood test, they will discuss after the report will come. Dhara and Gautam thank doctor and leave.

Suman and Janta meet two women on the road. They say that this year Ram Leela won’t happen in Somnath as the artist bus met with an accident and they went back getting scared. Janta says other cities people will mock them for this. Suman says that they will find a solution and asks the committee to her house, she will do something.

Suman says to the community that Ram Leela will happen as it’s about Somnath’s reputation. The community member say that they can’t find arist as it’s festival season and all are busy. Suman says that her family members will play Ram Leela and gives thousand rupee. Shiva and Dev wonder why Suman agreed to perform Ram Leela while Rishita is excited. Anita and Dhara come back. Suman asks where they have gone. Dhara says that they visit the doctor as she’s not well. Family gets worried. Suman asks what happened. Gautam lies that nothing to worry, they went for routine check-up. The community members ask Gautam and Dhara to rehearsal to play Ram and Sita in Ram Leela. Suman says that Dhara can’t play as she’s not well, they will find someone else. Gautam says that he can’t play Ram as he forgets lines. Suman firmly says that Gautam has to play Ram’s role. Dhara thinks if Gautam becomes Ram, she should become Sita. The brothers and Suman act. Suman says that it decided Ram Leela will happen and Gautam will become Ram. They get sign of all the couple. The girl tells that the form is for best couple competition.

Suman asks to take the form from Raavi as Raavi and Shiva’s are going to get divorce and asks for a new form for Disha and Shiva. Raavi feels bad. Dhara says that Raavi is still Shiva’s wife as the divorce didn’t happen yet. Suman says their relationship broke long back and adds that Kanta said that Dishu likes Shiva. Raavi will go and Disha will come. If Shiva becomes Bharat, Disha will become Mandavi.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara tries to convince Disha to not become between Shiva and Raavi. Raavi heras this.

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