Pandya Store 18th March 2023 Written Update: Shiva’s health condition improves

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 18th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the drunken man tells Gautam and Krish that he saw the kids with a man who looked like a super man and they all were chased by a monster like man. They both asks what happened then. The guy says after that he had alcohol which angers Krish and Gautam. Krish then notices the footprints of the kids. They both worries that about kid’s whereabouts. Krish wonders whether the kids are abducted? Meanwhile the kids asks the guy who is wearing a super man outfit to fly with them as they can’t able to run anymore. Chiku and the man falls to the ground. The kids questions him. The guy asks the kids to follow him then runs from there.

Here, Krish says may be because of his popularity the kids gets abducted. Gautam scolds him for putting the kids life in danger. Meanwhile Raavi cries worrying about both Shiva and Mithu. Dhara and Suman assures her Mithu will return home also he is with his cousins so they will protect him. They also says Shiva will also recover soon. Dhara cries. Suman encourages her to stay strong.

Dev Rishita and Prerna arrives at the graveyard. They searches for the kids. Gautam and Krish meets them and informs the man who works there told some superhero took the kids with him so now they suspects the kids must have been abducted. They all splits to search for the kids also file a missing complaint. Just then they all hears someone is shouting for help because the lady is trying to run away taking her child. They all rushes to see whether it’s their kids but finds the lady is trying to abduct a new born. Pandya’s catches the lady and return the child to its mother. They then inquires the lady about the kids. Dev informs the incident to police station.

The lady tells she saw the kids but they went inside the graveyard so she doesn’t know where they are now. She then runs away from there. Pandya’s rushes to search the kids again in the graveyard. Kids and the super hero once again sees the monster so they runs from there. Chutki sits saying she can’t able to run anymore so the superhero takes her in his shoulder and runs from there with Shesh Chiku and Mithu.

The doctor informs Shiva is restless so he can’t able to say anything about his condition. Raavi enters the room followed by Dhara and Suman. Shiva in his unconscious state asks Raavi’s aunt to return his mother’s bangle. Dhara gets happy saying Shiva’s health is improving which gives hope to both Suman and Raavi too. The kids along with the super hero decides to take some rest. Another one man wearing a monster outfit approaches them. The kids attacks the monster and questions the super hero for not doing anything. The previous man who looks like a monster also arrives there. The kids gets scared. Superhero fights with them both. In the hospital doctor informs Shiva’s health is improving and they can take him home but his brain test result are yet to come.

Dhara and Suman gets happy. Chiku calls Dhara and informs her the pastry monster is going to devour them all. Dhara gets confused but asks Chiku to stay where they are and she is on her way to rescue them. Chiku obliges. Suman prays God for the kids safety also regrets the say she treated Chiku. Here Dhara gets upset no one is answering her calls. The superhero drops the kids somewhere. Chiku gives him the number of Dhara to call her to let her know about their location. The guy realises it’s Dhara’s number and gets nervous. Meanwhile the Pandya’s looks for the kids everywhere.

Precap: The kids misses their parents. Shweta tells them she will take them to their real mother’s. Dhara gets determined to defeat Shweta.

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