Pandya Store 16th August 2022 Written Update: Raavi learns that the Pandya brothers are in jail


Pandya Store 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman trying to do Rishita’s delivery with Pandyas ladies help. Rishita screams in pain and says that she doesn’t like what’s happening, there won’t be any proof that this is her child. She asks Raavi to make video of her for her social media account. Raavi goes live and tells about Rishita’s delivery. Dhara wants go to check if doctor has come. Rishita doesn’t let Dhara go. Raavi seeks doctor’s help on her live video. Rishita demands to get ice cream. Dhara asks Raavi to get it from the fridge. Raavi obliges. Suman feeds Rishita the ice cream.

Meanwhile Pandya brothers try to explain the inspector that the auto driver is at fault, he was misbehaving with the an old man. They also say about Rishita is pregnant and she got labor pain, they have go back to her. The inspector refuses to listen to them. At the Pandya house Raavi says that she got a doctor online. The doctor says that she’s on the way.

Doctor arrives at Pandya house and performs her delivery. Family gets elated when Rishita successfully gives birth to her baby. Pandyas are going in the police car. The hear baby’s crying sound when the car passes near Pandya house and get overjoyed. The request the inspector to let them go to see the baby. The inspector asks them to sit quietly. Suman gets emotional holding Rishita’s child in her arms.

Rishita gets worried seeing all crying and asks if her baby is fine. Suman says that this is happy tears and says that Rishita blessed with a baby girl. Janta congratulates Suman for baby’s birth and says that Goddess Lakshmi has come to her house. Dhara gives the baby to Rishita. She hugs her baby. Dhara tells Raavi to give the good news to the Pandya boys who are waiting outside. Raavi obliges and come out of the house. She gets confused not finding them.

At the police station Dev requests the inspector to let him call his family to know about baby’s gender. The inspector rejects their request. Raavi phones on Shiva’s phone. The inspector stops Shiva from attending the call. The inspector receives the call and says that the Pandya brothers are in the jail for creating nuisance on the road. Raavi gets shocked hearing this. Rishita asks why Dev didn’t come inside the house. Dhara goes to bring the Pandya boys. Raavi stops Dhara saying that she doesn’t need to go anywhere and says that they all are in the jail shocking the family.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sweta’s mother comes to Pandya house. She asks why they are separating her from her grandchild when they got a baby for their family. She demands them to return her grandchild. She shows Sweta to Dhara and asks if she’s not the same girl whom she took to the hospital. Suman asks Dhara to give them the baby. Dhara refuses shocking all.

The episode starts with Suman congratulating herself for becoming Chikku’s grandmother. Chikku’s biological grandmother says that she can never be Chikku’s grandmother as she has rights on him. Rishita gets labor pain and shouts that the baby is coming. Family turns their complete attention on Rishita. Dev asks her to wait for a day. Rishita shouts and tightly holds his hair due to pain.

Dev cries and asks her to leave his hair. Dhara asks to call the doctor. All tries at a time and says that the line is busy. Gautam says that he will call and asks to not call. Krish says that doctor won’t be able to come as there’s a strike on that day. Meanwhile Sweta takes her parents outside and tries to convince them to leave. Sweta’s mother gives her baby’s swear and asks her husband to take Sweta to the car. They leave.

Rishita screams out of pain. As Rishita’s water broke, Suman decides to do Rishita’s baby’s delivery at home. Rishita gets scared. Suman says that she already did Kanta’s daughter in law’s delivery. Krish gets excited to see the delivery live. Dev throws an object on Krish, but it hits Gautam. Dev hugs Gautam apologizing to him. Pandyas brothers want to help Suman, but the latter asks them to get out. Rishita asks Dev to stay back, but Suman asks them all to leave. Pandyas brothers forcibly take Dev out. They wish Rishita luck and ask to push the baby.

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