Pandya Store 16th March 2023 Written Update: Raavi worries about Shiva

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 16th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara assures Raavi nothing will happen to Shiva. Raavi pleads Dhara to do something and expresses her fear of losing Shiva. Dhara, Krish and Suman advices Raavi to be strong saying nothing will happen to Shiva. Rishita worries that Prerna isn’t answering the calls so Dhara asks Dev and Rishita to go home. Dev expresses her worry about Chutki’s reaction as she learned the truth. Suman says God is with them. Here the kids hides themselves from Prerna. Prerna fails to see the kids then leaves the place. Dhara says to Rishita that she is Chutki’s mother so she can do this. Gautam also advices Dev and Rishita to use this opportunity to let Chutki realise their love for her. Chutki suggests to the kids that they can stay in five star hotel and talks about the luxury they can enjoy there. Shesh complains to Chiku about Chutki and Chiku warns him not to say anything such. Mithu says that he is hungry. The kids decides to go to a cake shop.

A lady sees the kids on the road. She asks the kids to go with her and she will give them food. She takes Chiku’s hand. Chiku snatches his hand and says they don’t need her help so the lady takes Shesh’s hand and forces to go with her. Shesh struggles to free himself. Dev and Rishita goes past them on their vehicle but fails to notice the kids. Prerna sees Shweta so she hides herself in the house. Shweta in her intoxicated state searches for the Pandya Nivas. Here both Chiku and Shesh asks the lady to leave their hands. The lady tries to convince them to go with her. Chutki says her mother advised not to go with an unknown person. Both Chiku and Shesh gets succeed removing their hands from that lady. Here Prerna covers her face and confronts Shweta about the kids. Shweta makes a joke then wonders why she feels the house and the one who she is talking with feels familiar to her and tries to see Prerna’s face but Prerna refuses. Shweta leaves the place.

The lady lies to Chutki her mother is the one who send her. Shesh says Chukti don’t have mother so the lady is lying. The lady tries to take Chutki with her but Chiku Shesh and Mithu gangs up against the lady and saves Chutki. They all runs from there. The lady says it’s not easy to get four kids at one time so decides not to leave this opportunity and goes behind the kids. The kids goes to the cake shop where they have cake. The shopkeeper asks the kids money. Chutki says her cheques are with her mother only. The shopkeeper asks the kids to call their parents.

Chiku gives him the fake money saying they play with this only. The shopkeeper gets angry so the kids runs away. Dev and Rishita returns home and gets shocked learning the kids are neither in the house nor with Shweta. Rishita starts worrying. Dhara receives a call from Rishita who informs the kids were missing also Shweta isn’t behind this. Dev tells Dhara they will search the kids. Dev Rishita and Prerna goes to search for the kids. The shopkeeper and the lady tries to catch the kids. Dhara informs the family members the kids are missing and this time they aren’t with Shweta too. Everyone gets shocked. Meanwhile the lady comes infront of the kids and says to them they have nowhere else to go now. The kids looks on shocked.

Precap: Pandya kids misses their parent’s. Shweta tells them she will take them to their parents. Meanwhile Dhara tells this time she won’t spare Shweta and gives her the answers what she deserves then looks on.

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