Pandya Store 17th August 2022 Written Update: Shiva gets worried about Dhara


Pandya Store 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita complaining that the Pandya boys didn’t have come in to see her baby. She bursts into tears. She says that she doesn’t want to be with Dev who doesn’t care about her and her baby. She says that she will get divorce shocking all. Dhara says that she bring them and is about to go out. Raavi stops Dhara and says that they are in jail stunning all. Raavi says that she just talked to the inspector, they created a scene on the road and beat someone. Rishita says that Dev fought with someone while she was in pain. She says that she can’t be with Dev and decides to leave the house taking her baby.

She says that she got to know the true colors of the Pandya boys. They created a scene on the road instead of supporting her. Dhara says that maybe the matter is something else. Rishita says that nothing can be more important than the baby. Suman decides to teach a lesson to the Pandya boys. She says that she will call a lawyer and will get the divorce of all three. Then she will throw all the four out of the house.

In the police station Shiva says that the inspector has already came to their store. Ge says that auto driver misbehaved with a good customer like him, so they hit him. Gautam requests the inspector to let them go stating that Dev’s wife gave birth to a baby. The inspector agrees, but asks them to do sits up. They oblige.

Sweta and her parents are sitting in a restaurant. Sweta pretends to have headache and says to her mother to let go home. Just then Sweta’s dad get the birth certificate of Sweta’s baby from the hospital. They wonder how to prove the baby in Pandya house is Sweta’s baby. Sweta’s mother suggests talking to the Pandyas. She believes that they will understand them and states how protective they are with the baby. Sweta’s shouts that if they find them nice then why they can’t let the baby be with them.

At Pandya house Rishita receives Dev’s call. She doesn’t answer it and is firm to divorce Dev. Just then they hear dol playing sound. They think that the neighborhood people came to congratulate Rishita. Dhara and Raavi go out to check. Pandya boys dance playing dol. Dhara confronts them about getting into fight with someone and landing in jail. They trick Dhara run inside to see the baby. Suman stops them and scolds them. Shiva apologizes to Suman and asks the baby’s gender. Suman says that it’s a girl.

Pandya boys get elated. Dev meets Rishita and the baby. Dev apologizes to Rishita and says that he didn’t want to leave her alone in this situation. Gautam says that they tried to solve a fight and police got a misunderstanding. The lawyer arrives and says that the divorce papers are ready. Gautam sends him back giving him money. Dev says that the baby looks like him while Rishita says that she looks like her. Suman says that the baby got her features from her grandma. They all lift the baby and get emotional.

Sweta’s mother says to Sweta to either accept her baby else to cut her ties with them. She says to Sweta to leave the house if she doesn’t want her baby. Sweta thinks that she can’t keep the baby with her, but she can’t leave the house either. She wonders whom to ask help. Other hand Shiva sees Dhara showering her affection on Chikku. He remembers about Sweta’s mother claiming Chikku is her daughter’s baby and gets worried. He leaves
Dhara expresses her joy of having two babies in the house to Gautam.

Suman finds Shiva sitting worried. She questions about the same. Shiva thinks of hiding what had happened not wanting to spoil family’s happiness. He wonders if Sweta is really Chikku’s mother. Gautam says to Dhara to control her joy till they adopt Chikku legally and he adds to love Rishita’s baby as much she wants. He requests her to let Rishita raise her. Dhara looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sweta’s mother comes to Pandya store and demands to return her grandchild. She brings Sweta and asks if she’s not the same girl whom she brought to the hospital. Suman asks Dhara to return her the baby. Dhara refuses.

The episode starts with Suman trying to do Rishita’s delivery with Pandyas ladies help. Rishita screams in pain and says that she doesn’t like what’s happening, there won’t be any proof that this is her child. She asks Raavi to make video of her for her social media account. Raavi goes live and tells about Rishita’s delivery. Dhara wants go to check if doctor has come. Rishita doesn’t let Dhara go. Raavi seeks doctor’s help on her live video. Rishita demands to get ice cream. Dhara asks Raavi to get it from the fridge. Raavi obliges. Suman feeds Rishita the ice cream.

Meanwhile Pandya brothers try to explain the inspector that the auto driver is at fault, he was misbehaving with the an old man. They also say about Rishita is pregnant and she got labor pain, they have go back to her. The inspector refuses to listen to them. At the Pandya house Raavi says that she got a doctor online. The doctor says that she’s on the way.

Doctor arrives at Pandya house and performs her delivery. Family gets elated when Rishita successfully gives birth to her baby. Pandyas are going in the police car. The hear baby’s crying sound when the car passes near Pandya house and get overjoyed. The request the inspector to let them go to see the baby. The inspector asks them to sit quietly. Suman gets emotional holding Rishita’s child in her arms.

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