Pandya Store 18th August 2022 Written Update: Sweta and her parents arrive at Pandyas’ house


Pandya Store 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman finding Shiva worried and asking him what happened. Shiva says that nothing, he is just tired. He leaves from there. Shiva remembers Sweta’s mother’s words and wonders what if she comes back. He says that if she comes back, Dhara will be heart broken. He says that he won’t let that happen. He closes the main door and sits on the couch which is outside of the house.

The morning Raavi brings tea for Shiva. The latter says her that he doesn’t want her tea, but asks her to stand at the main door until he comes back taking bath. He asks her to not move from there. He runs to take bath. Dhara asks Raavi to get talcum powder for Chikku. Raavi doesn’t move from the main door respecting Shiva’s words. Suman insists Raavi to get power. Raavi runs to get it. Dev asks Suman what name to keep to his baby.

Suman says that she made her astrology chart talking to the priest and will soon celebrate her naming ceremony. Gautam asks if he informed the Seths about baby birth. Dev says that they don’t need to know. Suman says that they have equal rights on the baby and asks Dev to inform them. Dhara wants to give bath to Rishta’s baby as well. Rishita says that she got training for this and will do it as she’s excited.

Shiva comes and shouts at Raavi for not standing at the main door. Suman asks for whom he was waiting. Shiva goes to stand in the main door. Just Sweta’s mother enters the house and demands to return her grandchild. Shiva asks her to get out. She refuses to leave. She says to ask Dhara if she doesn’t know her daughter. She calls out Sweta. The latter and her dad come in. Dhara is shocked to see Sweta and remembers saving her from the accident. Dhara and Gautam look at each other. Dhara then looks at Chikku.

Sweta’s mother asks Dhara if Sweta isn’t the same girl whom she admitted in the hospital and if she’s holding Sweta’s daughter. She drags Sweta to Dhara. She demands Dhara to tell the truth. Dhara says that she doesn’t know this girl’s name, but she’s the girl whom she took to the hospital. Dhara says that she’s Chikku’s mother. Shiva blames Raavi for the drama going on. Raavi asks for how long he can keep a baby away from a mother. She asks if he already knew this, why he didn’t tell this to the family. Shiva shouts that because he isn’t stone hearted like her and hide thinking about Dhara.

Suman says to Dhara that they don’t have any rights to keep the baby away from his mother and asks her to return the baby to them. Dhara nods no. Gautam, Shiva and Dev ask her to return the baby. Dhara hugs Chikku and says that he will go nowhere. Meanwhile Krish is buying toys for Chikku and Chikki. Here Sweta says to her mother let go. Sweta’s mother asks her to be quiet, she’s talking. Dhara says that they left the baby to die on the road the other day and now they want the baby. Sweta says that time she didn’t have any option.

Dhara says that she was in some problem, so she left her baby to a stranger’s family. She reminds her that she came to the hospital to return her baby. She says that Sweta, who didn’t hesitate to abandon her baby can’t be his mother. She says that anyone can’t become a mother just by giving birth and asks where Sweta was when baby needed his mother. Dhara says that they look after the baby and she can’t claim her rights on the baby by coming now. Gautam asks Dhara to return the baby as his biological mother has first rights on the baby.

Dhara asks what’s the guarantee that she won’t abandon her baby again. Sweta’s mother says that she will take the baby’s guarantee. Dhara says that she should have done it earlier else Sweta and Chikku would have roamed on the road. Sweta’s father agrees with Dhara, but blames the circumstances. He thanks the Pandyas for taking care of the baby all these days. Sweta’s mother says that Sweta trusted a wrong person and he ran away taking the jewels when she realized it. Sweta cries. Sweta’s father requests Dhara to return the baby and promises to take good care of the baby like them. Sweta’s mother asks Suman to convince Dhara to return the baby. Suman says to Dhara to return the baby to his mother. Dhara hugs the baby nodding no. Gautam reminds Dhara’s promise to return the baby to his mother whrh she will return. He gives Dhara Chikku’s swear.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita asks Suman where Raavi is. Suman says that Raavi is with Dhara. Suman says that Dhara is heartbroken after Chikku left. Just then Seths come there. Kamini asks Suman that why Pandyas are crying for a stranger baby’s departure instead of celebrating the arrival of their own blood.

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