Pandya Store 16th March 2021 Written Update: Suman and Prafulla make a shocking discovery


Pandya Store 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara saying to Raavi that she will find a solution as se wanted, but it’s not her problem whether she likes it or not. Dhara leaves from there followed by Rishita and Krish. Dev comes to them and says that Hardik has come. Dhara asks all of them to switch off their phones before Suman can call them. She asks to inform Raavi to do the same. They oblige.

Prafulla says to Suman that her family is planning something. Just then she receives the groom’s family call. Prafulla wonders what to answer them. Suman says to tell them that Raavi is taking to get ready and asks them to start the preparation for turmeric ceremony. She will reach. Suman wonders where Shiva took Raavi, why she’s not able to contact anyone in her family.

Dhara comes to Hardik and apologizes to him. Dev says to Gautam to switch off his phone. The priest call the groom to come and sit. Krish says to Shiva to go and sit. Shiva says that Hardik is the groom, why he should sit. Dhara says that there’s a tradition that brother of the groom should also sit with the groom. Shiva says that Krish is younger than him, so he will sit. Gautam complains that Shiva doesn’t listen to him and even refused to drink juice. Shiva jokes.D

Shiva sits with Hardik. The turmeric celebration begins. All apply turmeric to Hardik. Krish is about to apply turmeric to Shiva shocking all. Shiva stops him and makes him apply it to Hardik. Dev asks Rishita why she didn’t apply turmeric. Rishita says that Dhara thinks that she’s useless, so she can apply it. Rishita then applies it. Shiva asks Krish where DJ. Krish says that he will be coming till that he has drums. He plays it and all dance. Rishta goes to her friends. They say that Dhara keeps ordering Rishita to prove that she is superior than her. Rishita says that it’s not like, Dhara knows better about the rituals, so they are doing as she tells.

Shiva asks where other family members are. Krish asks if he is asking about Raavi, she will come soon. Shiva says that he is talking about their mother. Krish asks how the marriage will take place if Suman comes shocking Shiva. Dhara says Krish to control his tongue and says that Suman will come. Shiva wonders in mind where Raavi is. All are dancing and enjoying. Dhara pours the Turmeric milk over Shiva. Shiva looks on shocked. Dhara apologizes Shiva and says that it was by mistake. Shiva receives Suman’s call and attends it. Shiva says that they have come for Hardik’s marriage. Rishita snatches Shiva’s phone before he could say anything further.

Rishita goes apart and talks to Suman. She says that they have told Kanta to tell her that they have to meet his uncle in the hospital. Suman asks about Hardik’s marriage. Rishita pretends that she can’t hear Suman and disconnects the call. Then she removes sim from Shiva’s phone and throws it away. Other hand Suman gets suspicious that they all are plotting something. Suman remembers that there’s CCTV footage in their area. She decides to check it to know what happened.

Dhara apologizes to Shiva again for pouring the turmeric milk over him. She pours water to wash it off while Rishita collects that water in a pot. Dhara asks Shiva to take bath. Rishita takes the turmeric water for Raavi. Dhara wonders how to convince Raavi to perform the ceremony. She asks Dev to give alcohol bottle that Gautam brought. Dev gives it to Dhara.

Suman and Prafulla see the CCTV footage. They see Pandyas taking Shiva in the car. Prafulla says that Shiva and her family kidnapped Raavi. Suman says that Shiva himself seems not to be in his sense. Suman thinks that they’re planning something and gets determined to find it.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas prevent Shiva from seeing the groom and bride name on the card. Shiva questions Dhara about the bride’s name.

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