Pandya Store 17th April 2021 Written Update: Dhara comforts Raavi

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 17th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva coming to Raavi asks him what he’s doing here and scolds him. Dhara and Gautam decide not to interfere in Shiva and Raavi’s arguments and let them handle their marriage. Raavi tells Shiva that they can never unite. She accuses him of marrying her to torture. He holds her tightly and says that he does not care what she thinks about him. He states he hates her. Raavi push him hardly and is about to get her head hurt, but she Shiva holds her. Raavi says he won’t sleep here. Shiva pours water and says she will either sleep.

Dhara is sad recalling all the recent happenings. Gautam brings food for her. He says that Dhara saved Raavi’s life and made Shiva’s life better. He says it’s not possible without her and thanks her for being his strength. Dhara also thanks him for always supporting her. They share a light moment.

Prafula comes to Anita. She wakes Anita up and says that she was blabbering Hardik name in the sleep. Prafula asks Anita to call Hardik for breakfast. Anita says that she understands her plan of trapping Hardik. She always listened to her, but this time she will not listen to her. She’s also human. She also get hurt. She can’t love anyone again and asks Prafula leave. Prafula asks her to call Hardik and leaves.

Morning Dhara comes to Suman. Suman drops the stick and Dhara gets shocked. Suman laughs and jokes. She asks about the puja arrangements. Dhara asks if she forgave her in Dev and Rishita’s matter. Suman says that they can’t change what happened and asks not to make any mistakes ahead. She instructs Dhara to perform puja with the newlyweds couples.

Janardhan fumes remember his insult. He phones his men and asks them all come home. Bua goes to Kalyan and says Janardhan wants to bring Rishita back by attacking the brothers, but they have to find another way. She tells Kalyan that she pretend to be sick and when Rishita will come to see her, they will not let her go back.

Rishita comes to get water. Raavi laughs at Rishita and taunts her saying she didn’t have wedding night though she had a love marriage. There’s no difference between them. The family matters more for Dev than her and laughs. It all turns out to be Rishita’s imagination. Rishita says this can happen in real too and goes back to her room. Meanwhile Janardhan shows Dev and Shiva’s photo to the goons and asks to kill them. Rishita puts her lipstick on Dev’s cheeks. She then smahes her lipstick and vermilion so that everyone thinks that she did not have wedding night.

Dhara comes to the kitchen and sees Raavi making tea for everyone. She asks if she hasn’t made tea for Shiva. Raavi asks why she should make tea for him. Rishita comes there and interrupts their conversation. She asks where’s the bathroom. Dhara and Raavi get shocked on seeing her. Raavi feels bad. Rishita says that Dev is still sleeping. Shiva comes there asking for tea. Dhara says that she will bring for him. He asks who made that tea. Dhara says Raavi. He notices there are only six cups and says that she did not make tea for him. He adds that it’s good else Raavi can mix poison in his cup and angrily walks out. Rishita enjoys their argument. Dhara advises Rishita not to come like that in front of all. She takes to show the bathroom. Rishita complains it’s too small.

Shiva is sitting angrily. Gautam notices him and prays for his happiness. Hardik comes to meet Gautam. Dhara brings tea for Shiva. Dev comes there and they all notice lipstick marks on Dev’s cheek. Shiva feels angry on seeing Dev while Krish teases him. Dev asks for tea. Dhara asks Dev to go and take the bath first. Dev goes back to his room wondering why everyone looking at him like that. He checks his face on the mirror and notices the lipstick marks. Rishita comes there. She laughs seeing him. They share a light moment. Dev says this is his Rishita whom he loves her. Rishita asks for time to come out of the recent happenings and says she needs her Dev for that.

Prafula attempts to convince Anita to marry Hardik and asks to call Hardik. Other side Dhara calls everyone for puja. Hardik receives Anita’s call. He cuts the call. Gautam and Dhara notice it and questions Hardik about the same. He gives some excuses. Anita calls him again. Hardik gives excuse and leaves from there. Dhara asks if Hardik is not going to meet Anita. Gautam jokes. Gautam asks Krish if he arranged for car. Krish says that he arranged four bikes.

Dhara goes to check if Raavi got ready. She finds Raavi tearing the gifts she bought for Dev. Dhara takes a saree for Raavi and says it will look good on her. Raavi asks if everything will be fine by looking nice wearing this saree. Dhara pacifies Raavi and advises her to go of her past and move on. Raavi says that she spent her whole childhood with that memories and forgetting that memories is like not having any childhood.

She can’t see any future after what happened with her yesterday and she feels every second to kill herself. She cries. Dhara hugs her and says that what happened can’t be changed and both Shiva and Raavi should try to make their future better. One day the whole city will talk about their love story. Raavi says that now also the whole city talk about her. She says that Dhara spoiled her life by getting her married to Shiva.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara prays for Dev and Shiva’s happiness and safety. The goons attack Shiva.

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