Pandya Store 16th December 2022 Written Update: Shweta puts forth a shocking condition in front of Gautam


Pandya Store 16th December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with the neighborhood people taunting and humiliating Gautam and Dhara for letting Shweta beg with Chiku. Raavi says to Rishita that now Dhara will definitely go ahead and no one will be able to stop her. Gautam moves towards Shweta. Rishita says to Raavi that Shweta influenced Gautam. Shweta asks the aunt if Dhara is coming towards her. The aunt checks. Dhara stops Gautam and nods no. She takes him backwards. The aunt tells Shweta the same. Shweta is shocked to see the Pandyas going inside the house and closing the door.

Dhara starts to prepare to make papad. Raavi says that she will do. Suman arrives there. Dhara refuses. She taunts Raavi and asks her to go and find a new job for her. Rishita asks Raavi to be quiet else Dhara will let her anger on her. Raavi says that if something happens to Chiku, they can never forgive themselves. Rishita agrees with her. In Pandya store, Krish reacts angrily and states that he is also the store’s one of the owners when Shiva and Dev command him to do some work.

Shiva says to Krish that only Dhara and Gautam are owner of the shop. Krish laughs and says that they made Dhara and Gautam’s condition worse than a servant by repeating this. Krish says that they should be ashamed that, because of them, Dhara has to choose between the family and Chiku. He says that they have become selfish after their wedding. Dev gets angry and says that if it’s the case, they would have thought about the family. Krish says that Dev thinks only about his family, which has only Rishita and Chutki. He says that he listens to only Rishita and thinks about only Chutki and he doesn’t care about anything else.

He further says that Shiva also started to do the same by seeing Dev. He says that Dhara has to think about the family as they both don’t think about the family. Krish says that they can’t see Dhara’s pain, which angers Shiva. He scolds Krish. Krish says that he doesn’t have any wife to stop him from saying the truth. Krish says that if Dhara was selfish and had thought about only her happiness 10 years ago, they would have been on the road instead of Chiku. He asks why they can’t be selfless like Dhara and says that nothing will happen, if Shweta returns home.

In Pandya’s house, Dhara bursts into tears after seeing the condition of Chiku. Gautam tries to console her. Rishita goes outside and gives Shweta some money. She rebukes Shweta for being the reason for Chiku’s worsening health. Shweta refuses to take the money. The aunt takes the money from Rishita. Rishita goes back into the house after calling Shweta a selfish woman. The aunt says to Shweta that they got some money after the end of their drama. Shweta says that it’s just the beginning. The aunt asks her if she still thinks Dhara will come.

There, Krish says that thankfully that Shweta left her after seeing them. Shiva says that she’s creating problems after going out. Krish says that whether Shweta creates problems outside the house or inside the house, it won’t affect him as he will always trust his family. Here, Rishita says to the family that she gave 5k to Shweta for Chiku’s treatment so that she doesn’t beg in front of their house. Shweta says to the aunt that it’s fine that Dhara didn’t come, but she instigated the family. She says that Raavi and Dhara will fight if they know about Rishita giving the money. She says that the Pandya family has started to break. She leaves with the aunt.

Dhara yells out at Rishita for giving 5k Shweta. She storms inside the house. Gautam leaves. He thinks that Dhara is changing and becoming a bad person after Chiku left the house. He goes to confront Shweta. Gautam asks Shweta why she’s using Chiku for her selfishness when she doesn’t want Chiku. He asks Shweta to give Chiku to him and Dhara for adoption.

Shweta asks Gautam if he will fall on her feet and rub his nose, if she refuses. Gautam recalls Dhara crying. He falls on Shweta’s feet, shocking Shweta. Gautam begs Shweta not to spoil Chiku’s life and gives Chiku to them. Shweta pretends that she loves Chiku and can’t stay without him. Gautam asks her to stop her drama, as they all know that she doesn’t love Chiku. He asks her to tell him directly how much money she wants to leave Somanth. Shweta asks him to give her 25 lakhs to spare his family.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish learns that Shweta asked 25 lakhs to leave Somanth and confronts her. Shweta demands 25 lakhs to spare his family and says that every Pandya should sign the document that Krish gives her that money. She says that she will see how Krish will convince each Pandya to break the family.

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