Pandya Store 18th March 2021 Written Update: Shiva cares for Raavi


Pandya Store 18th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva asking Raavi who gave her alcohol. He will broke that person’s head. Krish sees that Shiva is with Raavi. He calls out Shiva and says that Gautam called him. He says that Raavi is drunk. Raavi says that she was given alcohol. Krish says that he will handle Raavi and says him to leave. Shiva scolds Raavi.

Rishita is getting ready. Dev helps her. Rishita gets upset that they hadn’t grand wedding like Shiva-Raavi and they had their honeymoon in Dhara’s room. Dev says that they’re more lucky since they’re expecting baby. Shiva wants to take Raavi as he thinks Krish can’t handle him, but Krish stops Shiva and says that he will handle her. Shiva says to Krish to find who gave alcohol to Raavi before leaving. Krish asks Raavi about the same. He gets shocked when Raavi says that Dhara gave her alcohol.

Rishita is happy that Dhara gave her the puja’s responsibility. Rishita and Dev meet Rishita’s friends. Her friends say that they have never saw her in this look. Rishita says that she has become elder sister in law now and she is sitting with her husband in the puja. Her friends leave. Pandyas are gathered for the puja. Dev and Rishita come there. Rishita is excited for the puja and asks Dhara where she should sit with Dev. Dhara says to Rishita to sit other side so she doesn’t get disturbed with the smoke. They sit in the puja. Rishita gets upset. Rishita’s friends mock Rishita. Hardik is worried.

Suman, Prafulla and Anita come to the shop and asks Kaka Suraj where Guatam and all have gone. Kaka says that he doesn’t know. Suman forces him to say. He says that he only knows that rhey haven’t gone very far from Somnaath and leaves. Suman says that they have to keep an on Suraj since he knows where they’re and he will take them to them.

Shiva is looking after the decorations. A man comes to Shiva and says that how a marriage can happen without wedding card. So he made it and gives it to Shiva. Dhara, Gautam and Hardik get shocked on seeing this. Gautam rums to Shiva and he snatches the card from Shiva before he can read it. Shiva teases Gautam saying that he aged. He says to Gautam to show the card as he haven’t seen the girl’s name. Gautam says that he won’t since he said that he is aged. Gautam runs from there taking the card. Shiva gets suspicious. He goes to Gautam,

Dhara, Krish and Hardik. He asks them the bride’s name. They all give a name. Shiva says that Dev said her name is Juhi. Dhara says that it’s her pet name. Shiva says that Dev hasn’t given any name. He asks if they tell her name now. Dhara says Shiva to stop questioning her and says whatever be her name, he has to call her sister in law. Shiva demands to meet to the bride. Dhara says him to practice for the dance first.

Rishita standing near the sea. She gets sad remembering Dhara and her friends words. Dev comes to Rishita and calls her inside. Rishita thinks that it’s not right to complaint during the marriage. She agrees to come inside. Dev asks why she seems upset. Rishita says nothing. Pandyas are discussing how to find a bride for Hardik. They look at Krish and get an idea. They ask Krish to disguise as bride. Krish denies. Dhara requests Krish to become the bride for her sake.

Raavi is in her room. She blabbers that she won’t marry Shiva forcibly. Shiva comes to Raavi. He scolds her for drinking alcohol. He covers her with the quilt. He gets ready to leave, but Raavi holds Shiva’s hand in sleep. Shiva removes her hand and turns to leave. He gets shocked on seeing Dhara coming with alcohol bottle.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi tells Shiva that their forcibly marriage plan is going on. Shiva gets shocked. Shiva stops a truck and gets into it to escape.

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