Pandya Store 18th June 2022 Written Update: Shiva gains his consciousness


Pandya Store 18th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prafulla saying to Suman that she wants to take Raavi to her house. Suman asks why she wants to take her daughter in law. Prafulla asks what Raavi has to do here. Suman says that after Kanyadan Shiva, this house and this family are hers. She says Prafulla to leave since her daughter will stay here. Raavi hugs Suman. She says that she believes that Shiva will return and asks Suman to have belief on her belief.

Elsewhere Shiva is saying Gautam, mom and Raavi in his unconscious state. The man goes to bring a doctor as Shiva’s health is very bad. Doctor checks Shiva and does his wounds dressing. The next day morning Dhara says Rishita to have food at least for baby’s sake. She feels nausea on seeing curd rice. Raavi says that he will cook home food Rishita as she can’t eat outside food. A woman says that Rishita has to eat it since they can’t cook at home till Tervi.

Raavi says that Rishita is pregnant and asks if the rituals or they will take the responsibility if anything happens to Rishita or her child. She asks Rishita what she wants to eat. Dhara says her to say. The women decide to leave as they don’t want to listen to them. Suman says that they should stay away from the ritual and society if they hurt them. The women leave. Suman calls Raavi near. She says that she sees Shiva in Raavi. She asks to cook food for Rishita.

Raavi is cutting vegetable remembering Shiva. She cuts her finger. She asks where Shiva is and says him to return at least to prove all wrong. Gautam and Dev come to the store. Gautam says that the store is filled with Shiva’s memory he can’t. Dev says that they have to do it for Shiva. Dev opens the store and goes in. Gautam also go in. Elsewhere Shiva is still unconscious. A girl is taking care of him. Shiva gains his conscious. Here some government officers come to Pandya Store.

An officer says to Gautam that government is giving compensation of 10 lakhs to the victims of the bus accident. They have come for the verification. He ask for Shiva’s ID proof. Gautam says that what they will do with this compensation money when his brother is no more.

Another officer says that they can’t bring his brother back with his money, but they can do something with this money which will keep him alive in their memory. Gautam gives Shiva’s ID proof. The officer asks on whose name they should make the cheque Gautam says to give the cheque on Raavi’s name who is Shiva’s wife. They ask for Shiva and Raavi’s marriage certificate or proof.

Raavi asks Gautam why she should take the compensation money when Shiva is alive. The officer says that they’re doing their duty, they have proof for Shiva’s death. He asks Raavi to accept the money after signing the paper. Dhara says Raavi to sign it. Prafulla hears some women talking about Government giving 10 lakh compensation money for Shiva’s death. Prafulla asks those women whom will get that money. The woman says that legally Raavi should get that amount, but she doesn’t think Dhara and Gautam will let it happen as Pandya need money. Prafulla gets determined to get Raavi her rights.

Raavi breaks down holding the cheque. She says that Shiva is alive and he will return. Dhara hugs Raavi to pacify her. Raavi says that this cheque has no value for her. She doesn’t want it if this can’t bring Shiva back to her. Other side The girl tells her parents that he gained consciousness. Shiva says to the family that he wants to go to his house, to Somnaath. The man asks to give his family member’s number.

Shiva gives Gautam’s number. The man says that there’s no network here and they have to go to highway to make call. He promises to make him to talk to his family once he will get well. The girl feeds him liquid food. Shiva asks to call his family. The man says that he will do and leaves. The girl takes care of Shiva. Here Raavi says to Gautam that she doesn’t want this cheque, she only wants Shiva. She says to use this money to renovate their store.

The episode ends.

Precap: The lady says to her husband to not call Shiva’s family. She looks at their daughter taking care of Shiva and says that she sees God’s will in this. Other side Pandyas get worried not finding Raavi in the house.

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